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61 Mathematics Interview Questions and Answers

There is no way around it - your case interview is going to feature math and you are going to need to be good at it to get any consulting job, let alone an MBB one. However, this is not to say you need a math degree to be a consultant. In a standard case interview, the math will be no more complicated than what you learnt in high school.

However, consulting math is very different to academic math and you won't get far approaching problems the same way you would have done in school.

In this article, we'll first look at what makes math so important for aspiring consultants and what makes consulting math different.

We'll then run through a list of the areas in which you need to be proficient inwhilst giving some tips on "hacks" which you can use to excel in interview. Math is one of the most important elements basic questions of maths for interview method preparing for a consulting interview and this article is a great point of entry into the subject. However, it is impossible to be fully comprehensive in any reasonable amount of space - for one thing, we're basic questions of maths for interview method going to reproduce your high school math textbook here!

Where appropriate, we'll point you towards useful public resources, including other articles on this Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/maths/10th-ncert-maths-syllabus-usb http://myboat282 boatplans/maths/10th-ncert-maths-syllabus-usb.html. Generally, though, if you want a more comprehensive source, you should check out our Consulting Math video lesson within Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/aluminum-boats/ranger-aluminum-boats-2020-jack ranger aluminum boats 2020 MCC Academy.

Our Consulting Math package is also great for practice, along with basic questions of maths for interview method free mental math tool. This article will get you started, but basic questions of maths for interview method these additional sources will give everything you need to have a real chance at landing your dream consulting job. Certainly, it is true that being good at math in an academic context is a great advantage going into a consulting interview.

Basic questions of maths for interview method, the style of math used in consulting is very different from that used in academia and takes practice to pick up.

Even a very Lorem lpsum 282 Basic Questions Of Maths For Class 7 Mini boatplans/yacht/yacht-plans-location-near-me click the following article mathematician will struggle to impress if they do not approach problems in the way their interviewer is expecting. In academic math, the overriding concern is accuracy. It might take a lot of Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/boats-models/1997-stratos-boats-models-tablets ����� 1997 stratos boats models tablets work and much time to get there, but what matters is that the answer is absolutely watertight.

Consulting math is a very different beast. Working consultants - and consulting interview candidates - are always under time pressure. Results are what matter and answers are required simply to be good enough to guide business decisions, rather than being absolutely correct. The additional mathematical complexity required to reach such a totally accurate, precise answer is thus not required. Rather, consultants will simplify their analyses in order to be more time efficient. Your interviewer will also attach a special importance to mental math.

Of course, being able to do mental math quickly shows general mental agility. However, consultants also specifically use quick mental math in order to impress clients and thus help justify their basic questions of maths for interview method. The sharper your mental math, the more impressed your interviewer will be.

We have a brief section on mental math skills below, with much more detailed treatment in the MCC Academy. So, now we know a little about how academic and consulting math differ. This is good knowledge to have, but we should keep an eye on practicalities and the nuts basic questions of maths for interview method bolts of how things will actually be in your interview.

Let's get some of Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/best/bareboat-sailing-greece-80 80 greece bareboat sailing most straightforward matters out of the way basic questions of maths for interview method we look at consulting math in more depth:.

You will be given a piece of paper and should feel free to use it when doing calculations. The time pressure in case interviews is severe, and you cannot afford to waste time. By the same token, though, taking a few extra seconds to get to a correct answer is always preferable to producing an incorrect answer a few seconds more quickly. Don't be afraid to take the time you need.

Candidates which are not really comfortable with math tend to state their answers as questions - with a rise in vocal pitch towards the end of the sentence. Interviewers will notice this and take note. Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/plans/byjus-maths-ncert-solutions-sdn-bhd ���� byjus maths ncert solutions sdn bhd ������ candidates will be confident and state their answers with an air of certainty.

Ask your interviewer if it is okay to round numbers in your calculations. Generally, they will be fine with this, and you can do so. So, which skills will you need? Here, we'll go through the main areas which you should cover to prep for a standard MBB interview. We go into much more depth on each issue - along with worked examples and "hacks" for quicker calculations - in our video lesson in the MCC Academy.

Of course, though, if you really weren't paying any attention in school and are totally in the dark as to what a fraction is - there is a point where you will simply need to simply pick up a basic math textbook from your local library. Fractions are a convenient way to represent numbers between 0 and 1 as parts of a. For instance, we might write 0. There are a couple of ways to manipulate fractions which will particularly facilitate your mental math:. You only have a few seconds and no calculator.

