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The Pro length measures 16 feet 2 inches front to rear with a bottom measurement of 54 inches. The overall package is 6 feet 9 inches long, and the boat has a inch beam and transom height of 22 inches. The maximum recommended horsepower engine for this configuration is the 40 hp, and the boat has a built-in 9-gallon fuel tank. Tracker All-Welded Mod-V Aluminum Fishing Boats. These boats re-defined the industry. Plush seating. Tracker Pro Team TF; Tracker Pro Guide V WT. View Bass Tracker Pro 160 With 40 Hp Hpip Details Tracker Bass Tracker Classic XL. View Details. A new model for , the Pro is one of six models from sixteen to nineteen feet in Tracker´┐Żs Bass Tracker Pro 165 Keyboard revamped line-up of Bass & Panfish Mod V models in which half are new for this year. All of these boats are of all-welded aluminum.

Hello buddy, enjoying your modpack so far. Bass tracker tx update malcboy We also felt the standard fire extinguisher could be moved to a less problematic position than its current location under the helm. Adaptation of Gallus Viewmodels Moddb. A properly built aluminum fishing boat is far more complicated to build than most people realize. Plus, add the optional tow pylon Bass Tracker Pro 160 Used Zip Code and a wide range of tow-sports is easily within reach.

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