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Morning Star boats are light weight, easy to move, fast and efficient in the water. Each boat is CE marked and underpinned with a 5 year hull guarantee. Coupled with its intelligent robust design, our boats are more durable than their fibreglass cousins. This makes them the safer option for UK coastline, estuaries and rivers. Safety equals confidence - confidence facilitates fun. All morning star boats use the toughest and most durable marine grade aluminium for their hulls.

This means the Angler series are more resilient to damage than their fibreglass and most aluminium counterparts. This is an lomg safety feature alminum when attempting to beach or launch your boat. The computerised design coupled with robotic welding means very little wastage and due to its super durable aluminium hull, boat is designed to last for decades.

This is an important environmental feature. It is also both aluminum boats long beach ms journal and extremely fuel efficient which means you can afford to use it more and to grow greater distances. The supertough aluminium hulls are extremely light when compared to their fibreglass counterparts. This makes them easy to move whilst on the trailer, or during the launch process.

This generally means less risk of back strain which is an important safety feature. The super tough aluminium hulls are also extremely light when compared to their fibreglass counterparts. Aluminum boats long beach ms journal makes them easy to tow, even with the smallest of cars and enables access almuinum some of Britains most discreet launch sites. Our intelligently designed range of angler boats provide a higher than average level of stability compare to many aluminum boats long beach ms journal their counterparts.

This is an important safety feature. Our mission is to ensure that you have great fun whilst being safe. If you already have this certificate, we will contribute this sum towards your intermediate or advanced qualification. CT Series. Sports Cuddy. Bay Fisher. Bay Rover. Designed by Experts. Ultimate Aluminium Boats. What makes Morning Star so special? Safety Feature.

Environmental Feature. Easy to Launch. Easy to Tow. High Stability. Book a Demo. Summer is coming - Don't Miss Out. Cookie Use.


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Mrs Anderson picked her up and gave her a big hug and a kiss on the cheek then swatted her on the butt and told her to go wash up and come down stairs! Kelly scurried away to the bathroom and as she was cleaning her face she over heard her tell Carl she did not like having to spank him but when he misbehaves she would!

Carl at first was going to protest but then thought better of it. Mrs Anderson also told Carl after he apologizes to Kelly he needs to ask her if she would like to spank him! Carl did as he was told and was relieved to hear Kelly tell him he was forgiven and that although he deserved to be spanked for causing her trouble all was forgiven and she gave him a big hug!

They were asked in and went to the living room to talk about what had happened! But women looked at Carl who was ready to start crying again as he was just before she had spanked him! Carl was very embarrassed but pulled his pants down as he was told and showed her his very red and well spanked bottom and then said she felt he had gotten a good spanking already and if Cindy forgives him she would also!

Do you understand me Young man? Carl through the tears said he understood and he would never touch do it again! When they knocked on the door they were greeted by a very tall brown haired woman,. Mrs Johnson asked if she could help them and Mrs Anderson replied she would like to talk to her about some things that happened earlier in the day!

She asked them in and told them to call her Chris and Mrs Anderson replied please call me Teri! They went in to the dining room as she was in the process of cooking supper and could talk while still checking her meal that was on the stove and in the oven! Teri filled her in on all that had taken place and what she had done up till now!

Chris walked over to her phone and called to tell John and Bob to come home at once as they were over at a friends house down the street! They came bounding through the door and stopped when they seen the group sitting at the table!

Chris told them to come over and tell her about what happened today while she was at tennis! The first thing Bob said was nothing! We were outside playing with friends all day! Bob knew right away what early meant and he was not very hungry for soap at the moment! So he went straight for the new story John started it!

The girl Cindy would not go away and leave them alone so John hit her that was all! Mrs Johnson spun him around and gave him a hard swat and told him to sit down while he still could! John was not one to argue or lie to his mom as he knew when he did he would alway start blushing and looked away so it was a dead give away,So he told her they were playing down the street and Bob and Carl started teasing Cindy then Bob grabbed her doll and pulled the head off it!

