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The 7 Best Jet Boats + In Depth Buying Guide Jan 13, �� Any boat that can throw a decent can be a good wakeboarding boat. Hull shape, weight distribution, and prop pitch will determine how the boat produces a wake and performs for wakeboarding. The V-drive and Direct Drive will offer the best wakes. Feb 11, �� Buy a boat that fits your lifestyle and budget. All boats are good boats, you just have to make sure it does what you want it to do. You can certainly wakeboard behind a jet boat, but it is not a "wakeboard boat". This is a good forum. They are unbiased in terms of helping a person find out if a yamaha jet boat is right for them or not. Introduced in , the Centurion Ri relies on the new Opti-V hull design to create waves and wakes for wakeboarding and wakesurfing. The boat was a feather in the cap for Centurion, especially given that it was used for the World Wake Surfing Championships presented by GM Marine.
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In case the question is asked if you can wakeboard on a jet boat, the answer is below my 14yo son using an AR with no ballast, close to empty, and Perfect Pass set to 20mph. Yeah one day I will get that high I Are Legend Boats Good Wife wakeboard behind my SX no tower. At just under 20mph, my wake is quite a bit steeper than what you see in the photo above. With a little more practice and nerve, I should be able to jump all the way across the wake.

I am 52, so falling hurts a little more so I am taking my time. Last edited: Aug 4, What length of rope are you guys using? That is some awesome air!

Mine is probably 65'. I bought whatever Body Glove rope that Academy Sports had at the time. I intentionally did not want one of the strong, expensive, non-stretch lines as I would prefer the rope to cut easily if it gets run over with the boat. I don't think I am good enough to notice the difference. LTM said:. Scottintexas Jetboaters Admiral Staff member. I think it's like golf, the basic stuff can make it work, it's all about your ability, more expensive doesn't mean better, this was my son a few years ago, we were having to teach our selves.

BuckBuck's kids should be the poster children for what you can do with these boats and what a good picture a camera can take!

I want to get into this. My next project to research what is needed. A couple of years ago I don't really wakeboard any more. No ballast. With ballast it is easier to clear wake and jump higher. Scottintexas , it's all about getting low in the boat and pointing the camera up to make it look like they are jumping higher. All the kids on my boat board with a 65' rope. They seem to hit the wake at the sweet spot that way. Inverts seem to make for the most dramatic crashes, but apparently don't hurt as much as catching your toe side and taking a header.

To be honest, you don't need ballast or tower to learn. We started with neither and worked our way up, slowly adding speed and weight. We even wakeboard behind the jet ski when we don't feel like taking the boat out, its great for learning fundamentals such as board control, slides, ollies, s, etc.

I've taught more people to wakeboard behind the ski than the boat because it's so much easier to maneuver and walk someone through it. Once they get up and comfortable, we move to the boat. The WakeBooster is a plate of sorts that has been designed to easily attach to the tie-down hook under the stern of the boat and it can be attached to either side depending on riders' preferences.

The WakeBooster "scoops" water toward the center, helping create much larger and cleaner wave. And as we all know, bigger waves are better. The WakeBooster will be part of Yamaha's Surf Package, which includes a custom, co-branded 5'3" Slingshot wakesurf board and wakesurf rope.

What's really cool is that the WakeBooster can attach to some older model Yamaha boats, as well - it will fit on all and newer foot boats and Are Nitro Boats Good Quality Factor and newer foot Yamaha boats. That includes "non-wake" boats like the center-console FSH. Look for the WakeBooster to be available early spring Wakeboarding Magazine. Sign Up. Search Search.

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