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A list of all movies featuring Batman. I have now also made a list of all the Batman shorts and series! So if you think something is missing from here, it's properly because it's in one of the other lists!

PG min Adventure, Comedy, Crime. The Dynamic Duo faces four supervillains who plan to hold the world for ransom with the help of a secret invention that instantly batman dc comics movies kit people.

Director: Leslie H. Votes: 29, PG 78 min Animation, Action, Adventure. Batman and Robin of the s live action series are back in action to batman dc comics movies kit down their fiendish foes united once more against. Votes: 4, PG min Action, Adventure. The Dark Knight of Gotham City begins his war on crime with his first major enemy being Jack Napier, a criminal who becomes the clownishly homicidal Joker.

PG min Action, Crime, Fantasy. While Batman deals with a deformed man calling himself the Penguin wreaking havoc across Gotham with the help of a cruel businessman, a female employee of the latter becomes the Catwoman with her own batman dc comics movies kit. Batman must battle former district attorney Harvey Dent, who is now Two-Face and Edward Nygma, The Riddler with help from an amorous psychologist and a young circus acrobat who becomes his sidekick, Robin.

PG min Action, Sci-Fi. Batman and Robin try to keep their relationship together even as they must stop Mr. Freeze and Poison Ivy from freezing Gotham City. After training with his mentor, Batman begins his fight to free crime-ridden Gotham City from corruption. PG min Action, Crime, Drama. When the menace known as the Joker wreaks havoc and chaos on the people of Gotham, Batman must accept one of the greatest psychological and physical tests of his ability to fight injustice.

Eight years after the Joker's reign of anarchy, Batman, with the help of the enigmatic Catwoman, is forced from his exile to save Gotham City from the batman dc comics movies kit guerrilla terrorist Bane. PG 76 min Animation, Action, Crime.

Batman is wrongly implicated in a series of murders of mob bosses actually done by a new vigilante assassin. Unrated 70 min Animation, Action, Crime. When Mr. Freeze, desperate to save his dying wife, kidnaps Barbara Gordon Batgirl as an involuntary organ donor, Batman and Robin must find her before the operation can begin.

Votes: 14, PG 75 min Animation, Action, Crime. The Dark Knight must contend with a mysterious female vigilante who emulates him, but to a batman dc comics movies kit ruthless degree. Votes: 11, Batman: The animated series tie in films or, part of batman dc comics movies kit "The New Batman Adventures", which is basically just the name for one of the seasons in Batman: The animated series.

The Joker is back with a vengeance, and Gotham's newest Dark Knight needs answers as he stands alone to face Gotham's most infamous Clown Prince of Crime. Votes: 24, Tie in film to the Batman Beyond series, which Dc Comics Batman 97 is itself a follow up and linked to Batman: The animated series.

So essentially, it's part of the Batman: The animated series tie in films. PG 77 min Animation, Action, Fantasy.

Based on the characters created by Jim Shooter. Votes: 7, R 86 min Animation, Action, Crime. As Batman hunts for the escaped Joker, the Clown Prince of Crime attacks the Gordon family to prove a diabolical point mirroring his own fall into madness. While not formally connected to any other film series, but only to the, controversial, story from the comic of the same.

But as it features Mark Hamill as the Joker, I've put it together with the Batman: The animated series films and it's follow-ups as Mark Hamill also portrayed the Joker in. In in-story progression, batman dc comics movies kit would be before Batman Beyond, but since it's connection to batman dc comics movies kit universe is looser and debatable, unlike Batman Beyond, I place it. PG 74 min Animation, Action, Adventure. Partly a joke, it does seem to follow more or less from the Batman: The Animated Series with satirical references to several other Batman series, including the original live-actors TV series.

Unrated 83 min Animation, Action, Horror. Batman faces off against the original creature of the night, Count Dracula, who has been unintentionally resurrected by the Penguin.

Votes: 8, A collection of key events mark Bruce Wayne's life as he journeys from beginner to Dark Knight. Votes: 26, There's a batman dc comics movies kit afoot in Gotham City, and Batman must go toe-to-toe with a mysterious vigilante, who goes by the name of Red Hood. Subsequently, old wounds reopen and old, once buried memories come into the light. Votes: 55, Batman learns he has a violent, unruly pre-teen son, secretly raised by the terrorist group the League of Assassins.

The animation style and especially Nightwing is very similar to "Under the Red Hood" so it might be seen as following the same series, although it is never made clear and the actors are not the. PG 80 min Animation, Action, Adventure. While Damian Wayne struggles to cope with Batman's no-killing rule, he soon starts to believe that his destiny lies within a secret society known as, The Court of Owls. Votes: 20, PG 72 min Animation, Action, Adventure.

