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Participants in the First Sail Workshop will learn the basics of sailing in a minute classroom session followed by 90 minutes on the water with SailTime and American Sailing Association instructors on a Beneteau First 22 or a Catalina 22 Sport. First Sail Workshops will be held four times per day. Advance registration is required. Phone: Fax: Email: We are currently taking course reservations for our season. The Indonesia Sailing Seahawk 17 Sailing Boat For Sale English Federation (PB Porlasi) has a comprehensive website on events, members and clubs. It also provides training at all levels. For information, contact via email. The Jakarta Offshore Sailing Club organises races, and promotes and encourages keel boat races in Indonesia. The club can also provide information to foreigners on.

Recent Articles. Peregrine The cruising speed is around 28 knots at. Free Rowing Boat Plans for the backyard home builder, build your own rowing boat, dory, folding dinghy or pram using these simple plywood designs. There was no provision for an outboard, and the transom was deliberately raked at such an angle to make it very difficult to fit one boat sailing workshop english although I eventually found a way around this!

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