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We design and produce high quality aluminum boats. Our boats have been tested and used along the Airbnb for boats canada job coastline and Ladoga lake, where they have proved their seaworthiness and durability.

Aluminum is a strong, light and almost carefree material ideal for boatbuilding. We use only top quality materials marine grade aluminum and parts, and all our boats are built by our own skilled craftsmen. Our customers are fishermen and sailors in Northern Europe, Scandinavia, Greenland boast the rest of EU who demands seaworthy and elegant boat. The design and naval architecture provided by best Western engineers. We are airbnb for boats canada job to discuss custom design and provide you a quotation in short notice.

The construction and welds quality aluminjm on years of experience of our employs and can be comparable with top German and Dutch quality. Our airbnb for boats canada job located only 15 minutes drive from airport Pulkovo in Saint Petersburg, our customers are very welcome at any time to see our facilities.

Alu Vintage 34 Length: Beam: 2. Draft: 0. Year: YM Length: 9. Beam: 1. Made in Russia. Aluminium boats 19 Explorer yachts 1 Commercial fishing 2 Work boats 1.

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Alumacraft Voyageur Sport Anaheim, California. Perfect for family getaways or going solo, the Classic consistently sets a high bar. On top of easy towing and fantastic performance, the foot outfit is equipped with tons of storage and amenities. Take command of the water in the SC Tunnel. Tournament Pro The Tournament Pro is a professional level 18' vessel that offers big performance in a slightly smaller build. Take total control of an impressively powerful machine. Alumacraft's superlight, easy to haul and comfortable design makes your boating experience completely hassle-free.


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