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MB Torcida Murter - Kornati | Welcome

We guarantee that you will have an enjoyable ride with beautiful views of unspoiled nature and historical kodnati that will take your breath away. Our experienced skippers will make sure to answer all of your questions. Beyond doubt, you will experience remarkable moments during our excursions, with amazing views of unspoiled nature, maritime flora and fauna, historical moments and cultural sites.

Start your vacation off stress-free! Suitable for the transfer of a small number of people personsand for those for whom time and speed is of great importance. Book a private transfer from your arrival point directly to your destination location at Murter archipelago.

This service include skipper, insurancy and fuel. Main menu. Discount for weekly rental. Check our fleet in Murter.

Quads for adventure. Boat specification Built: Lenght: boat excursion kornati 00. Boat specification Admiral Excursion Boat St Louis Quote Built: Lenght: boat excursion kornati 00. Boat specification Built: Lenght: 6. Boat specification Built: Lenght: 6,50 m Width: 2.

Boat specification Built: Boat excursion kornati 00 5,65 m Beam: 2. VW up! Why choose us? Boat excursions Why visit Krka dxcursion Kornati national parks? Excursions can be booked during whole year We guarantee that you will have an enjoyable ride with beautiful views of unspoiled nature and historical moments that will take your breath away.

Boat transfers and Rent a skipper service Transfers can be booked during whole year Start your vacation Boat Excursions Miami Beach System off stress-free!

We didn't regret it for a second. The price includes boat transport with lunch, ticket to the Kornati National Park and aperitif on board. Tour includes breakfast and lunch, drinks bait and equipment. Useful links:. Rent a boat Murter boats - Rent a boat - Kornati excursion - Private boat tours - Speed boat transfers. Chose your destination, food, beverages and music. It is intended for students within the program

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