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This hat bracket is an ideal replacement for your boat trailer to be used to mount your Guide Poles. Made out of 1/8 thick galvanized steel, it is normally used with an Upright guide pole set. It is designed to clamp 1 1/2" x 1 1/2" square tubing to the main frame of a boat trailer.5/5. In 2 inch, we have both Aluminum and Galvanized Hat Bracket supports that can be used to mount an 2" Square Material. There are two most common uses for these 2 inch Hat Brackets. For the Bow V-Guide on your Boat Trailer, and for 2" by 2" Bunk Brackets, found on some brands of Boat Trailers. The combination of Aluminum against aluminum with stainless steel will be the longest lasting guide pole system possible. If you are wanting to mount this guide post to a Square tubing or C-Channel shaped frame, you will be needing a 1 1/2 inch Galvanized Boat Trailer Hat Bracket with the correct height and width of 3/8" diameter Boat Trailer U 5/5.
Boat Trailer Guide Ons and Kits are ideal for correct guiding you boat on the trailer, especially in windy conditions, guide poles come in both galvanized and aluminum, we have replacement components and guide pole kits.� Mounts 1 1/2" Square Galvanized or Aluminum Tubing. 1 1/2 in Galvanized Boat Trailer Guide Pole Hat Bracket. Price: $ In Stock. Replacement Center Section For Boat Trailer V-guide On. Item Sku: Mpn: n/a. 12 1/2" Length x 2" Wide PVC V Guide Replacement. This heavy duty Aluminum hat bracket is a perfect replacement for aluminum boat trailers. It is made out of aluminum that is 3/8 inch thick at the mounting surface and a 1/4 inch thick on the bottom plate. It can be used in conjunction with a V-guide set up or bunk board supports. Typically this item will fit on a trailers cross member that is 3 inch x 3 inch square tube. The hole spacing center hole to center hole measures 3 5/8 inch. You will need to use a u-bolt that is 1/2 inch diameter and 3 inch wide on the inside. This hat bracket is used to clamp front v-guides or bunk boards that use. Hat Brackets, U Bolts and I Beam mounting solutions to mount Guide ons to almost any size and shape trailer frame.� Popular uses: Guide Poles or Bunk Brackets. Mounts 1 1/2" Square Galvanized or Aluminum Tubing. 1 1/2 in Galvanized Boat Trailer Guide Pole Hat Bracket. Price: $ In Stock. 2 inch Aluminum Boat Trailer Hat Bracket for Boat Trailer Bow Guide. OOTB Item Sku: Mpn: n/a. Made from 3/8" Thick Aluminum. Popular uses: Mounts V guides or 2" x 2" Bunk Brackets. Mounts 2" Square Tube to 3" x 3" Crossmembers. 2 inch Hat Bracket Aluminum. Price: $ Aluminum Camo Center Console Boat Guide In Stock. Boat Trailer I Beam Clamps Guide Pole Mounting Bracket Kit with Stainless Bolts. OOTB Item Sku:


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