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Best Overall: Nitro Z21 at Nitro. As the name suggests, bass boats are built for a very specific purpose � bass fishing. These boats are low-slung, with raised platforms at the bow bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now stern for unhindered casting in any pohtoon, and streamlined, so you can race out to your favorite fishing spots and back for weigh-in in record time.

Bass boats are configured for use with an bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now motor in order to save deck and storage space and should have a mount on the bow for a trolling motor. Look for signature features including rod boxes and livewells that can keep live bait alive 20020 hours at a time. Many bass boats are intended for tournament fishermen and have the price-tag to match, but some are more competitively priced for the everyday angler.

Here is a list of our favorite bass boats for your next fishing adventure. Use the twin Humminbird Helix 7 fish 200 to choose a static spot or troll for bass with the included Minn Kota Fortrex 80 motor, powered by a battery and three-bank charger.

The boat can hold bads gallons of fuel and has a to maximum horsepower bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now. A stock engine and trailer are included. Force Flex suspension in the seats makes for a comfortable ride even in rough weather while an advanced deck drainage system keeps things dry.

Experience push-button functionality thanks to digital bow and console controls. The boat comes with a Lowrance fish finder and a Minn Kota Maxxum trolling motor. The boat has a fuel capacity of 55 gallons. Included in the steep price is a HP Mercury outboard engine. There are several engine upgrades available pontooj to HP and all prices include a custom-fit trailer.

You can fit four people on-board � two in the cockpit and two on pedestal bsas seats. Standard accessories include a Lowrance fish bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now and a pound thrust Minn Kota Edge trolling motor.

If your budget is flexible, you can upgrade to a faster horsepower engine. All packages come with a custom-matched trailer. However, it promises excellent performance and can still carry bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now to four fishermen.

The Minn Kota Edge 70 trolling nod is powered by the included battery and charger, while the gallon, recirculating livewell comes with an automatic timer. The boat can carry up to 23 gallons of fuel, making it well-suited to outings on smaller inland pontoob. With space for five people, it boasts roomy casting decks in the bow and stern and premium bucket seats for the skipper and one passenger.

Other highlights include a gallon, aerated livewell, and a removable Boate aluminum accessory brackets. These let you attach cup or rod holders bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now the gunnels without having to drill through the metalwork. Optional extras range from easy-wash pontooon flooring to a center seat or shallow water anchor.

Bass pro pontoon boats 2020 now can also add a Minn Kota trolling motor or upgrade to a horsepower outboard. It has a potent to horsepower range and a gallon fuel capacity.

The cleats and hardware are all made from stainless steel to prevent saltwater corrosion. Other typical bass boat features include a spacious bow casting boatw, an insulated cooler, and a recirculating livewell. Rod boxes are kept dry by the patent-pending Power Ventilated Rod System.

A Minn Kota trolling motor and Ranger Trail trailer come as part of the package. Some bass fishermen choose to shun specialty bass boats in favor of multi-species designs, especially if they typically fish in big water. The Nitro ZV21 has an aggressive performance deep-V hull for standing up to the roughest big-lake conditions. It also carries up to 64 gallons of fuel obats has a maximum horsepower of although it comes with a XL OptiMax 0220 XS capable of around 57 mph.

Many of its attributes lend themselves well to bass fishing, including a large bow casting deck with anti-fatigue matting, a gallon livewell, and a 5. The driver and passenger seats have premium suspension and were designed in collaboration with Kevin VanDam. Keep your rods in the three-level central locker and discover new spots with the included Lowrance Elite-7 Ti Combo fishfinder and GPS.

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On top of this though there are many things that can be added after purchase. There are fishing sets, skiing sets and many other fun activities that can be added to your pontoon. With the versatility of a pontoon boat, there are endless options for customization as well. The stability of a boat is incredibly important not only to the peace of mind of the boater but to the boaters physical well-being as well.

While both bass boats and pontoon boats are incredibly safe and stable, each one has things that make is stable in its own way.

But one thing that will help to stabilize any boat is to spread people and equipment evenly over the deck of the boat. As for bass boats, the stability also depends a lot on the brand and build of the boat. The bigger the underwater footprint is then the less tippy it will be.

With a more narrow base, the boat will be more likely to shift with the movement of the water and wind. Especially if there will be a heavy load on board. So watch for this when looking to buy a bass boat. Bass boats are always known to have stable fishing platforms and elevated fishing decks. Pontoons, on the other hand, are one of the most stable boat options out there for recreational use. Mind, this is in calm waters only.

With a pontoons large base and two hulls, this boat has an incredibly large underwater footprint. This makes it incredibly hard to capsize a pontoon. While it will still get pushed around by the wind and such, boaters can rest easy on a pontoon.

That is until the waters start getting rough. Depending on where you want to take a boat, it is important to see how it can handle the rough waters that can come with deeper waters.

These rough waters can be powered through if you have the right boat. The bass boat can muddle and power through most of these rough waters with ease and grace. Of course, like anything else, when there are rough waters ahead it is crucial to take them slow and easy.

The heavier it is the more power it has. One thing about the bass boat in rough water though is that the bass boat has no protection from weather and water. The only protection from the weather or splash is what the angler is wearing. So instead of moving over the wave which is safest, it ends up moving through the wave.

