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This braked aluminium trailer featuresdual Teglon skids, aluminium cross members, the Easy Loader Drive on Cradle and adjustable keel rollers. Please note the boat in image may not represent the model shown and may include additional options and/or upgrades. {{{list}}}.� This tandem, multi-roller aluminium trailer was built specifically for our Stacer Plate range and is perfect for boats from m to m. Please note the boat in image may not represent the model shown and may include additional options and/or upgrades. {{{list}}}. Our trailers are high quality aluminum built with stainless steel hardware. Multiple Sizes and Shapes are Available including Gooseneck trailers. We have specialized in manufacturing aluminum boat trailers, with a wide variety of sizes ranging from 10�to 50? and grossing from 3, lbs to 30, lbs gross vehicle weight. We also manufacture aluminum motorcycle, utility, and generator trailers. Standard Features Include: All Stainless Steel Hardware (U Bolts, Bolts, Washers, & Nuts). Aluminum I Beam Construction.� Aluminum cross members extend side to side to reinforce fenders. Aluminum fenders, aluminum bunk brackets. Tongue & Winch Stand. Boat trailer v-bend aluminum trailer cross member 80 inch long-this square tube v-bend aluminum cross-member is common on aluminum i beam boat trailers. the tube measures 3 inches tall x 3 inches wide x 80 inches long.. Shop trailer parts; cross members/tongue material/swing; aluminium cross members; aluminium cross members aluminum cross members.. Boat trailer aluminum i-beam - full size cross members (straight & bent) ems fl for welded trailers boat trailer components.

Sturdy Nation. Boat Trailer Cross Members. Products Total Items: More Details. About Boat Trailer Cross Members If you want to keep your boat in the best condition possible, you will definitely need the right equipment in order to make it look great and function properly. With Sturdy Built Trailer Parts, you'll find all that you're looking for and more.

We carry a wide variety of tools and merchandise to help ensure that you have everything you need to make your boating trips pain and problem-free. Sturdy Built Trailer Parts offers its customers high quality products that are needed when getting your boat ready for use.

We offer three standard lengths that can be bolted on your trailer as well as the Boat Trailers Bunk Brackets that bolt to your Cross Member. Using this equipment is very important given that it protects the structural integrity of your frame while providing a means of support for your boat. These U-Bolts come in all types. Whether you're looking for square or round, stainless steel, hot-dipped galvanized, or zinc plated u-bolts, we have what you need.

Additionally, we offer almost all sizes of the Trailer Bolts you will need when you install your Cross-Member and Bunk Brackets. Our Trailer Bolts are available in zinc and stainless steel. In addition to offering this great variety of sizes, the Trailer Bolts we sell are ideal to be used in harsh environments.

These 3" by 3" Aluminum V Bend Crossmembers come in 3 standard lengths and can be bolted onto your trailer. The Cross Members of your trailer are very important to the structural integrity of not only your frame, but also as a means of support for your boat.

This allows you to drill to fit your boat trailers specific needs. Copyright Sturdy Built Trailer Parts. All Rights Reserved. Contact Us [email protected].

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