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May 04, �� Jon boats are great for freshwater fishing in calm water and where access is limited. Jon boats are very practical, are inexpensive, and are very durable which make them a perfect fit for many fishing situations in freshwater. The jon boat is the cheapest and . Jon boats are frequently seen at marinas as they make great boats for moving equipment, fixing docks, checking retention walls and installing emergency swim ladders before the season starts. Equipping Are Yamaha Boats Good For Wakeboarding Youtube a jon boat for fishing would include simple changes, such as . Aug 17, �� How do you know if a jon boat is safe for the size of the lake, as in being worried about getting tipped over by waves from other boats and stuff like that? Is a 14 ft ok, or does it need to be like 16 ft or larger? Quote; Link to post Share on other sites. SoFlaBassAddict Posted August 15, Make point:

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Very comfortable to ride in even at speed because its easy to get on plane. You will find some one sale online that are unbranded but kakes are few and far. Took a hp mercury just to push the damn thing. A flat bottom Jon boat is the original type. I have a bad habit of telling stories and missing the point.

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