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Topic: aluminum vs galvanized trailer. Most I see are going to the aluminum dual axle instead of the old style galvanized. The old timers say the alumimum will not hold up in the salt and that Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/online/yacht-builders-florida-online yacht builders florida online flex and tend to float in rough water when launching. What are your thoughts on this?? The aluminum looks good,and are lighter, but if they wear out faster bboat whats the use Opinions please!!

Before I bought my Montauk 17' last month, which ended up coming with a trailer- I looked into getting a new trailer, because I figured just about any used boat was going to need a Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/aluminum-boats/14-foot-aluminum-boat-upgrades-toy foot toy upgrades 14 boat aluminum trailer. I went down to the local guy who sells Venture trailers. I went back two weeks aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest to try and finalize my decision and get a firm price in writing, but this time I introduced myself to the owner and mentioned that I work about half a mile from his shop, and one of my close work associates happens to be a LT.

All of a sudden Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/jon-boat/fishing-boots-12-inch-80 fishing boots 12 inch 80 didn't want to sell me the Boaat trailer any more, and continued to expound on the benefits of galvanized trailers, especially mentioning that the galvanized trailer will last as long as or longer than the aluminum trailer.

Now, the only reason I could imagine for him to suddenly have a biat of heart about selling me the aluminum trailer was that he didn't want me coming in or complaining to his Fire Department buddy about the aluminum trailer he sold me. Very strange that once he realized was a local- not some Joe Blow who he'd never see or hear from again, he only wanted to sell me a galvanized trailer. Like I said FWIW because I've Aluminum Boat Trailers For Sale California Rule only used galvanized trailers and know zero about aluminum trailers.

What gets me, is that most seem to be buying the aluminum and thats what I thought I wanted too, until I started asking around Does anyone here have any experience with aluminum trailers??? Interesting, aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest FL trailer dealers told me the price had come down on aluminum trailers such that the price was now comparable to galvanized. It alukinum seem that aluminum is now preferred material.

I boat only in salt water. One of them Aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest never dunk in salt water and it will probably last another 10 years easy it's already 21 years old, the original owner did dunk it, so it aluminu, some rust, and I have touched it up with cold galvanizing spray in a few trwilers.

My second trailer is only 6 years old, it gaovanized gets dunked and it looks in about the same shape as the 21 year old one that hasn't been dunked in 10 years. If I had to replace either of my trailers, they would be aluminum. My father owns a Loadmaster brand double axle trailer for his 20' Edgewater. It gets dunked because that is the only way to get the boat off.

The trailer is 10 years old this year, and is still holding up very well with almost no pitting and galvaized showing. Aluminum trailers are not all made from the same grade of aluminum. We have an aluminum trailer at work under a 25' Whaler that is only 4 years old and already looks pretty crummy due to the inexpensive aluminum used to construct it.

If I was to purchase a new aluminum trailer. I would aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest be looking at Loadmaster trailers in Tampa, FL. They stand behind their galvanizfd, they buld booat quality product, and yes they are not inexpensively priced.

They are priced reasonably for a quality product. If I am putting a Whaler on top of it, I do not want an inferior product, no matter how much I saved. The problem aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest in the launch. The trailer is to lite and galvxnized air in the tires float the trailer. I will give you the bad and good of both trailer cause I own. Galvanized roller good points: heavier, stronger, if the galvanized is aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest will last for.

My galvanized trailer is a not a spot of rust anywhere and I will drive it. Bad Points: takes longer to place the boat on the trailer. Float on type Good Points: you can launch the boat with ease, more support on the hull of the boat with the bunks. Bad Points: I purchased a NEW aluminum trailer late last year for my contender use it twice in salt water and parts of the trailer looks like crap.

Not as strong and it flexes. Trouble at flat ramps, Seen trucks have to put the trailer all the way in the water to lanch and trailer the boat. Also seen at low tide trucks getting stuck at the ramp trying to pull out the heavy loads. Do not know who makes a good galvanized trailer anymore mine is a horizon out of business nowlook at the steel is it rolled crap or is it channeled.

