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Mar 01, �� The combat cloud can enhance specific mission concepts across the ROMO. For example, the cloud can potentially improve joint fires through better use of fire support coordination measures, augment close air support and personnel recovery missions, and refine interagency coordination and coalition war-fighting management. Important tips for solving Algebra Rate problems. Algebra Boat And Stream Problems For Bank Exams Net Rate problems are used to find the distance traveled or time required for traveling certain distance. Important note: For downstream > Rate of (boat /steamer) in still water + rate of stream For upstream > Rate of (boat /steamer) in still water - rate of stream. We myboat048 boatplans having a Vision to Guide Aspirants those who are preparing for Bank, Railway, Insurance, SSC and all other Competitive Examination. We provide High Standard Practice Questions, Study Materials, Preparation Strategies for the Aspirants. We have launched separate Web portal: myboat048 boatplans to provide Free Boost Up PDFs on all Topics of Quantitative aptitude, Reasoning . Boats and Streams Questions is an an essential part for Competitive Exams like Banking, Insurance, SSC and Railways Exams. - Try Now. Current Affairs Quiz PDF. Current Affairs PDF. Hindi.� 2) A boat can cover certain distance in downstream in 1hr. and it takes 1?hr to cover same distance in upstream. If speed of the stream is 3kmph, then what will be the speed of boat? Solution: let speed of boat in still water be x. speed in downstream = x + 3. speed in upstream = x � 3. Since boat covered same distance in upstream and downstream, (x + 3)*1 = (x � 3)*(3/2). speed in downstream x= 15 kmph. 3) A man Boat And Stream Problems Pdf Unity can row three quarter of a km against the stream in 11? min and down the stream in 7?min. what is the speed of man in still water. Solution: Speed of man in Upstream = ((?)/(45/4)) *6. Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for inappropriate content. Download now. SaveSave Boats and Stream(myboat048 boatplans)Compiled by GAZI For Later. %(1)% found this document useful (1 vote). 16 views24 pages.� we are creating question sample in Boats and Stream, which is common for IBPS, SBI, RBI, IPPB, SSC, LIC and other competitive exams. We have included Some questions that are repeatedly asked in bank exams!! #FORMULA� A boat takes 28 hours for travelling downstream from point A to point B and coming back to point C midway between A and B. If the velocity of the stream is 6km/hr and the speed of the boat in still water is 9 km/hr, what is the distance between A and B? A km B km C km D km E km.

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