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� Downtown West Palm Waterfront & Palm Beach Island � Our signature 2hr tour rolls through the city of West Palm Beach, along the Boat Excursion West Palm Beach 001 waterfront and over the bridge to Palm Beach Island. It combines the thrill of riding the �Coolest Machine in the World� with one of the most exclusive areas in the world. Diva Duck Amphibious Tours offers an exciting sightseeing adventure that departs from downtown West Palm Beach. Our modern Hydra-Terra bus/boat tours Palm Beach Island by land and then right onto the water! On TCPalms list of �Summer Things to Do� in South Florida, the Diva Duck is .

On our dive by Phil Foster park we saw so many awesome things ship wreck, octopus, barracuda, 3 sea horses, star fis West Palm Beach Bed and Breakfast. Face mos required for guides in public areas. Free Cancellation. Time of Day. Grab picturesque shots from the views of our kayaks! Time of Day boat excursion west palm beach mod.

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