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The stability of the boat overall is unmatched from a 16� aluminum boat. The rod box isn�t enclosed, so I can fit my 9� fly rods and 10� crappie poles in there and lock it up. Finally, the massive back deck allows for people to fish from the back of the boat comfortably. this 14 Ft. Aluminum boat & Aluminum trailer, the trailer will take up to a 16ft. boat, look c lose to the pictures to see the condition of this boat & trailer. the boat has Aluminum Boats 30 Foot Model 4 seats, has a drain plug, oar locks, it is a very stable boat, the tag says up to a 15 hr. motor, but I have had a 30 hr on it & it took it up the lake very well Best Aluminum Fishing Boats 2020 Mac & very fast, but it handle very well. this boat might Location: Broussard, LA. Welcome To DuraCraft Boats. At DuraCraft Boats, Inc., we build premium, all-welded and riveted aluminum hunting and fishing boats. DuraCraft is built by Team Ward Manufacturing, the home of War Eagle Boats, in Monticello, myboat263 boatplans hunting and fishing boats are meticulously hand-built featuring the patented T-Lock Cap Rail System, making your boat accessories easily interchangeable. 15 foot aluminum boat come in a wide selection comprising numerous models that consider unique preferences among people and organizations. They include. 15 foot aluminum boat intended for both commercial and recreational fishing and are supplied in all sorts of designs, sizes, and performance power. All shoppers are guaranteed to find the perfect choice of. 15 foot aluminum boat that enhance their overall fishing experiences. The marvelous quality of. 15 foot aluminum boat on myboat263 boatplans is unparalleled. They are made from innovative materials and designs that promote durability, safety, and e. Today i walk with Tyler from Boat Country the 15 Foot Aluminum Stabicraft. The Seattle Boat Show has the largest selection of Aluminum boats in the. I have a 15 foot Gregor(aluminum0. It's Welded Aluminum Hull Boats Inc rated for a 35 HP. I have a 28hp Johnson on it. It does very well. But you have to consider many things. Will you be towing the boat on a trailer? If so stay with a 15HP or smaller. Will you be trolling with it? Sometimes the smaller motors do better than the bigger motors. My first boat was a 12 foot Western Aluminum with a old 10HP Evinrude on myboat263 boatplans was almost to fast with one person in the boat.� A motor as small as 5 hp will push a 15' aluminum boat even Aluminum Boats Toronto Inc while carrying 3 adults at decent speed. I have a 5 hp on my 10' Jon boat that works very well. I have a 15 hp on a14' Jon boat that works much better. Anything below 5 hp would likely be too small on a 15' flat bottom or V hull. It doesn't take much to get these lightweight boats up on plane. 1.


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