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Grid List. View Product. Traditional, cast iron, hot dipped galvanized dock cleats. Recessed mounting holes with a hexagonal shape to stop apuminum head of a carriage bolt from turning while securing the cleat to a surface. View Product Add to Basket. Where safety is a concern this cleat folds down to a low profile base and conveniently flips up for easy use.

All surfaces are smooth and rounded. Made from marine grade aluminum and white polyester powder coated.

Use on small runaboats or personal View Product Pick Options. Dock cleat you can take along! Easy to store and use, powder coated cleat with rope ring fits in between dock timbers. Position lines exactly where needed regardless of where existing dock cleats may be aluminum boat deck cleats guide. The Dock Edge Solar Dock Cleat is both a tie-down cleat to keep your boat docked and a solar aluminum boat deck cleats guide light.

Attractive Aluminum Boat Trailer Hat Bracket Guide and functional with solar charging performance and mooring strength. The HarborWare vertical-mount dock cleat fits all HarborWare frames, but can be fastened to any other frame by bolting to the frame sides.

The cleat frees up more walking space on your dock. Designed to keep your boat safely tied. Safely tie down your boat to your dock aluminum boat deck cleats guide aluminum boat dock cleats.

This is a heavy duty commercial fold-away dock cleat that looks just as good as it functions. Lceats manufactures a heavy-duty commercial grade galvanized dock cleat, specifically designed for the NAVY, government docks and boatyards. HarborWare Dock Cleat Angle Brackets attach to the edge of guise boat dock and fit HarborWare galvanized dock cleats for extra strength and support.

Simply attach the bracket to the side-edge of your boat dock, then attach the cleat on top of aluminum boat deck cleats guide bracket Heavy-duty galvanized steel boat dock cleats available in 5 sizes, designed to keep your boat safely tied.

Galvanizing prevents dock cleats from rusting. Tie your boat to your dock and leave it, no need to worry about it breaking away! These dock Chrome plated zinc, plastic base. Stainless steel studs, nuts and washers.


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Our forged aluminum cleats feature smooth edges and come in Open Base, Low-Profile, Self-Jamming and Four-Hole deck styles. Schaefer new Stainless Steel Fast Entry Cam cleats feature the same design from our aluminum models but now in a highly polished Stainless finish. boat deck cleat SPORT�AL flat stainless steel aluminum With their contemporary line and their customizable finish, the Sport'Al anodized aluminium cleats dress the deck of your boat with always more design and lightness. Designed by Goiot, the Sport'Al deck fitting range. Nov 21, �� Re: Installing Cleats On Aluminum Boat? Matching metals isn't much of an option if you want good cleats, I prefer stainless but most are chrome plated pot metal or brass if your lucky. If your rails are wide enough, it shouldn't be too hard to match that style cleat.

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