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See more ideas about trailer plans, boat trailer, build your own boat.� TRAILER PLANS - 7m Monohull Boat Trailer Plan - myboat270 boatplans The trailer is of steel construction but specifically designed for a mono-hull sea bo Wooden Boat Building Boat Building Plans Boat Plans Trailer Plans Boat Trailer Plywood Boat Wood Boats Fishing Vessel Build Your Own Boat. Boat Trailer Plans - Trailer plans, designs and drawings.� Trailer Plans Boat Trailer Aluminum Flat Bottom Boats Build Your Own Boat Small Boats Boat Plans Boat Building. Boat Trailer Plans - Trailer plans, designs and drawings. This trailer is of steel construction and specifically designed for a mono-hull sea boat. Aluminium boats are incredibly noisy with water lapping around the hull at anchor not ideal for a good night's rest imo. Like listening to marbles rolling around in a barrel. And then the insulation/condensation factor, which is not good. Assuming of course overnight use, which is probably on the cards, as a slow displacement boat will be restricted in range as a day boat. Mr Efficiency, Apr 5, #5. Joined: Dec Posts: 4, Likes: , Points: 0, Legacy Rep: Location: spain. Boat trailer tire st/75r14 radial on aluminum rim 5 lug. Homemade jon boat trailer plans - homemade ftempo. Homemade pontoon boat trailer guides - homemade ftempo. Boat trailer guide pole sets and guide posts kits are designed to mount on your boat trailer to help launching and loading the boat, lights can be. largest selection of usa made boat trailer accessories on-line, guide-ons, aluminum dock accessories bunk guide-ons (#3) post guide-ons (for boats & pontoons).. (trailer guide-ons do more than help you get your boat.� on your trailer: they prevent a multitude of loading problems. that last part's kinda up to you.). adjustable roller guide-ons work on bunk or ro.

Building an Aluminium Trailer - Part One. This year winter seemed to come very late as I was working on the boat well into December, but it was not possible to do any epoxy work at this stage due to the cold. Unfortunately the schedule had been delayed a little bit, otherwise, another week and the boat would have been covered with its fibreglass skin.

Just because the weather is cold that is no reason for the work to stop, even though some work requires warm weather other parts, like the trailer, do not. I needed the trailer to put the boat on after turning the hull over, this could have been made when the boat was completed but in view of the fact that we were trying to sell our house and the boat may need to be moved in a few months, best to build it sooner rather than panic later that I had no means to transport the boat myself, or be held to ransom by a removal company, who would no doubt charge a hefty fee that could have been put towards the cost of materials.

Also the trailer would form a stable base to support the hull during the rest of the build, saving on the design of props and the worry of having them correctly adjusted and placed for a long time. Looking around the net is a very useful exercise that gives many pauses for thought. Two of my favourite websites apart from Duckworks, which has to be number one are the ones by Ray Macke detailing his two boats Therapy and True Grit , he gives clear, detailed information and is not afraid to do his own thing, you just have to respect his honesty and passion about what he does with his boats.

The part that I found currently applicable was his aluminium trailer , which was something I realised I needed. When deciding to build the Noyo Trawler I was very aware of the trailing limitations in Great Britain.

The width of the boat was fine at 8 foot, length and height were not an issue, but the weight was. We have a towing limit of 3. So the trailer had to be light, particularly as the boat will no doubt have lots of extra essentials added over its lifetime, like that 12volt vacuum cleaner that gets left on board. Couple this with the corrosive effects of salt water on steel, even galvanising has a limited life, the best option seemed to be an aluminium trailer.

Now as a guy who likes things to be solidly made a Land Rover fan , I recon I could put together a better rig, customised to my boat for less cost. The only way was to build my own aluminium trailer. To say that my welding skills were appalling would be boasting, so a different method of joining the frame components would have to be used. Even though I had the plans and book from Glen-L, and got a lot of information from them, they were of limited use in the specifics as most of the design was for steel trailers based on North American standards and components.

David Bordman from my local trailer component company Autow a subsidiary of Peak Trailers, was a great help in providing information on the components they sold and manufactured and giving advice on general trailer construction. Aluminium I guess the first priority must be the aluminium structure. After considering the design I reckoned no matter how I cut the pieces I would need 6 beams at 6 meters long each. When I phoned to order they were out of stock of these items which were made in Norway, but it was my lucky day as an order was in transit as we spoke and would be in next week.

I found Simmal a bit expensive for other aluminium profiles it is worth looking around and comparing prices. I plan to cut the aluminium with my woodworking saws, but have purchased a special aluminium cutting blade, designed for use on window frames. Isolation washers As I will be bolting aluminium with stainless steel there will be some galvanic action in sea water see table below , so some form of isolation is needed. The aluminium has a potential of Initially I thought shoulder washers would need to be made from some hard material like delrin, but found that nylon would be suitable and that these were easily obtainable from Nylon Alloys who were happy to send me a sample.

I chose their SW14 for M10 bolts, which were too long but easily cut down to the required size. Material - Potential volts. Bolts The only option here would be stainless steel, my regular supplier I used for bronze screws Anglia Stainless. By the time the thickness of the various washers and aluminium was taken into account I reckoned M10 x 35mm hex bolts would be the best choice. I got the spring washers wrong by not specifying a rectangular section, and felt the square section ones they sent would not spread the load sufficiently on the nylon shoulder washers, but Anglia were very happy to do an exchange with my next order.

Suspension One part that caused most uncertainty was the suspension units this size and capacity of trailer would need two axles but I was in a quandary whether to go for the axled units or the suspension stubs which bolted to each side of the trailer, both had pros and cons. In the end what decided the issue was that the stubs had adjustable splines. Between the two axle this would tilt the trailer until it was riding level with the correct nose weight.

This would be just what was needed to hold and support the wires along the length of the trailer when it was constructed. A company I had not dealt with before Beal UK provided these. I think I will need a small nylon washer for the inside, between the wire and the aluminium, these I can get from Nylon Alloys. Grommets Where the wires need to go through the aluminium grommets would be needed to prevent damage to the wires, this was the item that was difficult to source, the best fit I could find was for 6mm thick metal and my aluminium was 7.

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Mike's Maritime Meanderings. Part 1 of 4 - Concept and Components Part One - Part Two - Part Three - Part Four This year winter seemed to come very late as I was working on the boat well into December, but it was not possible to do any epoxy work at this stage due to the cold. These shoulder washers are a bit long so they will need to be cut down to 7mm depth. These bolts are to be used to fasten the I beams together. I originally decided to buy Nyloc nuts, but more of that next article.

Not sure if these will fit or should I try and make some the exact size, but that can wait till I get to the wiring.


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