Certainly, you won't have time for long division - so what will you do? The interviewer is waiting One specific use of fractions is in allowing us to tackle complex divisions quickly. For example, let's imagine we do indeed have to divide by This method gives us a good-enough answer to proceed with our analysis, with only a few seconds work and no need for a calculator. Fractions can basic questions of maths for interview method help to simplify your analysis basic questions of maths for interview method certain problems.

Let's take the following relatively simple example:. What fraction of the remaining employees are engineers? Ratios are close cousins of fractionsand tell us how much of one thing we have in relation to. For instance, if we have three pens, for pencils, and one eraser, then the ratio between them is Many different business scenarios require an understanding of ratios.

As regards solving cases, it is often very useful to express ratios as fractions of the. This then allows you to address problems with a similar method to how we solved our example of engineers in a workforce. You should be able to get to an answer very quickly - certainly in under a minute. We show you how to do so in the MCC Academy video lesson. Similar to fractions and ratios, we can think of percentages as ratios expressed where one number is fixed ator as fractions where the denominator is always Percentages are as ubiquitous in the business world as they are in interview case studies.

Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/yacht/aluminum-hull-sailing-yachts Article source are especially likely to deal with percentages when working with issues around pricingsuch as applying mark-ups on products to generate profit or offering discounts to promote sales. One item to note here is that sometimes percentages will be discussed in terms of "percentage points".

You can test your ability to work with percentages by seeing how quickly you can work out an answer to the following:.

In the MCC Academy math video, we run through a method to let you answer this question in just a few seconds. Nothing is certain in the basic questions of maths for interview method world, and consultants will constantly have to evaluate the probability of different future events when they make decisions.

The probability of such an event will always be a number between 0 impossible and 1 certaincalculated as the number of ways that an event can happen divided by the total number of possible outcomes. The probability of an event not happening is 1 minus the probability that it. In proper notation, this is:. You will also need to know how to calculate the probability of multiple chance events all occurring in future. Luckily, in case interview, you will only have to deal with independent eventswhere individual outcomes do not influence subsequent ones.

The standard example here is coin tosses, where the probability of heads on each new toss remains 0. This is as opposed to dependent events, where the outcomes of one event can influence subsequent ones. You might recall examples of these events from school problems about taking colored balls out of vases without replacing them - in any case, we don't need to worry about dependent events here! The probability of multiple independent events all happening is calculated simply as the product of their individual probabilities.

To illustrate, the probability of heads P H on the toss of a fair coin is 0. Therefore, the probability of tossing heads three times in a row is:. Probability is especially relevant to business in calculating expected returns. Here, we weight the yield promised by an investment by the probability that it will pay off. This then acts as a guide to decisions about which investment opportunities should be pursued.

As such, we should favour option A as yielding a greater expected return, despite option B's greater headline payout. We take a look how to calculate a more complex expected return in the Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/wooden/italian-handmade-wooden-boats-qr-code Read more Academy video lesson.

We can think of this as a measure of the "typical" value of some series of numbers. It is calculated as the sum of all the numbers in the series, divided by the number of those numbers. We can state this more formally as:. Averages are fairly straightforward.

The only complexities you will need to worry about arise when the values you are averaging do not have the same weight as one. Basic questions of maths for interview method such cases, the calculations will start to look rather like those for expected returns, where appropriate weightings are applied.

Let's take an example to see how well you can manipulate averages. How long does it take you to solve this problem? Could you do so under time pressure in a case interview?

We show you two different ways to solve this problem in the MCC Academy math lesson. Rates are ubiquitous throughout the business world in general and in consulting in particular.

We can think about rates as a ratio or fraction Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/boat/diy-bass-boat-carpet-30mm carpet diy bass 30mm boat the denominator is always 1. Some rates we will typically encounter include the interest rate, the rate of inflation, various tax rates, rate of return on an investment and the exchange rates between currencies. Rates are very common in case studies and will generally be expressed Lorem lpsum 282 boatplans/fishing-boat/the-fishing-boat-pub-east-runton-university please click for source year per annum.

You can both sharpen your precise and estimation maths with it. Business Intelligence Expand child menu Expand. Here are some fabulous free basic math skills test for employment which have 7 tests with maths answers, and one test without answers, perfect for the Maths Assessment For Job Interview. There are numerical reasoning test questions and answers to try. The complete guide to multiple choice!

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