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aluminum boats and lightning - The Hull Truth - Boating and Fishing Forum Air is a great insulator and thus both glass and alloy provide the same shortcut that the lightning is seeking to ground. Once lightning has found your boat the metal boat provides a very good Aluminum Boats Deep And Wide Lyrics conductor for the lightning's current to go to ground whereas the NON ALLOY boat does not. Feb 10, �� One in 1, Boats Are Hit by Lightning Per Year Boat U.S. gathered insurance claim data from a year period and found that the odds of being struck are about one in 1, in any given year. Location, however, matters a great deal. Florida accounted for 33 percent of all claims, and the Chesapeake Bay area accounted for 29 percent. Boating. Jun 26, �� It is not so much as the boat material which is the risk of being hit but rather what is in the boat that attracts the lightning. Long graphite fishing poles set on a down rigger that is down 50 feet under water attracts lightning a heck of a lot faster than someone in an aluminum boat motoring toward shore. The attached link is about sailboats and lightning but there is a lot of useful info including what .

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Well, it is a fact that you can neither predict when and where lightning is going to strike nor can you prevent it from happening. Moreover, there is no protection from lightning when aboard a boat.

However, the only area one can control is to avoid the effect of the damage i. One possible way is to divert the strike of the lightning by having some likely targets onboard such as T-tops, small towers, antennas, or other such elevated electrically conducting surfaces. These act as the highest points on your boat and hence are more likely to get hit by lightning.

Make sure there is a low-resistance path between the highest point of the strike and the metal grounding plate that is in contact with the water. The lightning, when it strikes, should flow through this path so as to finally get grounded. In this way, one can divert the current from flowing into the electric lines of the boat and hence help ensure the safety of passengers and other equipment on board.

These are some tips that one can consider when stuck in a lightning storm. The best tip, however, remains the same � Try avoiding a cruise or ride when there are hints of a lightning storm anywhere around you! Lightning strikes can blow through the metallic hulls right out of the boat and those would be pretty devastating.

More commonly though, the lightning passes through the fittings of the metals and totally damages the surrounding fiberglass if any. If such a case is severe enough, the boat is likely to even sink into the water entirely! Sometimes, the lightning even finds itself electrocuting the jack stands and chains to such an extent that it leaves proper visible traces of its hit across the hull.

However, more often than not, it has been noticed that major claims of damage due to lightning strikes have been to the electronic systems of the boats. Often the entire electrical system as well as all the expensive devices connected to it will be destroyed. All in all, the damage to a boat be it a fiberglass boat, a metallic boat, etc.

So, it is better to avoid having to cruise while there are even hints and predictions of lightning storms anywhere in the area. That pretty much sums up the addressing of answers to some common questions and queries that people, in general, tend to ask or look for regarding the effects of lightning on boats.

Hopefully this article has been helpful to you in staying safe while you are on the water with your boat. I love the outdoors and especially spending time with my family. Whether on a boat or at the beach, my happy place is near the water. If you are just getting into boating or you are simply curious about the correct way to phrase things about boats then this article is for you.

A boat cover does not count. Might feel good to be under it, but lightening pretty much doesn't acknowledge its existence. I lost a friend at 15 years of age to a lighting strike when he was seated next the the outboard engine on a fiberglass boat. Everyone confirmed that the engine took the hit -- Hardly the highest point. Home Cookin' Fleet Admiral.

Joined May 26, Messages 9, Lightning electricity also moves through damp stuff so your wet bimini may bring in more lightning than an antenna. I heard that most lightning strikes hit 7 miles from the storm--in other words, bolts are hitting all around it, not directly under the dark cloud. That's why you move out at first sign. Here is a good article on the effects of lightning. Actually and aluminum boat is good because it dissipates the energy into the water.

You don't want to be sitting there holding onto metal though. I would think if you had a bimini top, if it was up it probably might create what the call a Faraday cage effect where the frame might offer a quicker path through the boat to the water. If I hear lightning forecast I pick another day or head in the opposite direction for another lake yet boaters in places like Fl which is the lightning capital are out there all the time.

If they did not go out with a forecast of lightning they would never be able to go boating. Still, I've been on boats in Fl trying to out run the storms which you can see coming miles off on the open ocean, but once you finally get to the shore and head down the canals the Manatee warning signs say 5 mph.

Fl is not my idea of good times for boating unless the boat is big enough to have a mast that transmits the lightning strike down a wire into a big plate mounted to the boat under the water line that channels the hit into the water. Still can do a lot of damage to your electronics. CATransplant Admiral. Joined Feb 26, Messages 6, If you can see the lightning or hear the thunder and the storm is heading your way, it's time to head for the dock.

Fishing and boating are wonderful, but hardly worth dying for. If there's a storm coming, get off the water. It's that simple. Think about how long it will take you to get to the dock or ramp.

Leave before it's too late. CATransplant said:. However, often not practical. Especially on the stretch of River I run. For Murphy's sake, I run upstream from my launch point. With the topography here you often do not get much warning, and to "run for the dock" most times you would be running into the storm. Same difference. Likewise, being a pre-retirement person, if I wait for the "perfect day" I would be lucky to get out 5 days a season.

That just leaves dealing with the risk as best you can. Bondo Moderator Staff member. Joined Apr 17, Messages 67, Out running is Many times not practical I've ridden out quite a few thunder-busters, Never been struck,.. But I still feel Safe Probably more concerned the bilge pumps keep up Silvertip Supreme Mariner. Joined Sep 22, Messages 28, If you happen to be fishing and a lightning storm pops up, just hold your carbon fiber rod up high.

I've been told it is a great repeller of lightning. Being cynical of course! Actually, it makes a great lightning rod so whether you are fishing or not, get the heck off the lake and if you can't, at least stow rods horizontal and make for shore or as close to it as you can get in the amount of time available.

Carbon fiber rod? I reckon we travel in different circles! An Ugly Stick is about as fancy as I get. I think I would just as soon avoid that.

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