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This a very simple topic and mere require direct application of formulas to solve the question. However, many students find this topic confusing and find face difficulties in solving. And, the reason for facing such hindrance is the understanding of the language of question.

They are just SpeedDistance and Time questions in water rather with a slightly twisted language. Upstream : It means that you are moving in opposite proboems boat and stream problems formula 30 that in which river flows. Example 1: The speed of a motor boat is that of the stream as The boat goes atream with the stream in 5 hours and 10 minutes.

How much time will it take to come back? What is the speed of the boat in still water and the speed of the stream? Speed-based questions also include one more type in which time taken and distance covered is given along with speed of stream is given then you can find the speed of the boat in still water using following formula:.

Example 3: A boat take 8 hours to cover a distance while boat and stream problems formula 30 dtream, whereas while traveling boat and stream problems formula 30 it takes 6 hours. What is the speed of the boat in still water? Sol Again direct use of the above formula and you are. Example 4: A boat, while going downstream in a river covered a distance of 50 miles at an average speed of 60 miles per hour.

While, returning because of water resistance, it took 1 hour 15 minutes to cover the same distance. What was the average speed during the whole journey? Sol In anf problem we cannot directly use the formula first we need to find the upstream priblems and speed in boat and stream problems formula 30 water.

This can be done as follows. Example 5: A person challenged himself to cross a small river and. If it took him 30 min more to cover the distance upstream than downstream then, find the width of the river.

If a boat takes t hours to row to a place and return back, then the distance between the two places can be estimated. If in a river running at 1. Boat and stream problems formula 30 To solve this question we will simply use the formula given. In this case, t is 50 minutes b is 1. The above examples are just few simple and basic application of the methods stated along with.

These formulas can come in handy and can save lot of your time in exam. You can find questions and problems involving simultaneous use of more than one formula at times. But if you know the correct utilization of them you can solve any problem boat and stream problems formula 30. And, this smoothness comes with practice so the more you varied questions you try the more you will learn and become better at solving.

So, keep practicing! Stteam Now Rs. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Downstream : It means moving along in the direction of the flow of the stream. There can also be other questions in calculation of time and some of them can be easily be solved using the formulas given.

Let d the distance. Sol This question requires direct use of the formula mentioned earlier. Average Speed-based question: As the name tells, we need to calculate the average speed of the boat while you are upstream and downstream speed. Now we are in stage of using the average speed formula.

Distance based question: In these kind, you have to calculate distance travelled by the boat when time, speed of still water and stream is given. There can boat and stream problems formula 30 two different formulas to calculate the distance for two distant cases. If you Like this post then share it! Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be formulz. Got a discount code? Close Proceed. Close Pay.


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Sep 13, �� Solution: Speed of the boat (B) = 8 Speed of the stream (S) = 3 Upstream speed = B � S = 8 � 3 = 5 km/hr (answer) 2. A boat covers a distance of 30 km in 3 Boats And Streams Problems Feel Free To Learn Translation hrs in the direction of stream and covers same distance in 5 hrs in opposite direction of the stream. Find speed of the boat in still water. 3. A boat is said to go downstream if it is moving along the direction of the stream. The net speed of the boat in this case is called downstream speed. Time and Work Formula and Solved Problems. Time and Work Problems (Easy) Time and Work Problems (Difficult) Problems on Ages Practice Problems: . If the speed of boat or swimmer is x km/h and the speed of the stream is y km/h then, Speed of boat upstream = (x ? y) km/h; Downstream: When the boat moves with the current of the river (i.e. in the same direction), then the relative speed of the boat is the sum of the speed of the boat and stream. It is known as downstream speed.

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