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Jul 24, �� Go with the trailer tires. Radial trailers work fine. Any of them inflate to higher pressures than car tires and carry more load without complaining. I ran a set of car tires under my bass boat. They didn't last long, wore unevenly, and if even the slightest bit under inflated gave me noticeable handling headaches. Next set was radial trailer. Jul 11, �� Always carry a spare and check its pressure along Bass Boat Trailer For Sale Michigan Valley with your trailer�s other tires. Don't overload trailer tires. The maximum load that a single tire can safely carry is listed on the sidewall. For a single-axle trailer with tires rated at 2, pounds, the maximum load should not exceed 4, pounds. Pro angler Jeff Kriet talks about trailer safety and the importance of checking your tire myboat098 boatplans://myboat098 boatplans
Ralph Stokley of Stokley's Marine talks about the importance of keeping track of your boat trailer's tire pressure, especially after your boat has been. Tow safely by ensuring your trailer tires are properly inflated.� Tow safely by ensuring the right trailer tire pressure for your boat. By Staff. Updated: January 15, More How To. Latest. How To. New Boating Law Requires Use of Engine Cut-Off Switches (ECOS). See more ideas about boat wraps, bass boat, boat.� Bass Boat Wraps. Collection by Big Bass. Pins. � Followers. Bass Fishing Boats. Bass Fishing Tips. Bass Boat.� General Tire Boat Wraps Fishing Rigs Bass Boat. Jackson. Kitty. Graphics. Cat. Country. Bassmaster Elite anglers show off boat wraps.

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