Bruce Wayne is missing. Alfred covers for him while Nightwing and Robin patrol Gotham City in his stead. And a new player, Batwoman, investigates Batman's disappearance. Robin is sent to work with the Teen Titans after his volatile behavior botches a Justice League mission.

The Titans must batman dc comics movies kit face Trigon after batman dc comics movies kit possesses the League and threatens to conquer the world. Votes: 18, I put it after "Bad Blood" since Damian Wayne is a character. But from here on, it seems to actually connect the "Damian Wayne series" and the Justice League series since "War". Characters are drawn similar and small parts of the stories seems to align.

Although the connection is still weak. PG 67 min Animation, Action, Drama. When Lex Luthor gets elected US President, he uses the threat of an oncoming kryptonite meteor striking Earth as a rationale to frame Superman. Votes: 21, Batman discovers a mysterious teen-aged girl with super-human powers and a connection to Superman. When the girl comes to the attention of Darkseid, the evil overlord of Apokolips, events take a decidedly dangerous batman dc comics movies kit. PG 64 min Animation, Action, Crime.

A wealthy playboy and a Chicago cop both return to Gotham City where their lives will intersect in unexpected ways. Votes: 31, Batman has not been seen for ten years.

A new breed of criminal ravages Gotham City, forcing year-old Bruce Wayne back into the cape and cowl. But, does he still have what it takes to fight crime in a new era? Votes: 53, The Batman has returned after a year absence. The Gotham authorities want to arrest. An old foe wants a reunion. The Feds want the Man of Tomorrow to put a stop to. Votes: 46, PG 75 min Animation, Action, Adventure.

In the s, a new Zal Batmanglij Movies Guide generation of superheroes must join forces with the community's active veterans and a hostile US government to fight a menace to Earth.

PG 75 min Animation, Action, Fantasy. A good version of Lex Luthor from a parallel Earth comes to the Justice League's dimension for help to fight their evil counterparts. Vandal Savage steals confidential files Batman has compiled on the members of the Justice League, and learns all their weaknesses. The Flash finds himself in a war torn alternate timeline and teams up with alternate versions of his fellow heroes to return home and restore the timeline.

Thomas HowellMichael B. JordanKevin Batman dc comics movies kit. Votes: 44, Lex Luthor is frozen during a battle with the Justice League. He thaws out in the 31st century, discovers Time Trapper and prevents Superman's arrival to Earth as a baby. Future teen heroes Karate Kid and Dawnstar must stop .


Love Vessel Comis Peaceable Princess As well as Island Princess In box we adore spending time upon a H2Ohas voiced which latest investors devise to make 25- to 50-foot boats again in St. Afterwards which is a place. 5 Army Gray, which setup looks nuts. There have been websites clinging to uncover vessel fanatics as well as do-it-your self persons batman dc comics movies kit to emanate their own vessel .

Now fans have a concrete reason as to why Batman and other heroes and villains continue to appear in prime condition, despite having existed for decades. This also helps to explain how characters can adapt so seamlessly with developments in the real-world, like current events and new technology. Even though this new revelation helps to explain away a lot of inconsistencies, there are still some mysteries revolving around how time works in the Linearverse.

Does this mean that characters begin aging slower at a certain point in their lives? Jim Heinrichs recently graduated from Iowa State University where he majored in journalism and communication studies. During college, Jim found wonderful opportunities to grow through summer internships at a news station in Des Moines and a radio station in Dublin. Jim became enthralled with superheroes at a young age after watching an episode of the Justice League cartoon with his dad.

Since then, he has become a major fan of all things DC and Marvel, with an affinity for many other pop culture staples. Jim hopes to keep his love for comics strong and continue looking for great opportunities to grow, wherever that may take him. When it comes to Batman and his decades-long history, what does this mean for the story arcs and comics that are better off left erased and buried?

Tags dc. Devin Meenan Mar 25, Scoot Allan Mar 13, Seth Singleton Mar 12, Myck Maverick Mar 12, Theo Kogod Mar 12, Kevin DelSignore Mar 11, Taylor Walker Mar 9, Tristan Benns Mar 7, Sage Ashford Mar 7, Jamie Parker Mar 6, Theo Kogod Mar 5, Richard Keller Mar 5, Jamie Parker Mar 4, The film received positive reviews from critics, with praise for the humor and action.

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