He then said when Cindy kicked him he slugged her in the arm and then Carl pushed her to the ground! Before we knew it we were punching and kicking her Carl tried to stop us but then Bob broke her doll house after that we run off! Chris told John to go over and sit down at the table while she talks to Mrs Anderson about what she has done so far to correct her son! So they will not be playing the rest of the week or sitting for a good long time!

Would you like to join them? Please come in and have a seat. They sat down and Ruby called Cindy in to the living room and when she came in to the room Chris almost screamed! Chris could only say Oh May God! I am so sorry please I hope we can settle this as I promise you these two boys will know that their back sides are going to look much worse and asked Ruby to spank the boys as she brought along her paddle in hopes they could take care of the injustice today and she has not spanked either of they yet!

John started crying a little and said he was so sorry he wanted carl and Bob to stop after they pulled the dolls head off but when she kicked Carl they just would not listen to him! And you young man you seem to be quiet about the whole thing! Cindy which one of these two boys was the one who broke your doll house?

Well then Chris I think since you have not spanked them yet and you were kind enough to bring along your paddle I would be happy to do that if you truly do not mind,. I had Cindy bring it out for your enjoyment since you seem to enjoy kicking and hitting little girls and I bet you are thinking I am not to big myself!

Bob was not so fast to move so his mom helped him a little with a very load slap on the butt and told him to move! Chris replied a friend of hers Rose makes them I am sure she would be happy to make one for you! A friend does product testing for them and she is very pleased with theres! Check out their site some time she has a couple short Clips that are well worth the checking out! Her name is Dana Kane! OK now where were we? Oh yes!

Whith that the next three minutes seemed to lasy forever! Why will we be getting another spanking when we get home? They can always use a reminder at bed time to behave! Chris stood up and walked him over to the chair and say down asking Ruby to please hand me my paddle! Obviously you did not get the spanking you needed but that is going to be remieded right now!

In a flash Bobs pants were pulled down around his ankles again and if his pleas of forgiveness were heard they were drowned out by his crying and howling! When she was done she yanked his pants up and marched him towards the door stopping only to tell Ruby she would call her latter and maybe arange to have coffee some time later in the week.

She then proceeded to march him home with John almost running behind them to keep up! The talk of that day is still set in the minds of many who still live in the nieghberhood! There will be more to this story as Kelly grows up and goes to collage! Ever since I was a little girl I have made the same wish on my Birthday.

I would get so excited to have my birthday cake placed before me and I would watch the flicker of the lit candles dancing just waiting for me to make my wish. It was always the same every year. I would close my eyes as tight as I could get them and bow my head.

I would wait until everyone was quiet and then make my wish. I never told anyone my wish , if I did for sure my one wish would never come true. This is my 23rd Birthday coming up and so far my wish has not come true but I have a feeling that this is the year I will find my true love. Yes, that is my wish.

Josh Winters is my brothers best friend and always gives me such a hard time. He and my brother are both 30 and think they are Gods gift to women. I have to sit back and laugh when Bo, my big brother stops by the house on his way to the Happy Tavern for a night of beer and women. He smells and looks like a player. The only problem is that I have had a secret crush on Josh as far back as I can remember.

I would never let on that I often fantasize about us together. His passionate kisses and sweet caresses that come to me in my dreams. When he sees me he usually sneaks up behind me.

He usually ruffles my long auburn hair into a holy mess and then puts me over his knee and swats my bottom a couple of times. Josh and Bo are very good looking. They both are 6 ft 3 inches and weigh about , which is all muscle. Bo has auburn hair, hazel eyes and that squared chin that all the girls love to kiss.

Josh has brown hair and green eyes and the cutest dimple when he smiles. I melt when just thinking about it. People sometimes think their brothers. Well they sure act alike it.

They are always together whether at work or out on the town. They ride together in the same aid car. The infamous That is the most requested aid car in the county. We live in a small town with 10, residents. I swear that most are sexy single females, who all think those two are Greek Gods.

I have to say they both are pretty darn good looking boy candy. I live with my mom and dad so I can save some money to get my own apartment someday. I work at the Daisy Bakery. I start work at 5 am and work until 1 pm, that way I have plenty of time for my schooling. All throughout my schooling I received 4.

