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Quantitative Aptitude Boats and Streams for SBI Clerk/PO Mains

Good Information. Boat and stream problems ibps guide Evening mam i want to inform you that the answer for 6th question is 2. Happy Friendship day to u and Gr8 Great ambitionz team Want to share anything with us? You can reach us at Gr8 A mbition Z Gmail. F riends, today we are going to discuss another important topic of Aptitude section Boats and Streams.

Before going to boat and stream problems ibps guide topic, Boat and stream problems ibps guide us know what is Downstream and what is Upstream. Because these concepts are the heart of Boats and Streams. Downstream : In water,the direction along the stream is called downstream. I mean, If a boat or a swimmer swims in the same direction as the stream, then it is called downstream.

Obviously the boat or swimmer require less efforts to travel using downstream. Because the stream itself helps the objects to. Remember, as the object moves along with the water, the stream helps the object. Upstream : If the boat or the swimmer is swimming in the opposite direction in which the stream is passing is called upstream. In simple words, the direction against the stream is called upstream. Remember, as the object moves against the water pushes the object in opposite direction.

Find the man's rate in still water and the rate of current. If the speed of the stream is 3kmph, what is the speed of the boaat in still water? Solution : Let the speed of the boat in still water be x kmph. If it can travel 26km downstream and 14km upstream in the ncert solutions class 10th 8.4 google timethe speed of the stream is? The distance travelled downstream in 12 minutes is? The speed of the stream is?

That's all for now friends. You can get more aptitude shortcuts. Happy Reading : Mounika Rao. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Unknown August 3, at PM. Anonymous January 14, at AM. Anonymous August 4, at AM. Anonymous August 4, at PM. Netty August 4, at PM. Unknown August 4, at PM. Unknown August 5, at AM. Unknown September 25, at PM. Anonymous January 5, at PM. Anonymous April 2, at PM. Anonymous April 9, at AM.

Anonymous May 7, at PM. Unknown July 10, at PM. Anonymous July 12, at PM. Newer Post Older Post Home. Follow by Email. Popular Posts. The General Relationship between Banker and Customer. Friends, before going to read this article please read the definitions of Banker and Customer.

T he opening of an account with a banker H i all. As you know, I have been sharing materials related to Computer Know Word Processing - Features and Advantages. Ncert solutions class 10th 8.4 google Tricks to remember G-8 and G Countries. H i friends, I am Aamir Khan. Here I am sharing simple tricks to remember G-8 and G Countries. Trick to Remember G-8 Countries We have d This Boats And Streams Problems Feel Free To Learn Translation proverb emphasises on the fact that money should not H i friends, I am Aindree.

In our previous lessonwe have learnt the Introduction of Partnership topic of Aptitude Section along with p Powered by Blogger. Join us at Facebook. Join Gr8AmbitionZ.

All the tips will be surely useful for your preparation. Here are some popular suggestions for the SBI exam preparation. So be updated with the correct syllabus for your preparation. What would be the average speed of boat during the journey? Almost every topic is covered under these 3 sections. If you prepare difficult puzzles, then you can adapt to any tough puzzles in the exam. A: As per the prescribed age criteria given by the board in the official notification, candidates should have Minimum: 21 years Maximum: 30 years.


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