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Jun 12, �� The boat and stream concept is one of the most common topics based on which questions are asked in the various Government exams conducted in the country. The boat and stream questions are asked in the quantitative aptitude section of the Government exams and the weightage of questions mostly varies between marks. In this article, we shall discuss the boat and stream topic Estimated Reading Time: 4 mins. Sep 13, �� Solution: Speed of the boat (B) = 8 Speed of the stream (S) = 3 Upstream speed = B � S = 8 � 3 = 5 km/hr (answer) 2. A boat covers a distance of 30 km in 3 hrs in the direction of stream and covers same distance in 5 hrs in opposite direction of the stream. Find speed of the boat in still water. 3. + Algebra Question with Solution Free PDF for SSC, Railway & Banking Exam � Download Free Now Boats & Streams Question with Solution Free PDF As questions are based on previous year papers, there are chances that candidates will find many questions from the Boats & Streams Questions PDF in all competitive Exams.

Read. Solution: When 8 hours 48 minutes is written using mixed fractions. Formula 1: If the ratio of downstream and upstream speeds is D: U, then ratio of time taken will be U : D. Contact info. What is the total distance traveled by the man?

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