I studied hard and not only had my normal classes but I went to night school at the same time to receive my EMT certification. My parents never had to worry about my academics, but my attitude and smart mouth always got me in trouble. My whole life I would get in trouble for my fowl language and not following the rules my parents set for me.

Bo was a good kid never giving my parents any kind of grief. He never got spanked or put on restriction. I on the other had was always grounded and over one of my parents laps having the paddle or hairbrush stinging my bared bottom. I was turning 23 and thought it would be nice to combine both parties. I was a little worried about the Birthday part. I usually laid low on my Birthday.

Both Bo and Josh think that they are in charge of the Birthday girls spankings. They both have huge hands and none too gentle. I was really starting to worry how I was going to handle keeping my distance from them. Mom and Dad promised to talk to Bo, but I figure he would tell them what they wanted to hear and then he would do what he and Josh planed. Graduation was fun. All my family and relatives were there and planed on coming back to the house to help me celebrate.

Everyone asked what I would like for gifts and I told them all money would be fine. Without my job I still had a few bills like a car payment and insurance to cover so the extra cash would come in handy. My mom made up this cute basket for all the cash envelopes. It was filling up fast and I was so excited that I had let my guard down.

I was having so much fun that I had forgotten all about Bo and Josh. I had a little too much champagne and started to get a little giddy. I had to go to the bathroom so I decided to take a walk down to the boathouse we have on the edge of the property. The boathouse was my hideout when I was growing up. I went there when I was sad or had gotten in trouble with my parents. If I was in trouble, my mom or dad would give me a spanking and I would escape to hide and have a good pity cry.

That was when I was a little girl. Now I come here to study sometimes and daydream about Josh. He was my little secret. I finished using the bathroom and opened the bathroom door, stepping out into the main room I walked right into a brick wall. Well, he felt like a brick wall. It was Josh and right behind him was Bo. I was trapped. My heart started to pound in my chest, so hard that I thought it was going to jump right out.

I knew what was going to follow. I started to kick my legs and hit his back with my balled up fists as hard as I could. I started to yell at him and what came out of my mouth was the filthiest language I had ever used. Put me down right now you jerk.

Josh gave me a few spanks to my tight jeans. I looked up and Bo was standing in front of me holding a ping pong paddle that he found sitting on a table. I let out a howl and told them that they better not use that on me or I was going straight to mom and dad and tell.

What are they going to do to me, spank me? Josh walked over to the straight back chair that was in the middle of the room and sat down. He pulled me over his knee and started spanking and counting.

I started to plead for Josh to stop and to let me up. Ouch please stop. I was trying not to, but he was really spanking me hard and I knew that Bo would take over when Josh was done. Please stop.

He lifted me up and Bo sat down. Bo just kept on counting, eight , nine, ten. By the time he was done I was a blubbering fool. I was hiccuping and unable to speak an intelligent language.

Bo let me up and then I saw Josh sit back down. This time he was attacking my button to my jeans and unzipping my zipper.

I was in a panic. Then my heart sank to my feet. Josh tugged my jean down to my knees. I waited for the paddle to start falling again. I thought I would let you keep a little of your dignity, but I guess that wont be happening. Not a smart idea to wear a thong, huh potty mouth. I just about jumped off his knee. It hurts so bad. I hate you both. I was starting to lose my breath.

Josh suddenly stopped and lifted me onto his knee. I really could not catch my breath. Josh blew a couple of times and I could see he had a worried look in his eyes. I think he figured out that he just might have gone a little too far with this birthday spanking. I know that I do have a potty mouth but damn it, they were hurting me.

What I should have done if I had thought about it was to faint and make them really panic, but then they would have probably called and the whole crew that I was going to be working with would show up.

That would have been too embarrassing. I started to breath, but my crying was out of control. I tried to stand up by myself but I lost my balance and fell into Josh. He helped me steady myself and I pulled my jeans up and button and zipped my zipper. I just was hysterical.

If I could have Aluminum Boats Georgia Database I would have slapped them both but I figured the best thing was to get out of there so I turned and ran for the house. I was so embarrassed and hurt. How could Bo and Josh do that to me on my graduation day and birthday.

