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Discover the Ionian Sea with Queen Bee, a wooden gulet boat - Kefalonia Boat Trips from Argostoli harbour. Reach beautiful, isolated beaches, dive in the crystal clear turquoise sea waters, relax under the mediterranean sun! Enjoy homemade food, cocktails and beverages on board! Kefalonia Boat Tours and Kefalonia Day Cruises with Queen Bee. Choose us for unique and authentic Kefalonia, Island tours, boat trips, excursions, private cruises and private tours in affordable prices. Find the best things to do in Kefalonia. Private shore excursion for Cruise Ship Passengers, approx 7 hours. Sightseeing, History, Tasting, Beach and more.. 4 hours. BOAT HIRE Spend your day by the sea and experience the crystal clear waters of Kefalonia. Rent a boat (license free) and explore the amazing coastline. We are located in the Bouka Palisotafida beach in front of the Mediterranee Hotel in Lassi.

Dreamy Cruises. A beautiful boat run by an experienced and boat excursions kefalonia mini crew with a passion and love of the island and boat excursions kefalonia mini amazing vessel. Leaving Fiscardo you will head to the little fishing village of Excursiins, which gives the impression of being an island of its. Beautiful swim stops including a place where you grab a chunk of clay from the beach and give yourself an all over clay mask. Yellow Boats Company offers rental services since in Agia Efimia. Everything was perfect for the visit of the Sxcursions Lake Cave and the Drogarati cave excursion.

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