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Navigation - Field and Stream Questions and Answers

A boat running upstream takes 8 hours 48 minutes to cover a certain distance, while it takes 4 hours to cover the same distance running downstream. What is the ratio between the speed of the boat and speed of the water current respectively?

Let the man's rate upstream be x kmph and that downstream be y boat and stream basic questions 03. Email : optional. All Rights Reserved.

Contact us: info. Current Affairs General Knowledge. Microbiology Biochemistry Biotechnology Biochemical Engineering. Cannot be determined [E]. None of these Answer: Option C Explanation: Let the man's rate upstream be x kmph and that downstream be y kmph. Report errors. Workspace Report. Anish said: Boat and stream basic questions 03 11, How this required ratio? Saranya said: Jan boat and stream basic questions 03, Can you explain the process clearly?

Ashis said: Feb 1, As it is given to find out the ratio of speed of boat to speed of water w. You boat and stream basic questions 03 find out from important formulae option i. Phani said: May 26, Thanks Ashis. Anchal boat and stream basic questions 03 Boat And Stream Questions For Rrb Ntpc Free Jun 6, I am not able to understand the required ratio. Gita said: Jun 16, I'm not able understand the ratio? Navya said: Jul 20, I got it. Raja said: Jul 27, 8hr48min we need to convert 8hr48min in terms of only hr because we are required to compare 8hr48min to 4hr Prasanth said: Aug 31, Binza your explantation is not correct.

This is not train problem to take like. Speed of boat supported by extra speed of water current when down stream and reduced in up stream. Pankaj said: Sep 7, prasanth binza concept is correct,but boat and stream basic questions 03 still does't understand the avg????? Sangu said: Oct 8, Its the ratio between speed of the upstream and speed of the down stream. See the formula you will get it.

Rakesh said: Nov 11, sangu Thank u a lot. Gautam said: Dec 28, Let the man's rate upstream be U kmph and that downstream be V kmph. Manojit said: Feb 8, Thanks Bindu.

Aag said: Apr 5, I got please help I'm not getting Anbu said: Sep 5, Bindu your answer is suitable for all this type of problems? Anbu said: Sep 5, Bindu. Your answer is suitable for all this type of problems? Ashwini said: Jun 10, Nitin Gusain. Thanks yaar. It's so simple calculation. Maneesh said: Jun 23, Simply equal the speeds in downstream and upstream we get the ratio, upstream:downstream.

Raju said: Aug 29, I want to know how these equation is done? I hope you'll understand. Papesh Roul said: Jan 21, Let the speed of the Boat be: a kmph and Speed of the stream be: b kmph. Sujishnu Adhya said: Feb 16, An easy way to solve. Now, in the question, it is given that the distance covered is same while going upstream and downstream. So Jessie said: Dec 16, How does the upstream:downstream relates the ratio speed of the boat:speed of the water current as asked in question?

Arjun said: Apr 7, Jessie. The stream of the boat is also influenced by the flow of the current, and moreover given here is with the relationship of the boat speed with the current. Both are right is solving this but we have to go still easier and a shortcut method to boat and stream basic questions 03 why because is we can't waste 10 mins for a single aptitude in the examinations, which may lead to shortage of time.

Great job appreciative but still try best don't settle for good. Prahadee said: Jul 24, I don't understand the ratio. Can anyone explain me? Bhomi said: Aug 11, Let x be the speed of boat in still water and why be the speed of stream. Since distance covered is same in both the direction. So the answer is As the distance covered by boat is same in both direction, Hence.

Distance covered is. Solving we get 6. Now, 6. So, the answer is Rajver said: Aug 20, I did not understand. Please let me know the easy way for this? Ranjith said: Aug 28, Let me explain. Ratio between the speed of the boat and speed of the water current is : Average speed of upstream and downstream to the water current speed downstream - upward stream velocity we get average water moving velocity. Shubh said: Sep 6, Does anyone have an easy way to solve the problem? Naren said: Oct 2, 8 hours 48 minutes is equal to 8.

Given downstream time is 4 hr. Saurabh Gupta said: Oct 20, Given explanation is quite difficult to understand. Let me explain you this in a simpler manner. Now let's assume x as the distance. A as the downstream speed and B as the upstream speed. That's It. Shaiksha said: Oct 22, Here distance is constant so, speed inversely proportional to the time. Yogesh said: Nov 16, You are right Bindu. Rahul said: Feb 17, But I got the answer Please help me to get the correct answer.

Please, Explain. Explain. Saransh said: Jul 10, Amit Lamba. Thank you, it was easy to understand. Vino said: Aug 17, This method is easy to understand. Thank you Hely. Ramya said: Sep 27, Could you please explain 2nd part of the answer ratio? Siddharth Boat And Stream Questions Ssc Cgl Video said: Nov 9, It's very easy and understandable method. Manikandan said: Nov 23, For required ratio: The speed of boat:speed of current. Your explanation made me easy to understand.

Please explain why? Dhiraj Take said: May 11, Deena R:. Divide numerator and denominatr by Pratiksha said: Jun 15, How that ratio comes?

Please anyone help me. Hari said: Jul 4, Anyone explain me to get the answer. Ronie said: Jul 28, First convert Hours to Mins. Am I correct? So, ratio Pavan Chennur said: Nov 7, Distance is constant.

So that we have a relationship between speed and time. Swapna said: Dec 10, Boat And Stream Basic Concept Engineering Thank you Bindu. Reshi boat and stream basic questions 03 Jun 7, Thanks Bindu. Shifali said: Jul 25, Let the speed of the boat is u and that of the stream is v.

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