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Narration - Bayasgalan Batmagnai (BAYASA)
Bayasgalan Batmagnai. 14th Annual ARC Salon (). Contents. Introduction. Chairman's Message. Jurors. Sponsors.� Bayasgalan Batmagnai. United States. I am a classically trained figurative sculptor. In I began my professional studies at The Academy of Art University, San Francisco, CA. Two years later, I was accepted to study at the Sculpture Program at The Florence Academy of Art (FAA) in Florence, Italy. This is the national team page of Selenge Press Football Club player Garidmagnai Bayasgalan. This page contains a statistic about the player's national team career. Title: Narration Size: 90 x 76 x 32 cm, Medium: Clay, Date: This work, a bust study in clay (life-size) of an elderly man addresses the studied reflection or examination of a life�s path taken, powerfully conveying mixed feelings of regret, belated understanding and sad resignation. The sitter is a famous Mongolian Poet and the inspiration for this work is based on the sitter�s late oeuvre.

About Me. Artist Statement. There he trained under Robert Bodem Director of Sculpting Program and Cody Swanson Principal Instructor for the next three years and it was there that he developed his own unique approach to figurative sculpture. His work is mainly influenced by 17th century Italian and French artists. In Bayasgalan participated in the sculpture program at the Sacred Art School, Florence, Italy, alongside working on commissioned sculpture works under Cody Swanson. His works were chosen from an extensive and competitive international field to be exhibited in London at the prestigious annual FACE exhibition held by the Society of Portrait Sculptors, London.

He has also received numerous grants, including the prestigious and internationally competitive first place scholarship award from the Art Renewal Center, USA Bayasgalan has also published in a variety of contexts, and has taught and lectured throughout Mongolia.

He has worked as a public officer at the Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of Mongolia in the capacity of both Bayasgalan Batmagnai 54 promoting and protecting the cultural heritage in Mongolia. In Bayasgalan returned to Mongolia where he continues sculpting in his private studio. Contact Information: Email: bbayasa gmail.

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