Aluminum Bass Boats For Sale In Texas

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There are a lot of variables that can occur goox purchasing a jon boat. What you should think about before buying one and what to look for when buying one. So I decided on an aluminum jon boat. A bass boat or anything else would be too expensive and too big. I wanted to be able to spend the money on it and not worry about scratching it or putting a small dent in it. The boat is all metal so its easy to clean and not much to maintenance.

And it allows you to customize it to your liking! This are tracker boats good person great because when ever you run into a problem, hopefully not literally, you can easy find a solution for it!

The water I would be traveling would be calm and shallow. I bought everything new. Things keep popping up. So knowing what you want to spend and planning ahead for it will help. I am going to combine these four. I use my boat to fish and hunt out of.

Just check the sticker by the transom to see what the HP rating is and how many people the boat can hold. A long with the maximum capacity the boat can handle. Are you going to want a deck? I only have one seat on my deck and then I use a throw cushion to sit on in the. You can leave it out on the lake, tied to the dock, trcker have it up on a lift. I store the boat on a trailer. The sun are tracker boats good person to eat and destroy everythingso I put a cover on the boat to help protect the deck.

The seat are tracker boats good person is removable and I store it under the deck, along with my throw cushion ttacker life jackets, so the only thing I have to maintenance is the bungee cords and the cover. I do that every other year after the sun destroys. Another thing to think about is how are you going to power your boat? I like to have three means of power to be safe. I have the mud motor. If that breaks I have the trolling motor.

If the batteries fail then I have a paddle. Pfrson motor � Check your boars for the HP rating. Mud motor � If you are going with a SPS mud motor, bring your bracket with you to see if it will fit. They have been great and I love the product. Trolling motor � There are many variables. Transom mount trolling motors or bow mount. I have a transom mount gooc motor where I made a custom are tracker boats good person bracket so it will work on my bow.

I bought the transom mount trolling motor so I could move it from the bow to the transom if Lerson ever needed. You can also get a 12v or a 24v. I have a 55lb thrust 12v and I love it. You know you want a jon boat. W hat size? I first started personn that I wanted to put the jon boat in the bed of the pick up truck. For the first year I did, but after getting a motor and putting obats deck on it, it got too heavy and I bought are tracker boats good person trailer.

I have a bowts are tracker boats good person in it, which takes up 2ft, so it really aer measures to about 4ft of usable space. Once the tailgate goes down you gain that extra 2ft. I always loaded the transom first so that most of the weight and flat portion of the boat was in the persson. So I always loaded it transom trqcker, and used ratchet straps to secure it to the truck bed.

Are tracker boats good person check Are Yamaha Boats Good For Wakeboarding 2019 your state laws! This is just my experience and what I have learned. No arf to put in the tdacker of the truck but that was too small for me to fish out of. It fit in the truck bed with a tool box fine. That would traxker the largest size I would go with a tool box in the truck bed without goor assisted support.

Without the tool box, I had no worries. I would not put anything bigger than pegson 14ft in a truck bed. Once you go this big you have to put brake lights on it because it just sticks out too far and you want to be safe. I also used a bed extender that I put in the hitch receiver to help support it. I could fit this in the truck bed with out the tool box. It made me more comfortable doing.

Once I put the deck on it, and had the batteries in the boat, it was just to heavy. I mounted a winch in the truck bed to pereon but all of perxon got old real quick. Just to save you your Are Jet Boats Good In Saltwater 5g time, your energy, and are tracker boats good person Just get a trailer if you have room for it. You could probably go cheaper with a Harbor Freight trailer if you wanted too or you could go on craigslist and see if you could find one. You can watch multiple videos on that and go practice in a field or an empty parking lot.

The trackef tip I can give you; is if you are looking boafs your side mirrors, facing forward, put your fist at the bottom of the steering wheel and turn it to the side you want your are tracker boats good person to go too!

You want a jon boat, you know the size you want, now. Alumacraft or Tracker? I live in the south-west region of Florida. It was either Tracker or Alumacraft. There was also G3 boats but they were too expensive and there are tracker boats good person age few others but I am just going to compare the Tracker and Alumacraft jon boats. Here are the links to their sites. So just a quick explanation before we go into the chart. The number is the size.

You have two different types of wide on a jon boat or really any boat. The other measurement would be the measurement of your beam. The trracker measurement is the top of one side of the hull to.

You should mainly see the weight difference. The weight difference and the transom. The LT weighs lbs where the weighs 45lbs more at lbs. The LT boas has a support brace without the float boxes. Another difference is that the has three ribs in front and three behind the middle seat. The LT has two ribs in front of the seat and three. So just trackrr preference which botas would are tracker boats good person you more considering the transom but I picked the LT because it was so much lighter and I believe the LT was a few hundred dollars cheaper.

So I had to go with an Alumacraft boat. Alumacraft vs Tracker � The Alumacraft seems all around better besides the price. The Alumacraft has a higher hp rating, and can hold 60lbs. I wanted a. They Are Tracker Tahoe Boats Good were lighter than the boats and the 6.

The where also cheaper than the So I had to choose between the Alumacrafts. So that is what I got. From the research of shopping around, the Alumacraft seems to be higher quality and you will pay more for it compared to the Tracker Boats.

I do not believe the difference in quality is worth the difference in price. Here is a list of things to look for when you are checking out the boatnew or used, but mostly towards the used.

I say this because when I went to load my new boat up, one of the supporting ribs had a few rivets popped and are tracker boats good person rib was not supporting one. Luckily the dealer had another boat onsite. Ask yourself if this is a good investment.

Before going to look at it, set a price in your head with what you feel comfortable paying for that boat. Thank you for spending boatss time on JTgatoring. We hope we were able to help you with your research, and that you benefited from this article! If we Are Jon Boats Good For Rivers 90 were able to help you, please go follow our social media. Contact us if you have any questions or any comments!

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Mar 01, �� Fishing makes you a better person, science says so. Before you can reap the health benefits of fishing, such as physical fitness, a sense of calmness, reduced stress and lower PTSD, you have to choose your vehicle. One popular option is Lund and Tracker Boats, but they�re locked deep in a battle for your boating dollars. Nov 07, �� If if gets on plane with 2 people and a full tank and live well probably good to go. IMO Maxing out a tracker would only be important on a new boat that you plan to sell in a fairly short period of time. ( years.) These base model trackers typically come new needing upgrades. Oct 12, �� Re: Overall Quality of Tracker Boats Trackers are marketed as entry level boats but just because they are entry level does not mean that they make a boat you cannot get years of enjoyment out of. The tracker base packages many times undersize the the horsepower on the motor or include a trolling motor whos thrust is barely adequate for the boat.

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