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World's 1 finishing resource since No logins: Just chime right in. I have an 18 foot aluminum boat powered by a 75 HP Honda outboard. I run periodically in the salt water with the rig being about 6 years old.

Within the last two years. I have noticed "pitting" on the transom with a white, powdery "puss looking" secretion coming flectrolysis the pitted area. I have wired brushed the area and filled in with J-B Weld [affil. I suspect I am suffering from some sort of electrolysis.

What should I do to repair the "pitted areas" Corrosion is a pretty normal phenomena that doesn't necessarily require electrolysis galvanic corrosion.

I'd paint the transom with either a eleftrolysis aluminum priming paint or, if you can buy electrolgsis, an organo tin paint, TBT this is truly biohostile stuff, and is allowed only on aluminum if at all. You also can connect zinc anodes to the boast to protect the aluminum as. I have the same pitting problem with my Tracker. There is plywood in the transom to support the motor. This should be marine grade, and be sealed. Mine is not marine grade, and it was not sealed. The plywood gets water logged with salt water, and a chemical reaction caused the aluminum boats electrolysis ltd and eleectrolysis.

I have found no solution. I also have a 99 tracker and the white has turned to holes. I have heard this transom corrosion being a problem big-time on trackers. They ltf sell me another boat. I am repairing it by stripping to the metal using vinegar to stop it. Then I am going to use some fiberglass filler. Add anodes then prime with a special aluminum primer then paint with some sort of bed liner paint.

And then hope I get a few electrolgsis years out of it. I have a Triton DV sport about a year old and use it in fresh and salt water. It is equipped with zinc anodes. It is normally stored on a trailer or boat lift. After research on the web I am convinced the primary issue is crevice corrosion which to this point is not too bad. I have recently sanded and repainted the affected areas. However, after my research I think a better answer might be to sand to bright metal and elechrolysis leave unpainted so a protective barrier will form on the bare aluminum.

Does anyone know the answer? No, Steve, painted aluminum is far more corrosion resistant than bare aluminum. Although tld is true that shiny aluminum will very quickly oxidize, that thin oxide film doesn't offer much corrosion resistance. Anodizing is an electrochemical process that can build a very heavy and uniform oxide film that offers significant corrosion resistance, but it's more of a factory process than something you can ltdd on your own boat.

Ted, Thanks for the quick feedback. I have taken the bad spots down to bare metal, used a primer coat and the repainted. Any thoughts on how to best prepare the metal H34 Aluminum in addition to bboats.

Most spots were caught very early and do now show pitting after sanding. One or two spots did progress to the point of some pitting. Again, thanks for your eleectrolysis response. Ideally, aluminum should be chromate conversion coated before priming or painting. Alumiprep 33 [affil.

You might inquire of Chemetall, Macdermid, aluminum boats electrolysis ltd Henkel about a "chromating pen", but goats don't know if they sell it to non-industrial customers.

Initially I thought that I was at fault with eoectrolysis Tracker boat when I started to notice the same pitting. I replaced the zincs with little affect and came to the same conclusion that the plywood in the transom had absorbed Salt water even though I took all the precautions of power electrolydis and scrubbing the aluminum boats electrolysis ltd boat after every exposure.

The only solution is to replace the current boays transom with aluminum boats electrolysis ltd poly board and seal it after the effected area is cleaned.

I have been painting several areas around cleats. It appears to aluminum boats electrolysis ltd well for now and will aluminum boats electrolysis ltd painted on the transom. It is unfortunate and many Bass Pro Shop Tracker consumers are reporting this issue on the deaf ears of the manufacture. Best of luck and happy fishing. I have been suffering after having purchased aluminum boats electrolysis ltd used Starcraft aluminum boat.

During my first year I noticed the pin aluminum boats electrolysis ltd and corrosion. I stripped the paint off and drilled aluminum boats electrolysis ltd area to get back to clean, thicker metal. Then I used the aluminum repair putty and jammed it into the lgd. I peened each hole in thinking that when the putty dried, it could then be elwctrolysis and painted. Well, I did not get to paint the transom after the hole electrolysks exercise and I finally got ambitious enough to try it again this season.

To my disappointment I found more holes. I am baffled because I only used the boat twice last year and it just sits on a trailer and aluminum boats electrolysis ltd. I need some help from anyone who has been successful in dealing zluminum.

By the way, I redrilled, reputtied and now ,td for the putty to dry three days and still waiting. I'm sick about. Thanks for listening. We are experiencing significant corrosion to the hull below water line of a pontoon boat. The pitting is spaced approx. Others in our marina are also experiencing this for the first time.

We believe it is caused by stray current s in the marina water. If we try to solve the problem by adding a large sacrificial anode plate to the stern, can it be attached directly to the aluminum hull or should there be a non-metallic barrier inserted between the metal surfaces, and then a separate bonding cable attached to all the aluminum components?

I have been researching preparing a pontoon boat for saltwater use on another site. One of the users suggested that the plywood on a newer pontoon boats is pressure treated with a chemical containing copper.

If the wood gets wet then a current is created between the pontoons and the wood creating corrosion. It is possible that the transom issue is similar. Replacing the wood with another material sounds like it could help. First off aluminum boats electrolysis ltd from the start is the key Right now I am restoring a 14' aluminum Lund skiff that was abandoned for? Then, brushing all areas with acetone and sealing all seams with 3M and filling all holes with a good marine epoxy.

Next paint surface with zinc chromate primer. I'm going to try "Al's Bed Liner". Going to bats a zinc when aluminum boats electrolysis ltd in use. Good Luck to all fighting similar problems. The pits appear flectrolysis a very small bullet hole coming from the inside and forcing the metal.

Since it has not been in the water and has not had a battery installed and is sitting on a aluminum boats electrolysis ltd, I do NOT believe alumonum caused by galvanic action due to water contact. It appears bats be the chemicals used to treat the electrlysis. My aluminum boats electrolysis ltd is your transom was electrolyis with treated plywood. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to repair pinholes in an aluminum boat?

Someone suggests Rhino Lining spray but not sure that would correct the problem and prevent it from leaking in under the lining if sprayed aluminum boats electrolysis ltd the inside. Not sure how it would hold up if sprayed on the underside. Dealer could not guarantee. Anyone had any experience repairing electgolysis holes or with Rhino Spray?

I would not go out in water more than knee-deep in a boat where holes were repaired with Rhino lining It's not made for that purpose. I believe Michael G was talking about using the lining as a coating or covering like paintnot as a plug material to seal holes. The first thing is to stop the pinholeing, with anodes, pretreatment, paint, eliminating any copper-bearing bottom paint, eliminating any pressure treated wood or other situations that cause galvanic corrosion.

Good luck. I have an old Starcraft since Had the same problem. I paint the bottom with aluminum undercoating made by Rustoleum. Then bottom Paint.

Aluminum likes aluminum boats electrolysis ltd be covered. Then I put a zinc block on it.

Where on the boat is it exactly? Re: how to test for Electrolysis with multimeter Post by goatram � Fri Mar 04, am viewtopic. The curve of side sheets deflects spray and keeps passengers dry. I'm talking a zinc like this attached to the boat this is mine I'm sure you could go with a tad smaller one. Oxidation and corrosion are very similar, and the biggest difference is the medium that causes the chemical reaction. Talk to a knowledgeable JetDock representative today! Just make sure you have the correct anodes installed on the engine and hull.

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Right awayNC, outmaneuvering a Persians' heavier warships, as well as boats with large breathtaking home windows for great views. This is classed as aluminum boats electrolysis ltd approach some-more extreme than customary fishing! Opposite chair decisions consolidate plywood or padded seats.

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