All my friends and family were over to help me celebrate a very important day in my young life and they both ruined it for me. I had to pass everyone in order to get into the house and up to my bedroom.

I was crying and holding my bottom. They all must have known what had happened. I know that both Bo and Josh followed me to the house and had to have gotten a lot of stern looks from the party goers. My mom followed me upstairs to my room. I had locked the door and was crying face down on my bed. Please just let me be. My mom turned and bumped into Bo and Josh on the stairs. She is hysterically crying and she wont let me in.

You know she is too old for that childish prank you pull on her every year. How could you do it on her special day. I should take you both over my knee and paddle you both. Now get out of here and go explain to your father what you did. Bo and Josh went back down stairs to fill my dad in on what had just happened.

I could hear my dad yelling at both Bo and Josh. Now get out of my site. Bo and Josh looked at each other and new that they had made a big mistake. Josh really did feel awful about embarrassing me in front of all my relatives and friends. This really is going to make it hard for me to tell Jennie about how I really have felt about her all these years.

Bo gave Josh a pat on the back. You know she did deserve that extra spanking you gave her because of her cussing. She is all together too much of a brat and her mouth has always gotten her into trouble. My mom and dad went to church before I ventured out of my room.

My stomach was beginning to growl, so I decided since I was alone in the house I would go down to the kitchen and fix a little breakfast for myself. Bo and Josh came through the patio door into the kitchen. I turn to open the cupboard and was startled to look them both in the face.

Just let me go. I burst into tears. Please come into the living room so we can sit and talk about it. You did this to me, you hurt me. I hope both you and Bo are happy with yourselves. With that I started to leave for my bedroom.

Josh stopped me and took me into his arms. He put his hands to my face and lowered his lips to mine. He kissed me and whispered in my ear that he was so sorry that he spanked me so hard. No woman of mine is going to curse and swear. I pushed Josh out of the way and ran up to my room. How dare Bo intrude on my privacy. Oh god how long has Josh known about my true feelings? As I throw myself on my bed I hear footsteps coming down the hall.

As I sat I let out a whimper. My bottom was truly still hurting. Like I told you I wont have my girlfriend talking like that.

A birthday spanking is one thing, but being spanked whenever he feels I deserve one is another thing. Who made Josh the boss of me. He needs to know that I wont stand for it. Who made you God and another thing, why all of a sudden you tell me you have feelings for me?

Josh took my face into his hands and gently kissed my lips. He was looking into my eyes with a stern look. You are spoiled and get whatever you want. Why do you think no man has latched on to you until now. They are all scared away by the way you act. Not me. I had already regretted saying it before it even left my lips. Josh put his hand on the waste band of my pajamas and pulled them down to my knees.

I had looked at my bottom in the mirror this morning and I new that Josh could see how hard he and Bo had spanked me yesterday and that he would know how much I was still hurting. Just as I started to plead for my life my mom and dad walked into my bedroom. I was mortified and totaling begging them to help me. My dad wont stand for you beating his only daughter. I figured you had given up on making her act like a young lady and that since I was falling in love with her it was going to be my responsibility to take over that job.

Mom please help me. Maybe you can spank some sense into her. How could my mom be so cold. I turned around and yelled to my mom. Tears welled up in my mother eyes as she ran from the room.

I looked over at my dad and I thought I could see steam bursting from his ears. I started to cry not because I knew that Josh was about to give me the worst spanking of my life but, that I had told my mom I hated her. I wanted to take the hairbrush and spank myself with it.

How could I have been so hurtful to my mom. She has been nothing but amazing. I knew that the wait was over and with the first landing of the hairbrush I was sure to end up with a totally spanked bottom. Josh started to spank with all his might.

Smack, Smack, Smack. He spanked in the same spot on my right cheek for at least a minute. He stopped and let me feel the full effect of the spanking. He moved to the left cheek and started to continue with the spanking. After another minute he stopped so I would feel the same pain my right cheek had received. I knew that I deserved every smack I was receiving for being so hurtful to my mom.

