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Alan Best downeast boat builders english is the owner of AJ Enterprises and after ten years of fishing, inhe began finishing hulls from different manufactures. During that time he finished 34 of these boats and marketed them as the AJ In he decided to produce his own hulls and wanted something best downeast boat builders english than the 26 so he designed his own model, a deep and beamy 28 footer that is now called the AJ Downeast Style boats.

Albin Marine is the successor to Albin Motor, originally founded in Sweden in as a marine diesel engine and boat manufacture. Atlantic Boat Company is a family owned business operating a waterfront facility on 37 acres in Brooklin, Maine.

The Duffy and BHM best downeast boat builders english of hulls are time-proven and our dedicated employees carry on that long-standing tradition of high-quality, Downeast boat building. Downeast style boats. Practical Elegance. From Maine. This tradition of building ships that go to sea, which began incontinues in Maine to this day.

In a group of dealers asked if we could build a smaller downeast style cruising boat to suit the needs of our owners who admired the look and feel of the Maine lobster boat and the dependability and fuel efficiency of a single diesel engine. In order to meet the demands of the marketplace and ensure that a quality product is continued to be delivered, the principals of Bristol Harbor Boats chose to sell the assets of Bristol Harbor Boats, Inc.

Bristol Harbor Boats, Inc. Current Models Bluestar Founded inBruckmann Yachts is one of the most highly respected builders of custom and semi-custom yachts in North America.

The Bruckma nn family has been building quality sailing and motor yachts for over 50 years. Calvin Beal started working in and around boat shops as a young boy, helping the old time boat builders of Beals build their boats. From there on out he was building wooden boats for himself and ending up selling them, usually before they were finished.

He also built and designed plugs for molds for different fiberglass boat shops. He started with the 36, then proceeded to the 38, 34 and then recently, the He has built boats at this point in time best downeast boat builders english Thinking of retiring, Calvin decided to sell the molds to SW Boatworks in Lamoine, Maine, to take over the production of his 34, 36, 38, 44 models.

From systems layout to interior design, we work closely with every customer to ensure their boating dreams come true. CH Marine has been handcrafting the finest custom-built yachts for the past 21 years. Our custom yachts are designed and created to offer an unparalleled yachting experience.

Each yacht begins its journey in our Shelter Island Facility, as we work with you to create a custom yacht to meet your lifestyle needs. Our staff of craftsmen treats each build with the passion as if it was their.

Qualities of craftsmanship and tradition are embodied in every custom-crafted boat built by David Mason and his staff at Chesapeake Boats, Inc.

David Mason will customize the complete design and construction best downeast boat builders english your boat to your specifications. Our name is synonymous with using the latest technology in boat-building and fabrication. We enjoy working closely with our clients as they customize the boat that meets their specifications and appeals to their aesthetics.

With over 40 years of boat building experience, he has had the opportunity to work on projects ranging from historic reproductions to state-of-the-art luxury yachts. Both have spent their lives in the boat building and marina environments. They have translated ninety unique dreams into low- maintenance custom and semi-custom vessels. They build boats for sailors, passagemakers and adventurers; boats with character for best downeast boat builders english living and cruising; modern racers and classic yachts which have proven over time to be a sound investment.

Every Covey Island boat benefits from the extensive knowledge gained from thirty years of combining traditional Nova Scotia craftsmanship with appropriate state-of-the-art technology.

Best downeast boat builders english Hood Yachts is comprised of a dedicated core of craftsmen and women who have an eye for tradition and the know-how to get the job done right. Whether starting a new build or restoring an old classic, They approach every challenge with a wealth of experience and a commitment to quality service. Current Model Duffield 58 � Downeast Flybridge. Only the finest quality materials are being used.

The Duffield 58 will dazzle the boating industry with the best of American quality. Eastern Boats, a thirty-year-old New England boat builder with a wide best downeast boat builders english of skills. Ready to go boating when you are. Using leading edge techniques to design and build beautiful looking boats, focusing on innovative layouts that suit the way we use boats in the 21st century.

Focusing on function we deliver boats that can play hard during the day and return for cocktail cruise duty in the evenings. With the full back up of in house design and service team every boat is sea trialed at the factory Mathews Brothers, Denton MD. Elzey Custom Boats is located in beautiful Cambridge, Maryland.

Owner Dennis Elzey has been building boats for over 15 years, he and his staff take a personal approach best downeast boat builders english each boat they build for their best downeast boat builders english. For over 30 years, owners Eugene and Rose Evans have built a solid reputation in the boat construction and repair business.

They believe that a reputation of an honest reliable business is the recipe for success. They not only build new boats they can and do take on major restorations and refits. As you will discover in their online brochure they are skilled in all materials of construction and restoration. They work closely with there customers to meet and in many cases exceed their expectations. Innovation is not a stranger in their shop.

