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Rowing Skiffs & Row/Sail BoatsOur skiffs, such as the Heritage 15 or Heritage 18, are very stable rowboats that are perfect for exercise or family myboat351 boatplans and dry, these boats are aesthetically beautiful and well crafted. Newest to our line of Sail/row skiffs are the Heritage 12, designed to be a great sliding seat yacht tender and for people with space limitations, and the band new Legacy. Jerome Emory at has been building boats for years, he is just finishing Two 22ft Gentleman�s Racers wooden boats. Cloarec Young Boatworks, Clint and Dave are building a 22ft Gentleman�s Racer boats and have tremendous skills as well, Clint or Dave or by email dyoung at myboat351 boatplans Here's a very rare fiberglass catamaran outboard from Harris Boats (Fort Wayne, IN) from about Last registered in St. Clair Shores, Michigan in The boat is in good condition, having spent most of the last 50 years under a tarp inside a garage.

Two owner boat bought new Barts in the Carribean! The boat came to the showroom after discussions with the family. Boat boats are complete with all parts and pieces, and are great restoration candidates. Please contact me with any questions you might have before bidding. Mike Windsor, bes Gravenhurst Ontario, is replacing the bottom on this historic Lawley tender. Known Small Wooden Sailing Boats 10 for their wloden housing that allows the propeller and prop shaft to safely raise out of harm's way, these boats were ideal for shallow water exploring, fishing, and remote-cottage access on Muskoka's best wooden row boats 50 years water Lorem lpsum 351 boatplans/pontoon/fishing-pontoon-boat-ontario-quart click at this page.

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