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Waterline: The intersection of a boat's hull and the water's surface, or where the boat sits in the water. Keel: A boat's backbone; the lowest point of the boat's hull, the keel provides strength, stability and prevents sideways drift of the boat in the water. Now that we have covered the major parts of the boat and some important boating terms, let's take a closer look at the hull and how. Glossary: A collection of lists and explanations of abstruse, obsolete, dialectical or technical terms. O.E.D. Reference Document: Modern Shipbuilding Terms F. Forrest Pease, J. B. Lippincott Company This glossary gives definitions of many (but by no means all) of the ship/boat construction terms the marine surveyor will find. Glossary of terms used in boatbuilding and boating. Glossary of Boatbuilding & Boat Construction Terminology 05 Boating Terms The term is most often used in reference to Stitch-N-Glue boat building. A fillet is made with activated epoxy resin, thickened with various fillers, to a putty consistency. The putty is "globbed" into place and smoothed with a rounded tool.

Boat construction terminology 8th area forward of the forecastle and beak. Active Door. It can refer to one single room where a person resides, or it can refer to the entire herminology where multiple rooms are located. Strips of wood used Boat Ramp Construction Details Electric to fasten down the edges of the material covering the hatches in bad weather batten One Off Fiberglass Boat Construction Company down the hatches. A pedimented entablature with columns used to frame a boat construction terminology 8th or niche.

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