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Tracker Boats - General Discussion Forum | In-Depth Outdoors. Tracker owners at Bass Boat Central generally thought that their boats provided good value. However, they also reported a litany of mechanical complaints, including leaking, electrical problems, and problems with the fuel pump. Consumer Affairs users reported cracks in the welds, console, and undercarriage; battery issues, and other problems. Nov 07, �� If if gets on plane with 2 people and a full tank and live well probably good to go. IMO Maxing out a tracker would only be important on a new boat that you plan to sell in a fairly short period of time. ( years.) These base model trackers typically come new needing upgrades.
Tracker Tahoe. Price: $36, Boat location: Lawrenceburg, Kentucky, United States. Ships to� The dealer ordered this boat with four factory myboat003 boatplans in flooring,depth sounder,full cover with Rachet myboat003 boatplans the trailer upgrade which includes better wheels and a spare mounted to the myboat003 boatplansr boats have a no haggle price. You can go to any tracker dealer and verify the price of a Tahoe as $ with the same upgrades,out the door price,based on ky tax which is 6%..I can save you $ boat also comes with a factory installed livewell and the wiring and plug for a trolling motor were installed at the factory-all manuals are. Tracker Tahoe. Price: $34, Boat location� be ordered with a fishing package but I wanted to add a much better version with a lb motorguide xi5, 3 Duracell agm batteries,a minnkota 3 bank precision charger and much better pedestals and myboat003 boatplans of this has been installed but am willing to sell any or all these items to buyer at a good price.I will include. the two new pedestals-they are each at amazon and two new seats Cabelas best ones with the boat for free regardless if you buy the other items or myboat003 boatplans manuals are included as well. Wilson Marine's Like New Tahoe Q4 only at myboat003 boatplans, *thanks for looking this boat has been sold. View Michigan's largest selection of.

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