They are eager to adopt and incorporate new technologies in Construction Materials, Propulsion, Electrical, Electronics and Mechanical systems. Flowers Boatworks, Inc. On premises we feature some of the finest equipment, molds and unique building techniques with and without composite construction in the business.

In business sinceFlying Point Boatworks is a builder of traditional downeast style boats. They have built hundreds of whitehulls, Down East peapods and the sailing Delaware Duckys over the years.

The Flying Point 21 is our foray into building larger powerboats. We take pride in our work and are passionate about boating. Every Foggcraft is hand built with military grade aluminum alloy.

The Foggcraft incorporates the strength and durability of an aluminum boat with timeless designs. The benefits from aluminum are numerous, from decreased maintenance to fuel efficiency, aluminum boats will save you money and headaches.

The Foggcraft has great handling and takes the seas extremely well, no pounding or broaching. In best downeast boat builders english to our line of custom boats, we specialize in restoration and repair of wooden boats and fiberglass boats. Best downeast boat builders english well-proven Eldridge-McInnis design makes our product an exceptional sea boat.

The molded-in keel and spray rails offer exceptional stability and give the boat a soft, dry entry into the water. Our hull construction is foam-cored with Core-Cell throughout the hull and deck, which makes our hull the stiffest in its class. Located on the coast of Maine, General Marine has focused on meeting the needs of experienced boaters. Seasoned pleasure boaters and commercial fisherman alike have come to appreciate the proven design, quality materials, and workmanship best downeast boat builders english goes into every General Marine boat.

We have been accused best downeast boat builders english overbuilding our boats at General Marine, but our goal has never been to build the lowest cost vessel. Instead our mission is to provide lasting value that endures long after the initial commissioning. Founder Robert J. With its Ray Hunt design, teak toe rails, dark blue hull with a bright gold stripe � and a powerful pair of diesels underfoot � there was no other boat that combined ageless design and high performance like the Eastbay.

The Hinckley Company, founded in Southwest Harbor, Maine, has been building and servicing the finest yachts in the world since The ethos of handcrafted shipbuilding equal to the challenges of the North Atlantic is still at work in every hull we make.

The Hinckley aesthetic � sleek, sculpted lines that belong naturally to the water- originated in our sailing yachts but is present in all our jetboats as. In he decided that he should have his own hull and the Holland 30 was born. A few hulls were built and then there was a fire where the molds had been stored.

Needing a new mold, Glenn partnered with Royal Lowell and they came up with the design for the now legendary, Holland That boat went into production in In the first Holland 38 was built. Wanting something smaller to play with, in the Holland 14 was introduced to the family.

Hunt Yachts is unique in the powerboat world. No other boat building firm has been formed or owned by naval architects. The advantages of this help to explain the esteem held by Hunt Yachts, especially among experienced yachtsmen. Best downeast boat builders english are several factors which conspicuously set Hunt Yachts apart from other boats.

Foremost is their hull best downeast boat builders english, the latest iteration of the legendary deep-V, which is the heart of every Hunt design and the soul of their remarkable performance.

That breakthrough innovation came from C. Raymond Ray Hunt, whose ongoing design firm created our boat company. Jarvis Newman fiberglass lobster yachts are a thing of legend. Seaworthy, comfortable and classic, these designs revolutionized the pleasure boat experience by combining a traditional downeast lobster boat hull with the usability of a luxury yacht interior and the economy of fiberglass.

Sizes range from 30 to 46 feet. Johanson Boatworks is a full best downeast boat builders english yacht yard offering repairs, storage, new downeast construction, and complete restorations.

We are committed to the goal of providing quality work and attentive maintenance to every yacht placed in our care. With just over 20 employees, their crew will take a very personal interest in your project. With best downeast boat builders english years experience and over boats built the John Williams Boat Company knows downeast style boats.

The Eliot location is also home to Kittery Point Boat Builders that builds Patten Yachts which has a proprietary line of 22 foot boats that can best downeast boat builders english customized and finished off for a variety of uses.

Tartan engineers have pioneered and perfected the use of advanced composite lamination technology.


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Jan 01, �� Downeast style boats by Vicem Yachts � With over boats built over the last twenty years, one model has stood out for best meeting the needs of owners looking to upgrade in size and style from other boats: The Vicem 55 Classic. She provides real, on the water solutions to satisfy the most discerning of yacht owners. Feb 10, �� Albin represents downeast-style cruising at its best. Over years of quality, handcrafted boat building has produced timeless styling and rugged, reliable performance for cruising, fishing and family fun. Diesel-powered yachts are built without compromise and known throughout the world as seaworthy vessels designed to handle the roughest myboat155 boatplansted Reading Time: 5 mins.

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