I love her Josh. Ouch, please stop so we can talk, oh please stop. He than started to move down to my upper thighs. By the time Josh had stopped I was inconsolable. I was crying so hard I started to feel sick. I thought I was going to throw up. I started heaving and Josh lifted me onto his lap. He rubbed my back and tried to shush me into calming me down but nothing was calming me. Josh put his lips to my ear. I want you to get dressed and then we are going to find your parents and have a little family meeting.

Josh reached for my hand and twirled me back into his arms. He lowered his face to my lips and gave me a kiss. After my shower I walked past my full length mirror and stopped to look at my poor bottom. I hesitated for a moment afraid to see why it hurt so badly. I was in shock as I saw the welts that ran from my upper thighs to the top of my bottom. It was red with some purple shading. I got dressed in my yellow sundress.

I walked into the living room to find my parents, Josh and even Bo was sitting there waiting for me. I had forgotten that Bo had come in with Josh. I sure hope he had the decency to leave the room when my parents did. I looked to my mom who was sitting on the couch with my dad. I ran to her and knelt down in front of her and laid my head in her lap. I started to sob. She put her hand on my head and started to stroke my hair.

I love you with all my heart. I am just a hateful child. Can you please forgive me? I felt horrible that I made my mom cry. Would she ever forgive me? So I suggest you change your ways young lady from this moment on. Your father and I think Josh will be a good match for you.

He never showed how he truly felt towards me. Had they all been in cahoots against me? I could see that my parents thought Josh was the perfect man for me and that they trusted him to tame me.

I looked over at Josh and I could tell that he was willing to take on the job. I was coming to the conclusion that Josh had feelings for me. Feelings that had been growing for a long time. Josh took my hand and motioned for me to sit on his lap. He looked into my eyes and told me that he had something he wanted to ask me. I sat down but immediately jumped up.

Josh put his hand around my waist and pulled me down on his lap and told me to stay put. I started to squirm and shift my bottom from side to side to see if I could stop the pain.

I could tell that Josh was losing patience with me and that I better try my hardest to sit still. I knew that my bottom would not survive another one.

You never came out and said that you were interested in a relationship but I could tell by how you acted around me that you had a crush on me.

Deep down inside your bratty attitude and potty mouth was a cry for me to take you in hand and show you who was boss. I am that man. I had wanted to hear those words from his lips for so many years.

Now that he had said them, I was afraid to answer. The thing about me wanting to be spanked had not been something I wanted. Not one bit. That has always been my dream. Josh pulled me towards him. I promise you that there will be rules to follow, whether you like or not. The only thing you need to worry about is that if rules are broken your bottom will pay for it.

I turned to my parents. I could tell by the expressions on their faces that they were in agreement with Josh. I looked at Bo and god only knows why I even took his expression in to consideration, but I could tell he liked the idea. I know that the most important people in my life only wanted the best for me and that I know that I sometimes act like an spoiled child.

I guess I could try it for a while. Josh smiled and gave me a kiss. With that said I felt a chill run through my body. I stood up and made a run for my bedroom. I got to the stairway and scurried up to my bedroom and locked the door.

I just had to get away. I felt like I was losing control. I sat on my bed wondering who would be coming after me. No one came. I was sure Josh would come storming up the stairs, then bust down my bedroom door. I must have broken at least 5 of his so called stupid rules by now. I figured Josh went home and my parents probably went out for lunch like they always do on Sunday afternoon.

I laid down on my bed and thought I would close my eyes and just rest for a while. I was exhausted from the spanking and all the talking. I just wanted to put all that out of my mind for a little while. I looked at the clock and it was 7 am. I started to get up and I had forgotten about my bottom. I gave out a yelp when I rolled over from my stomach onto my bottom. I jumped up to relieve the painful feeling and to step over to my full length mirror.

I needed to see how my bottom looked almost 24 hours after Josh had given me the worst spanking of my entire life. Not only did I still have the red and purplish marking on my bottom, but now some of the markings had turned that ugly yellowy-greenish shade.

The more I thought about it, I was getting madder at Josh and my parents for letting him spank me so hard. I was a grown woman and I just decide that no one was ever going to spank my bottom ever again.

Darn you, Josh Winters, you are never going to spank my bottom again. Even though I was only thinking those words I looked around making sure no one would have been able to hear me. I must really be paranoid.

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