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How to Stop Aluminum Trailer from Floating

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I was backing a friends trailer in the water for him last year and I Aluminum Boat Trailer Floats Noise thought that something was submerged under water on the ramp whne the trailer went up on one side only.

I got out to look and nothing. So acked back in and it did the same thing. Then I pulled out and went to the next ramp over and it did it again.

My buddy laughed and told me it was floating. I had heard of that but never experienced it before so I know exactly what you are dealing with. After doing some research I found this to be very common and there only seems to be two fixes.

Some add lead and some steel. I like option 2 best. Good luck. This floating would make getting a stepped boat off the trailer a PITA. My aluminum had dual storage boxes. It would be nice on some of our South Jersey ramps that drop of all of a sudden. I've seen many axles lost trying to pull the trailer out. You have to pick the back of the trailer up while someone pulls it out. Be easy if the trailer floated. I posted a great remedy for this on OSO some time ago.

I bought dumbells and u-bolted them to the inside of the I-beams. I'll look for the info when I have time, but anyone else is welcome to find it as well. It worked great. I went with lb. Originally Posted by Sydwayz.

Thread starter cobbcfi Start date Sep 2, Joined Jun 30, Messages I have a tandem axle trailer and have been fighting this floating issues for years! When I get to the Aluminum Boat Trailer Perth 04 landing I have to wait for a certain slip, if it's windy or at the beach with a ripping 6-knot current and seas breeze to boot, so that my boat washes up to the landing docks and not into everyone else. That has happened quite often and sometimes it gets ugly.

Any ideas on how to get this trailer to stay on the bottom?? Joined Mar 21, Messages 7, So if I am reading this right your trailer has a square tubing frame which is water tight and floats, and you want it to sink??? Am I warm? If you launch in salt water once you get home you should fill the tubes up with fresh water to rinse out the salt or that rusting things going to happen fast.

Philster Captain. Joined Sep 15, Messages 3, Joined Aug 29, Messages Joined Jul 6, Messages 1, Probably has an aluminum trailer and the 4 tires are causing it to float because its so light. Your going to have to find a safe way to add some weight to the trailer when you dip it. You could possibly remove the weights afterwards and stow in the truck.

Joined May 17, Messages 6, Stop backing in so far is the first thing that comes to mind. Supreme Mariner. Joined Oct 18, Messages 12, Joined Jul 15, Messages 1, So you guys are suggesting that he cut holes in the closed section tubing of a trailer that we don't know if it is painted steel, galvanized, or aluminum.

Does anyone else see a problem with this idea?? A couple points to note for your analysis, this floating gets worse the further in the water I am obvious yes, but thought I would cover the simple item first. It appears that for me to float the boat and load the trailer I have to have the trailer down far enough or else the boat won't go on.

I pull the boat down about to where the tires are submerged but the fenders are not completely underwater. I've read that even adding over lbs has not helped others fix this issue. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Interesting problem More weight A few obvious notes Have you contacted the trailer manufacturer about this?

Sounds like your trailer is just very light. Not much you can do other than adding a bunch of weight to it. Mine is steal so I don't have that problem. Maybe wait to submerge until the boat is right there ready to pull on I have noticed my aluminum trailer move on me also, and I ramp on a lake.

From what I have read, about the only thing you can do is hang some weights on it prior to retrieving. Either that or find someone to hold it down prior to getting the boat on it. I did add some guide poles that assist me in finding center it when it does move on me a little. What if you tied a rope or strap from the corner of the trailer to the corner of the bumper on your tow vehicle before backing in?

Would that help keep it straight? One more thought Is the trailer frame completely sealed, or does it have holes in it where water can enter and then drain out after pulling it up the ramp? That was what I was thinking sflyer.

Almost sounds like he has an air pocket in the rails that is adding buoyancy to the trailer. I use to launch my old boat in some ripping tidal currents and never had a problem like this. Toohuman, can you post some photos of the trailer for us? Although I have a steel trailer my trailer has holes drilled into it to allow water to get it and keep it place.

This is how I bought, not sure if the holes are strategic in placement but I've never had an issue with it moving on me.

Could be a simple solution as long as it does not effect the integrity of the trailer I doubt it's trapped air. I have a similar Sport Trail and I can't see where air could get trapped. It's a very standard aluminum I-beam trailer. The cross bars are boxed, but shaped such that any air can get out the ends. Mine does have pretty tall "I" sections to the main rails and I can see where it could catch a current.

I'd look at the tire air pressure and tread. If the tires are too hard the contact patch will be too small. Also, add a heavy pair of uprights to guide you on and add weight. Mine has these and they're very solid and seem heavy. I don't know the overall length of my trailer, but I'd guess it at 28'.

I have steel wheels, the uprights and four large bunks and I'd say the trailer is at least I've tried moving it in the driveway by hand boat off, of course and it's no leightweight!

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