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Filling up a 6-gallon tank sure sounds better than spending $ to fill up a bass boat. To learn more about the stable, cost efficient, Gator Tough jon boats from G3, go to myboat241 boatplans I was incredibly impressed with the boats and Yamaha motors are, without Author: Cal Tatum. Mar 10, �� Jon Boats Jon boats are flat-bottomed utility vessels that are especially popular among freshwater angers and duck hunters. The boat�s shallow draft makes it an excellent vessel for navigating shallow waters. But if you are about to purchase your first boat Jon boat how do you know which one to get with so many different types on the market? Updated:

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Continue Reading. Tracker Jon boats are very popular. The other thing you need to consider is the method used in the construction of the boat. Freshwater Fishing. A noisy engine will scare away fish and airborne prey alike and big engines can be heard from a biats long distance away. The downside to this shallow draft is that it is not forgiving in rough water. Sign Up.

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