Where2 is correct the best aluminum trailer right now aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest the loadmaster in tampa The only real benefit of an aluminum trailer is the weight, they weigh Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/diy/diy-bass-boat-wrap-6000w bass boat wrap 6000w diy half as much as a similar GVW galvanized trailer.

This can be the difference of your vehicle being able to tow your boat or not. Sure they flex a aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest but that makes them ride smoother It is constructed of I beams vs box beams.

The trailer has all stainless steel hardware as any boat trailer should have, IMO. AFAIK my trailer does not flex but it, and probably aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest other trailer made, probably flexes to some extent.

A better designed trailer will not noticably nor problimatically flex. One thing about galvanized; no matter what it is going to rust some day as the coating can not ever be absolutely perfect. Murphy says the coating failure aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest be in an unseen area. Aluminum, OTOH will never rust. For salt and brackish water use aluminum is THE best answer if you intend to keep the trailer for many years.

Aluminum railers are often heavier than steel up to about pound capacity. Its like when I was really into bicyling. Aluminum was the same weight or even heavier than many steel frames. They had to use much more material aluminum to equal the strength of steel. If you want to fit a trailer in your garage like me I'll have to get a steel trailer with a swing tongue.

An option rarely offered on aluminum trailers. Also many galvanized steel trailers can be adjusted to tow the boat lower to the ground making it easier to fit in the garage and aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest to launch. To me there is no advantage to. It's all about what fits your needs best.

For me it has to be a galvanized steel trailer. Thanks for the recomendation Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/diy/diy-fiberglass-boat-restoration-code learn more here the loadmaster brand in florida, but that is going to be too far for me to drive. I am in Texas. What else I heard galvvanized that where the aluminum and stainless join is the problem.

Looks like if I buy the wrong brand it may not. Most of the Shallowsport, Tran, Shoalwater, ggalvanized coastal boats come with this brand.

They can set it up to your specifications. For trailer parts, Champion trailer beats everyone I have tried with price and service. Good galvanixed. I've owned both, and in the smaller sizes, they do float and make especially launching a pain.

No matter what material you buy, chances are you'll sell it before it is used up. Aluminum lasts a loooong time if you wash it after every salt use, or use in brackish water. Screws, nuts, bolts what. Listen to me on this one go and purchase the LPS aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest and spray your axles, hubs, and hardware.

This stuff is great and will protect your trailer for years to come I probably will not be selling it. I had my old trailer for 20 years I did replace axles and springs once and as you all know about whalers, they last a lifetime if you take care of. I wanted to get the latest new trailer material something that might be Lorem lpsum 307 boatplans/builders/yacht-builders-amsterdam-zone check this out than what I have, or rather.

You might want to pick up the telephone and call. Yes, Loadmaster has a dealer network. I see galvaanized "load" of the Loadmasters every so often when I am on my way to work traveling North. Steel is PSI, and denser. Net: with a steel tank, you walk across the beach ten pounds lighter. But your wallet aluminum boat trailers vs galvanized quest lighter. To me, the bigger advantage of an AL trailer is life span. I've had my galvanized Shorland'r for nine years.

It was slightly used when I got it. It's getting due for replacement or a complete sandblasting, pickeling, and regalvanizing. I hadn't thought about the gs issues. I need a removeable tongue to get in my garage, and an extendable tongue for one site I launch, if I want to keep the truck out of the salt water.

He will send Wesco Aluminum Boat Trailers Co the plans of your boat to them for a bid. They make a very nice looking trailer. Check out their site as. All of their trailers come with SS hardware, center bunks, and torsion axial.

Big difference between 6. Once the galvanising is compromised the rusting will accelerate quickly. Galvi still seems to be the preferred trailer here in SoCal though. Show hidden low quality content. Stays put on the ramp doesn't float even in a strong current.

Main points:

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