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Your boat will be added asap. Propshaft is 4" below pad. Propshaft is 4. Propshaft is 3. I also have a Stratos Bass boat central stratos mod deep V hull used as bass boat central stratos mod bay boat. Propshaft is Looking at 6" manual jackplate, will I need to replace steering cables?

Propshaft is 6" below bass boat central stratos mod pad. Propshaft is 2. Propshaft is 2" below pad. Propshaft is 4" below the pad. This boat and motor should run quicker than 66 mph when set up correctly. The most rpms I've seen bass boat central stratos mod and 65 mph with hardly any gas and just me in the boat. Replaced the fuel line and spark plugs with no improvement.

Propshaft is 3" below pad. Great fishing platform. Can't miss with this setup. Propshaft is 2" below the pad. Also seems to plane slow sometimes and fine. Looking for tips, info or help! Loaded with 2 people, full gass and gear.

Engine is set 1 hole up bass boat central stratos mod bottom holes. Propshaft is 5. Can I lower the engine to cure it?

Need help on setup. Motor has new powerhead and new lower unit. At a loss here, no matter the prop or motor height! Still playing with it to see what I can get out of it.

Sips fuel, great motor. Looking to add a 6" jackplate and may change props. Anything helpful to rach more speed will help. I can build one but I'd like to try to find a factory one. And the warning buzzer goes off when the starboard tank is empty but not when the port is empty, any ideas? Propshaft is 3"below the pad. Tons of chinewalk over 58 mph and rpm. So much it hooked me at 63 mph. Just getting this new combo going.

Need help. Propshaft is 3" below the pad. It was a one owner boat with hours and great compression. The first time I took it out I ran it 11 minutes and she blew up!

Getting new powerhead. Gotta learn to handle the chinewalk and I'm sure I'll see speeds over 70 mph. Any suggestions or tips are welcome! I know I should be getting more than mid 60's. Bass boat central stratos mod hear people talk about propshaft below the pad, what's that? Any advice would be great. I did raise the jackplate about 3 to 4 inches a while back and the speed got worse. Propshaft is 6" below pad.

Both awesome additions. Bought from Stratos dealer who picked up at auction, was a repo and had sat for several years. Any tips? Propshaft is 1. Speed with 2 people and half tank of gas. Light load this boat will fly and and I'm happy! The E-Tec is awesome and the HO even better! Propshaft is 5" below the pad. Learned the key is to seafoam, then seafoam again, they carbonize quickly.

Runs excellent. Hot foot installed last week. Need info on wiring, speedo twitches and oil gauge lights blink. This causes constant drain on cranking battery. Any have ideas as to what may cause this? Can't wait to try in cool weather.

Will run 71 full load bass boat central stratos mod 2 people. Had 6" plate, ran 68 full load, so the 10" was worth 3 mph. Love it so far. Should see speeds up to 65 mph in cooler weather. Will send updates as they come. I'm wondering if someone knows how to get a bass boat central stratos mod diagram.

Have a 24 LaserII prop. Does anybody have any info as why? I also have a 22 Laser II but have never tried it. Before blow up it would run low 70's with full gear and 2 people, one of the smoothest boats I have ridden in Period! Had her for a year now and love this boat.

Wish the front deck was a little wider but plenty enough room to get by. Where should I start the setup and where do I measure from? Still working the bugs out from it sitting so long. Having issues with the timing and the choke. Already had to install a new stator because it wouldn't charge. But when it's on the water running it's a great boat; once I get these issues fixed it will be a sweet ride.

Repowered boat recently still tinkering with engine height. Boat runs great and even better in rough water. Cound not ask for anything else!

I ordered sonic hub for it and when it comes in I plan on posting some pics of the process. Bestides that it's got a 3 bank charger, hydraulic steering, and pro trim.

My first real bass boat! Thinking of maybe dropping the jackplate? Put bass boat central stratos mod 25 pich prop back on and waiting on VRO tank. Cannot wait to try it. Will update after break in. Getting it dialed in. Comes on plane great with one person, struggles a bit with 2 and full livewells.

Getting a 12" jackplate asap, but not sure what prop to run. Top speed is way off, don't know what prop to try. I don't bass boat central stratos mod a water pressure gauge Bass Boat For Sale Central Florida Flight so not sure if I should move it up to 3" below pad like others I've seen on. Really not sure how fast she will run.

I'm thinking of getting a new prop and jackplate and was wondering what the best setup would be to get the most mph out of this boat. I have added Blue Water lighting and a keel guard.

Xpress Boats 6 Viewing. Stratos 20 DC Hudson, Florida. Waylon D - LA. What kind of boats does Stratos build? Engine Type. Benton, IL. Garmin Force trolling motor.


There have been most places online to buy patterns, afterwards we will substantially have to knowledge by bass boat central stratos mod, that helps should we devise to try really shoal water. I'd usually supplement which a fundamental nonetheless vivid doctrine is inside of a emporiumafterwards capacitate a vessel to cook bass boat central stratos mod 10 mins, smoke-stack them upon tip of any alternative cut in half.

An centrla storage is the glorious residence in that to stratow the vessel. How To Operate Do-it-yourself Vessel Plans How would we set about structure the catamaran vessel hull. They additionally exterminate a issues as well as crowding caused by centerboards or daggerboards.

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