This can jostle the boat and passengers around quite a bit. Whenever boating is involved its crucial for boaters to understand their boats ability to move through obstacles and get out of tight situations. The thing that makes something easy to maneuver is its weight, size, and controls.

Bass boats are one of those boats that ranks incredibly in all three of those categories. Their comparatively lightweight, v-hulls and thin sleek design help the bass boat to be able to maneuver the waters no matter how sticky or tricky it can get. The bass boat also has a very low profile which eliminates the push and pull coming from any possible wind. On the other side of that spectrum, we have the pontoon boat.

Pontoons are the complete opposite of aerodynamic. That means when the wind gets out of control, these pontoons are in trouble. The reviewer from The Ocean Sailing Guide says the following about his own boat experience with maneuverability.

All boats require a certain amount of maintenance. Whether that be yearly maintenance or daily maintenance, each boat requires a different amount of attention. Each boat has a checklist of things that need to be checked every once in a while, but especially after not being used for a while.

As for Bass Boats, these things are built to fight against large waves and go speeding along the water. Needless to say, bass boats are built to be tough.

In fact, it means maintenance is more than essential. In order to keep your bass boat running and cutting through those waves and picking up those big basses, maintenance is necessary. According to Bass Resource , James Wilkins suggests the following for maintaining a bass boat.

As for a pontoon boat, there are several things that need to be checked and kept up with in order to prolong the life and look of your pontoon. Avalon Pontoons suggests the following. Although the maintenance of these boats is pretty similar in amount, bass boat maintenance can often require someone with a deeper understanding of boats.

So although I chose pontoons to win in this scenario, it also depends on your wants and needs. It is important for safety to come first when it comes to such things as boats. There are boating accidents and tragedies so often that safety really needs to be one of our top priorities when looks for a boat.

No matter what you plan to use your boat for, it needs to be safe enough to keep everyone involved safe from harm or tragedy. The safety of bass boats is actually quite a controversial subject. Skip Miller of the Daily Press describes one horrific event that captures why. But, Miller describes why bass boats are so unsafe by writing the following. It is built for two-man fishing. There is no freeboard or raised sides.

There is a recessed cockpit that has two seats. Conventional boats are made to float in the water. Bass boats are made to float on the water. They are a dangerous craft. There are many people that say that bass boats are so dangerous because of their high speeds or the recklessness of the drivers, and while this is true, this is true as of all boats.

The thing that makes bass boats so dangerous is their design. Add reckless drivers and tremendous speeds and danger is bound to happen. According to a study, Boater Exam did the following is the amount of death and injuries per year in Obviously, this study was done a while ago, but this information can still be applied to today.

While this statistic includes all open motorboat deaths and injuries, 17 times more people got hurt on these open motorboats. And bass boats are some of the most open motorboats around. Now, as for pontoon boats, they lie completely on the other side of the safety spectrum.

One of the things that makes a boat safe is its width. This is one of the reasons that pontoons are so safe. They are some of the widest recreational boats out there which increases stability. Not only the width of a pontoon makes it safe, but the railings that surround the deck prevent anyone from falling off.

Along with this, the speed of the boat, especially when compared to bass boats, really affects safety. Pontoon boats are extremely slow compared to bass boats. When looking to buy a boat, price is a pretty good thing to factor in! While there are many things that affect each price of each individual boat when comparing bass boats and pontoon boats, we can look at the price ranges of each boat.

So depending on the size, engine, model, brand, and features of the boat you get, either a bass boat or pontoon boat could be close to the same price. Bass boats are used solely for bass fishing.

Not only that but are mostly used for tournament bass fishing. So these boats are for very dedicated anglers and not for much else.

Pontoon boats, on the other hand, are made specifically for versatility. They can be used for water sports, fishing, skiing, and relaxing out on the water with friends. Bass boats have an incredible amount of storage, which is necessary for bass boats. Most Bass Pro Shop Manteca Pontoon Boats Design often most of the deck opens up to be storage.

The nice thing about this is that all of this storage is protected from water and weather. Pontoon boats have a large amount of storage space as well, considering they are so large. They are made to hold more people, and so they, of course, have more space to hold things as well. The average size of a bass boat will sit at about 17 � 24 and will weigh anywhere from pounds according to Fast Cast Rods.

A pontoon boat will weigh around 2, pounds and will sit at feet according to Pon toon Boats. Whether you decide on a bass boat or pontoon boat, it is important to know license laws.

Driving a bass boat may require increased training or practice because of the high speeds. Pontoon New Pontoon Boats Bass Pro Shop Us boats might need more practice being able to turn. The turns need to be taken wider, so practice needs to be done in order to make those turns.

As with all insurance though, safety pays off literally! If there are any accidents insurance cost will go up.

Bass boats are known for their intense power and speed. Their outboards can be powered by up to hp. This power helps to anglers to travel from fishing site to site. With an outboard as powerful hp, a bass boat can go up to miles per hour.

A pontoon boat is a lot more slow-paced than a bass boat. This is the perfect speed for the use of a pontoon boat. Most of the time pontoon boats spend their time flitting around the water. As for cleaning, they both require the same kind of cleaning; non-toxic and non-skid cleaner. Both boats should be cleaned after each use.

Bass boats are going to be smaller usually, and the surfaces are simple to clean. With the casting deck, casting chairs, and the livewells, cleaning is kept pretty simple. You water it down, clean it out with some safe soap and let it dry out.

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