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DIY BOAT PLANS BOOKS: Aluminum Drift Boat Plans Free Product Description Rock Creek Drift Boat Plans PDF. Note: These plans consist of a booklet of 40 pages of text, drawings and photos on " x 11" pages. The printed version is black and white. The PDF file for instant download has color photographs.

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Quantity: Decrease Quantity: Increase Quantity:. Share This Article. I do a Plywood Drift Boat Plans Free Music lot of wildlife photography and the Plywood Drift Boat Plans Free Recipe boat is good for camp-cruising. I built the lightweight version but I used 6 inch wide glass tape on the chines and reinforced the transom for one of my small motors and added a special compartment aft to isolate my fuel tanks, depending on how long a trip I plan. I can haul the boat atop my little Plywood Drift Boat Plans Free Kit Toyota truck and this spring I'm Bass Boat Plans Free Live taking it to Haines Alaska and maybe into Glacier Bay and I hope to send you pictures of the boat alongside an iceberg.

I liked the plans but it took me awhile to figure out how to make a nice epoxy fillet without having to sand them, like you suggested. Once I got up to speed on that everything worked. I painted the hull because the plywood I used didn't have that nice grain but it still looks pretty good.

Eldridge M. I have finally completed the boat and I am anxious to launch the maiden voyage! I learned some tricks along the way that would enable me to build a better looking boat if I could build another one right now. I doubt he would be pleased if I took up his garage space again so soon! I told several people that I was impressed with your design and the longer I worked on the boat the more impressed I became with the elegance of your design.

One thing that helped me make better fillets was the use of disposable pastry bags. I found them on Amazon. You just snip off the corner at the appropriate point to produce the correct diameter bead of epoxy.

It helps you get the filler deep into the joints. And it may not have been necessary, but I reinforced the main bulkhead in the bow section with three gussets.

I also bonded stainless steel T-nuts to the aft main bulkhead to make attaching and removing the bow section easier. I also added a removable set of wheels to make the process of getting to and from the water easier. Thank you for your support! Our driftboat designs are the most-advanced available, yet specially intended for first-timers. They feature frame-free hulls no ribs! Yet with our integral side trays, bow, and stern compartments with decks, strength and stiffness are superior!

Special chine and gunnel designs are rugged, strong, and durable, yet simple to build. And the resulting clean interiors of our boats mean less maintenance, fewer casting snags, and a neater, longer-lasting boat. Features and performance of our driftboats match or exceed those of production boats.

Our hulls are designed for quick response to oar inputs, have exceptional stability, are dry running , and come in a wide variety of sizes to suit most any river fishing or whitewater river-running condition. Plans show adjustable, removable seats for perfect load balance , side trays, knee locks, and the option of an outboard motor up to 10 HP.

Plans detail easy ways to join standard 8' long panels to form side and bottom panels. Or you can plank with full-length panels where these may be available. You can use either a good grade of Exterior or full Marine grade plywood panels in any case.

Fast, easy, accurate assembly methods We detail hull assembly over three temporary forms much like frames made from any type of plywood of specified thickness, plus the wood-framed plywood transom stern and stem bow member cut from a 2" x 6" - both of which stay in the boat.

A few longitudinal members straight wood "sticks" if you will are added to back the joints and stiffen the hull - these can be bought in most any lumberyard to size. Or if you have a saw, you can rip your own to size from wide boards and save more money. Assembling our wood driftboats is straight-forward and simple. Hulls are built upside-down over the backbone members which are set up on a simple jig made from a few ordinary 2" x 4" members as fully detailed on the plans.

Longitudinal members are then wrapped around these members. Fairing hand-beveling for fit is mostly unnecessary since bevels can largely be pre-sawn. Plywood panels are next laid onto this framework, marked around their perimeters, cut to shape, then glued and screwed back in place.

Anyone who can saw a board, drill a hole, and drive a screw can do it. I now am the proud owner of a terrific looking and working [12'] driftboat The boat is a dream to row and is good in white water up to Class 2 with 2-to-3 foot standing waves. I just love it and do some guiding in it. It spins on a dime" - Dave Hodgett, Ontario, Canada.

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