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We have been buying and selling used books at our stores in Portland, Oregon, for over 30 years, allowing our customers to recycle their old books for new books. We are excited to extend this service to our online customers. Aug 12, �� How to Sell Rare Books. If you have a very old book, you might be hoping you can sell it and make some money. Maybe you've seen shows like Pawn Stars or American Pickers, where people cash in their antiques for piles of money. Or maybe you 90%(83). Jun 08, �� We buy rare and antiquarian books, and offer an auction consignment service designed to present your rare and antiquarian books to a global market. Consigning rare books is a great way to sell a library or special collection.
To sell your book, please CLICK HERE or send us a list of the books you want to sell to the e-mail address Good Books Visualisation Group sale@myboat013 boatplans with the following information for each book: The Author of the book, the name of the book, the Year and Place of publishing, number of pages and illustrations (optional), Brief Synopsis/Contents Desription/full synopsis (optional), Price!.� Antique books" e-store is rendering services of expertise and evaluation of antique books and other antique items via Internet, gives consultations and accepts orders on forming of collection. If you have any questions about cooperating in the sphere of antique books, please write to the email info@myboat013 boatplans Kind regards, myboat013 boatplans Sell Antique Books. At WeBuyBooks we are always badgering on at you to send us your old books, so this time we thought we�d approach it from a different angle. We don�t just want your old books we want your really old books! That�s right; we want Vintage Bookshelf Wall Mount Noise you to have a thorough look around for any antique books you might want to sell.� Now the usual rules apply here, that being that if you want to sell antique books that have been well preserved, you�ll get a better price for them than you would if they look battered and bruised, so make sure that once you�ve dusted them down, they look the part. If you�re unsure about whether your used antique books are in a suitable condition, have a read of our Item Condition Guidelines. Sell My items. We're famous. Antiquarian books preferably pre 19th century (s). We deal in 8th 9th 10th Ncert Books Pdf Word individual volumes and sets of antique books. Books on Magic. Out-of-print, antique books and manuscripts on magic, conjuring and the allied arts. First Edition Books. Modern and antiquarian first editions with a focus on works by authors of Antique Jewellery Books note.� Consigning rare books is a great way to sell a library or special collection. Many of our consignors are interested in consolidating book collections to clear shelf space, prepare for a move, or liquidate collections after retirement. No hassle, no fuss, this is truly the most streamlined way to consolidate your library or book collection. Get started today! Tips & history on book collecting. Learn about rare books. Guide to Book Condition: How Condition Affects a Book�s Value.

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