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2 x 28 p + q = 28 p - q. => 56p - 56q p - 28q = 0. => 28p = 84q. => p = 3q. Now, given that if. 28 3 q + 2 q + 28 3 q - 2 q = 60 = > 28 5 q + 28 q = Boats And Streams Problems Feel Free To Learn Translation 60 = > q = 3 kmph = > x = 3 q = 9 kmph. Hence, the speed of the boat = p kmph = 9 kmph and the speed of the river flow = q kmph = 3 kmph. Report Error. Sep 13, �� If in the question, you are provided with the upstream and the downstream speed U and D respectively, to determine the speed of boat and stream the formula goes like Speed of boat B = (D + U) / 2 Speed of stream S = (D - U) / 2 Also, always have with you the basic speed formula, Question: In still water, the speed of the boat is 7 km/hr. Find out the downstream speed of a boat in the river whose speed of the stream . Boat and Stream Based DI Questions PDF with Solution for IBPS RRB Scale 1 Pre, SBI PO, RBI Assistant Etc high level di for sbi po mains pdf; If you are searching about Topic Based Data Interpretation then you are in right place. Today we talk about Quantitative Aptitude essential part which is Data Interpretation. As our regular readers. Report Error. They compile the results and report back their findings to the class. Please wait Check out some of the best ideas right here:. Very important related articles. If you are also preparing for any competitive exam, then the important questions given here will help you a lot in your boah preparation. Or, you can use your cell-phone timer and do random times.


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