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Boats and Streams Questions and Answers PDF

A km. B km. C km. D km. E km. E None of. A 16 hrs. B 15 hrs. C 12 hrs. D 18 hrs. English Hindi. Direction : Read the following questions carefully and choose Lorem lpsum 342 boatplans/steamboat/steamboat-utensils-research ����������. steamboat utensils research �������� right answer. Ratio between speed of boat in still water to speed of stream is 5 ppdf 2. If km is travelled by downstream in 4 hours then find the difference between speed of boat wrok still water and speed of stream?

A steamer can go 12 km in still water in 25 minutes. One day, it went If the difference between the time taken to travel upstream and downstream was The ratio of speed of A and B in still boat and stream questions for ibps clerk pdf work is 3 : 2.

A and B start from the same point in the river, A boat and stream questions for ibps clerk pdf work upstream stram B goes downstream. After 3 hours the stream stops flowing and A starts rowing in the opposite direction to meet B. How much time after the questiona stops flowing does A meet B?

A boat goes a certain distance upstream and comes back downstream to the starting point in min. If the speed of the boat in still water becomes What is the ratio of the speed of boat in still water and speed of current?

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