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Trailer Tire Pressure - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum The reason for this is because of how trailer tires are constructed. Trailer tires are made with a thicker sidewall than passenger vehicle tires to handle more vertical load. If they are under inflated, the thicker sidewall will then generate excessive heat and cause the tire to fail. Jul 16, �� most trailer tires are in the range of 50 to 80 lbs. inflate them to whats on the tire. low air pressure is the # 1 reason for trailer tire failure. low pressure causes them to run hot, besure they are ST rated trailer tire. car tires don't belong on a trailer. bruceb58Estimated Reading Time: 2 mins. Jul 11, �� Trailer Tire Safety Tips Maintain pressure at the maximum PSI recommended on the tire�s sidewall for cool running, load-carrying ability and lowest rolling Bass Boat Trailer Tires And Wheels Iphone resistance. Keep a cap on the valve stem to prevent contamination of its internal rubber valve. Always carry a spare and check its pressure along with your trailer�s other tires.

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Joined Jul 15, Messages 3. Should I bring them up to 50PSI and leave some room for expansion due to heat? Joined Jun 3, Messages Re: Trailer tire pressure Take it to a tire dealership and ask them to check for the correct tire pressure. You don't want to guess the pressure if you are not sure. Call them and tell them the make of the tire and what is the recommended tire pressure, they will tell you.

Good Luck. Joined Mar 2, Messages Re: Trailer tire pressure Put more air in them before you take it anywhere though, 15 PSI is way low. You'll wear tires in a bad way and possibly wreck a wheel if you hit a bump going fast. If you're worried about too much pressure, you don't have to go all of the way up but make sure that they match.

I keep mine around 55 PSI and Bass Boat Trailer Tire Pressure Jump most others that I know of call for about the same. Make sure that your gauge is good, if in doubt just get a new one Joined Nov 11, Messages 51, Re: Trailer tire pressure most trailer tires are in the range of 50 to 80 lbs.

Joined Mar 5, Messages 29, Re: Trailer tire pressure 60 PSI is the cold tire pressure. The expansion due to heat is already taken into account. Joined Apr 13, Messages Re: Trailer tire pressure What a great thread!

I just checked mine this weekend and they were at 22lbs. Tire rated at 50lb COLD. So I aired them up to around 46lbs maybe I should go ahead and go up to 50? Anyway the trailer towed WAY better and the tires weren't nearly as hot. I couldn't believe I hadn't checked the tires since I bought the boat earlier this season. Just glad I didn't have a blow out! Then get some chalk and draw a few lines across the tread of both tires.

Go for a 10 min drive then look at the chalk lines. If they're scrubbing off right up to the side walls than you need more pressure. If they're only scrubbing off in the middle the pressure is too high and can be backed off a bit. The more weight, the more pressure is needed. Running the pressure too low will cause the side wall to bulge which causes heat build up and can cause the tire to delaminate on longer trips.

First off I would recommend you buy yourself a good quality accurate tyre Bass Boat Trailer Tire Size Zip air compressor and tyre gauge if you don't already own one. I never rely on service station ones for my car,s or boats as they are often very inaccurate and used and abused. I run psi in my special 13 inch tyres under my 3 Ton noosacat with them rated to 95 psi under full load. Yes, don't be afraid of putting close to the maximum pressure in. I would also be checking the load rating. Remember the max load rating is at maximum.

I'd be putting at least 60 in for the reasons i have previously oulined. Also remember the pressure will. If you low to start with you could easily end up in the danger zone if you are not checking. You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Sign up for a new account in our community. It's easy! Already have an account?

Sign in here. Recommended Posts. Plumb 14 Posted December 14, Posted December 14, What tyre pressure does everyone run? Link to post Share Nitro Bass Boat Trailer Tires Ltd on other sites. LeoB 0 Posted December 14, So what's the optimum? Max is 65 psi?? They would sit nicely at 65 Cheers Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk. Posted December 15, Plumb 14 Posted December 15, Fab1 Posted December 15, Here's what to do: Have your boat fully fueled and loaded as if your going on your normal trip. Go for a drive down the freeway preferably for approx 30min.

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