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Is a river Jon boat different from a mod-v or flat bottom Jon boat? What is it used for and why would you want one? #riverjonboat #jonboat #riverboat #shallowwaterboat #shallowdraftboat #flatbottomboat. Flat Bottom Boats. Jon Boat.� Are Jon Boats Good for Lakes. Are Jon Boats Good for Lakes. Bowfishing Bows. Coyote Hunting Pheasant Hunting Archery Hunting. Are Jon Boat Ratings or Jon Boat Reviews worth reading? We don't allow customers to review or rate jon boats on our web site because it is usually full of "purchased reviews", so probably not. We get offered by many different companies to "purchase" positive reviews for both our company and or products.� The good news is we at myboat125 boatplans want you to make an informed decision so you will fully enjoy the john boat you are planning to purchase, please read the rest of the buyers guide below. What is an editors review?� Polyethylene boats don't dent like aluminum boats and are great for rocky rivers, just check out whats hidden in between the hulls and how they are attached and you will know what your boat can take and how to maintain it. Jon boats are popular utility vessels that are usually found on calm inland waters such as creeks, rivers and ponds. Their flat bottom and shallow draft make them ideal for calm water use but less suitable for rougher waters. So, many people wonder if Jon boats are any good for lake use. A Jon boat is a perfect vessel for use on lakes. Its flat bottom, shallow draft hull means it can easily be used to navigate waters that are only a few inches deep but this does not mean it cannot handle deep water. Being able to handle chop and waves up to 5 feet in height a Jon boat will be perfectly at home.

Discover the best time of day to catch bass, trout, catfish, panfish, walleye, carp, and many more depending on the season, moon phases, and weather. Jon boats are very popular among freshwater boaters across the world.

I got to wondering if jon boats are good for fishing and how you can better fish with one. Are jon boats good for fishing? Jon boats are great for freshwater fishing in calm water and where access is limited.

Jon boats are very practical, are inexpensive, and are very durable which make them a perfect fit for many fishing situations in freshwater. The jon boat is the cheapest and most practical option for many fishing enthusiasts. But what makes it unique has everything to do with its design. Jon boats have a flat-bottomed hull which works really well on a lot of waterways with calm water and enable it to access very shallow water and get into hidden back coves v-hull boats cannot.

I know this is a bit random, but if you ever wanted to go on a guided or chartered fishing trip in freshwater or saltwater, you should check out Fishing Booker. They are the leading database of certified and professional fishing guides at the guaranteed lowest prices.

Click here to visit Fishing Booker and book your trip of a lifetime at very affordable prices. Because jon boats have a flat-bottom, they tend to sit on water rather than cruising through it. This allows jon boats to ride easily on shallow waters. They also work well in swamps, mudflats, and rocky water � water that over boats dare not approach.

Jon boats have a very small draft the distance between the deepest part of the hull and the waterline ; as small as 4 inches.

With this kind of draft, jon boats can travel into small rivers, streams, coves, bayous, and inlets, where most boats would not go. They are so versatile in that they give you access to so many different kinds of water bodies. With a jon boat, you can cruise through lots of obstacles to get to any of your fishing spots. And this is especially useful when fishing for bass or other fish which like to hide away from open water in protected, often over-grown, back coves.

The jon boat flat bottom offers you stability when you stand. You could wrestle your catch as hard as possible and your boat will not tip over, provided the weight in your boat is well distributed. That said, use sound judgment when standing in one of these boats. If you have an aluminum jon boat the most durable, sturdy, and lightweight jon boat material , in case your boat hits any hard or rocky surfaces, you can trust it to stay intact without any major damage.

Plus, aluminum does not rot or rust so you are safe from any kind of wear and tear which can cause your boat to prematurely wear-down. With heavy use, the damage is inevitable though. Thankfully, most damage jon boats withstand is repairable.

When hulls are damaged, they can be repaired through a well-done weld job. Almost any welder can do this for you. Heck, if you have the skills and tools you could do it yourself. Also, jon boats are relatively easy to transport, especially the smaller sizes. In fact, there are specially made trailers that carry jon boats and you can rig one to your car or truck. One of my favorite aspects about these boats is they are lightweight enough to be portaged over dry land and shoved through the tiniest of launch sites.

This affords you access to water that most boats will not offer. You can also rig them with rod holders and other mounts for things like gaffs, nets, lights, drink, etc. Furthermore, there is always potential to create more storage for your gear and other tools say under the benches or deck. And if you do invest in a jon boat, rest assured it is one of the best ways to start out in boating and fishing.

Jon boats are an excellent way to enjoy a fun day on the water. Other jon boat hull designs you could look out for; tunnel-hulls A tunnel-hull is a small area which curves upwards from the base of the hull.

The tunnel-hull allows the outboard motor to sit only slightly into the water, and it could be pulled even further away from the water if the need arises.

This helps prevent accidents like the motor running over a rock, which can potentially damage the propellers. Tunnel-hulls are the masters of skinny water. Jon boats do not do well in choppy water. Because of the flat-bottom, jon boats offer a shallower draft, which is perfect in calm shallow water. But in choppy water, it will be a rough ride. Unlike their V-hull counterparts which can cut through waves, flat-bottoms sit on the water so you basically have no protection against the waves.

Waves hit you directly. If you plan on covering long distances with your jon boat, it would be better to get a bigger boat. This limitation is meant to protect you from overpowering your boat. Overpowering a jon boat is very dangerous as it makes the boat unstable and it could easily tip over or even sink. Essentially, smaller boats have a much lower top speed compared to bigger boats. I wrote this how-to article which will guide you the steps you need to stabilize your job boat for added safety and function.

I recommend you check that one out. The simple answer, yes they can. Jon boats do the job. They will get you on water and will get you to your fishing honey hole as fast as you want to go. In case you have to go through mash or rocky ways to get there, that should be no problem for a jon boat. Depending on the size, a jon boat can fit more than one occupant plus gear. To learn how to select the proper sized jon boat for your needs, check out this comprehensive jon boat sizing guide.

This stability will allow for better fishing use and safety. If you want to learn how to transform your jon boat into a fully functioning bass boat, you need to view this how-to guide. First, make sure everything is in perfect shape and ready to hit the water i. Set up your fishing gear and tools and secure them appropriately in your boat. After it is safely attached, drive to your preferred water body it could be a lake, river, pond, or stream.

Upon reaching the water, unload your boat. Get it into the water, then start your motor or starting padding to your fishing honey hole. I hope that answers your question. Jon boats are awesome for fishing.

I am an avid angler and outdoorsman. I grew up fishing for anything that swims but really cut my teeth fishing for trout, chain pickerel, bass, and bullheads in my teenage years. Since then, I've lived across the country and have really taken that passion for fishing to a new level. There are 21 species of gamefish found along the Many anglers catch pickerel when they are targeting bass, but know when to fish for these toothy hard fighting fish can be a lot more rewarding.

Fishing for pickerel year-round can be great, but Skip to content. Why Jon Boats are Great for Fishing Because jon boats have a flat-bottom, they tend to sit on water rather than cruising through it. Can Jon Boats Perform for Fishermen? How to Fish from a Jon Boat? Continue Reading.

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