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As a very general rule the maximum speed of any displacement hull--commonly called its hull speed--is governed by a simple formula: hull speed in knots equals times the square root of the waterline length in feet (HS = x vLWL). Then use the formula to calculate average speed: \[average~speed = \frac{total~distance~travelled}{total~time~taken}\] average speed = ? average Average Speed Of Boat And Stream Zip Codes speed = 16 m/s. Calculating distance. Most sailboats cruise at a speed of knots ( mph), with a top speed of 7 knots (8 mph or 13 km/h). Larger racing yachts can easily reach speeds up to 15 knots (17 mph or 28 km/h), with an average cruising speed between knots ( mph). Cruising speeds of over 8 knots are uncommon.

Sailboats with a planing hull multihulls can go faster than wind. I wish to averagd the oceans home and soon the entire world. Colin Scale Speed. There is then Average Speed Of Boat In Upstream And Downstream Median only room for one cycle of the bow wave before it meets the stern wave. Leave a Comment Cancel Reply Your email address will not be published.

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