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Old Boats: Treasures from the Past - free boat plans from the 's and 's. Making a high performance white polytarp sail. Hartley boat plans and boatbuilding guides. The Ultimate Boat Maintenance Guide. Wooden Boat magazine-Boat plans and kits - directory of wooden boat plans and kits, searchable by type of craft and/or keyword, e.g.

Svenson's free boat plans. David Payne Yacht Designs. Merbau is used in furniture, quality joinery, kitchen cabinets, boat buildingflooring, heavy construction and sleepers. Sydney Blue Gum Eucalyptus saligna [Myrtaceae] Sydney Blue Gum is hard, heavy, tough and strong with boat building wood australia qq steam Wooden Boat Building Kits Facebook bending properties. Durability: Heartwood is rated as very durable and highly resistant to termite attack. Timber, Tools and Artisan Show Fri.

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