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If we instruct to take the piece for one person outingshe can be used for australian boat builder magazine qi H2O skiers as well as for cruising. The stitch as well as glue proceed is additionally well known as a 'tack as well as tape' audtralian of structure. Be happy to take the demeanour during my web site during for photos of a little of these fashions.

As a skilled team of passionate and gifted individuals we are committed to customer service and upholding the ideals of quality and the retaining of boat building and wood working skills.

We recognise the importance of efficiency and longevity through the seamless integration of modern boat building techniques and methods. We are now open Mon � Fri, � Stay tuned for some exciting things to come Boat Builder Magazine Uk 40 this�. We are looking forward�. We are in the final stages of our all new Elysium 28 build, destined for Port Adelaide! Painting will be finished in the coming week then its onto the fun part of installing all the�. Have just taken delivery of my Hartley Flareline speedboat after extensive hull and deck refurb.

A fabulous job by Pat, Alan, David and team. I heartily recommend DFWB for attention to detail and great problem solving. Several years ago I sent my first timber yacht for restoration to Duck Flat Wooden Boats and was so impressed with their expertise and friendly family business attitude I recently had another two yachts restored. Pat and the team have again treated our prized vintage yachts like it were theirs with workmanship like no other�.

Skip to content. Find Out More '; document. Our Vision. New builds The team at Duck Flat Wooden Boats DFWB have extensive experience in the building of new wooden boats, ranging from small lapstrake dinghies through to large yachts and motor cruisers up to 46ft.

Repair and Restoration We get a considerable amount of enjoyment working with customers to assist them in realising their dream of restoring a historically significant boat or family heirloom past down from generation to generation. Although it was mid-evening, it had been a long hot day and the combination of an excellent meal and some good wine had made everybody feel as though the time was late. Beyond the verandah, enormous Blue Gums towered above the surrounding trees and they swayed gently across the moonlit Queensland sky.

Possums ran through the underbrush in search of food, wallabies nibbled the sweet grass and, just a short distance away, a koala called for his mate. The friends were engaged in a conversation about their favourite subject - classic small craft made from wood. But instead of the normal never-ending arguments about which boat to build, what building method to employ or which trip to plan next, the friends were in a philosophical mood and the subjects were more serious. In fact, that sort of thing almost acts like a camouflage.

He knows what is really important and functional. She had more experience aboard boats than any of the men and she knew the value of simplicity and practicality.

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