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Directions to Boat Trips - Ortigia Tours Emanuele will be your captain and you can be sure he knows almost every stone of the coastline around Ortigia,which is the heart and soul of Syracuse. The journey goes around Syracuse's harbour and the coastline and takes over an hour. Discover the spectacular beauty of the Syracusan island of Ortigia by going on this boat tour. See incredible natural coastal sites that you wouldn�t be able to access by car or bus, such as the calcareous caves, and coastal rock formations. Highlights include seeing the beautiful �Cave of Love� that�s shaped like a heart, and feasting on a delicious aperitivo of local wines and cheeses.5/5(57). About Ortigia Passengers Tour. Boat-trips in SyracuseBorn and bred in Ortigia, Emanuele,of the Ortigia Passengers cooperative, know the coastline better than anyone having sailed around these sea for many years. The Ortigia passengers coop. offers guided tours of tht marine grottos ofSiracusa,showing tourists the undisturbed natural beauty of the siracusan coastline and its secret /5(). Main points:

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Post author Megan Sheets June 4, � am. Artemis then broke the ground allowing Arethusa another attempt to flee. Ancient Syracuse It is an exciting journey to discover one's origins while walking in places of extraordinary beauty. Rating Clear. Bus Tours.

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