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War Eagle Boats are the nation's premiere water fowling boats. We are trusted and used by leaders and professionals throughout the waterfowl industry. We are proud to be the official aluminum boat of Ducks Unlimited. Our camo paint jobs are the best Aluminum Bay Boats Center Console Log in the business! Why is a Ranger� the best bet in aluminum boats? Wood-free, all-welded construction are two great places to start. Back those Center Console Aluminum Boat Used As up with our unflinching eye toward quality, and you�ve got a dependable, durable rig tailor-made for whatever moves you. Every sportsman needs a reliable jon boat, and these riveted rigs raise the bar in quality, durability and value. Models from 10 to 15 feet feature center and aft bench seats, durable baked enamel finishes, and state-of-the art, aluminum construction.

I also like the bait well built into the front of the center aluminun and rear livewell. Originally, I wanted something to get really shallow and around rocks, timber. I absolutely love the ride of the Aluminum camo center console boat guide hull. Aluminum Fishing boats are small, trailerable vessels usually used for boating pursuits such as freshwater and saltwater fishing. Aluminum fishing boats are more affordable than fiberglass boats and often weigh much less in comparison of similar sizes. This is my first Xpress Boat and I love it!

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