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Aluminum Construction-boatdesign Nov 25, �� Aluminum and Carbon Fiber frames are common. Some alloy frames use an aluminum frame with a carbon fiber fork. This helps to alleviate vibration without costing as much as a full carbon bike. There are also a number of high-end chromoly steel frames. These are comfortable on uneven roads. Wheels. Wheels are almost always c. They�re narrow. Nov 15, �� Would love to see a boat filled with worshippers doing a headstand. Brownie points if you can do Yoga as a part of offering prayers. 2. In an international space station � well, it takes a lot of studies and university degrees and �modern science� to get . woodpeckers router table free hand guard. PM by pottz | 24 comments�. one of our members dw (desert woodworker) posted this a couple months ago,when i saw it i went and ordered immediately. it wasn�t yet available and i just got it myboat029 boatplans is made to attach to woodpeckers lifts with two threaded knobs but can be retrofitted to any lift by simply drilling and threading.

Constructing the tiny vessel only isn't space station scholarship ! The Rangeley 17 In seeking for a suitable powerboat, sight no reduction than 45 mins during the time upon 5 or 6 days per week. Fishing kayaks have been written to be extended as well as solid. Vessel tenting during Bahia Honda State Play ground aluminum boat building forum yoga 2 per feet with the 30 minimum; John Pennekamp Underwater State Play ground asks which boaters call for rates.

It may suffer a temporary setback but can never be wiped out. In Pakistan under the guidance of Tahirul Qadri it is flourishing. Islam is the same in its original form but narrow mindedness of some section of Muslims gives a wrong impression that something is wrong. You can identify such Muslims easily. The following are their identification marks i.

They think that only Muslims should exist on this planet whereas the truth is that even an insect has a right to exist on this planet. Who ever does not conform to their belief is labelled as a kafir although in the eyes of Allah he may be a true Muslim. Since they are in large numbers you have mistaken them to be true muslims which is not the case. Mahesh if you are a lover of truth then do not get swayed by false propoganda.

Please verify the truth before coming to any conclusion. Wael Abdelgawad. Answer: There would be only one small spot that would be precisely opposite the Kaaba on the earth. If one took only a few paces in any direction, there Quicksilver Aluminum Boats Zip Code would then be one direction that represented the shortest path to the Kaaba.

That would be the direction of prayer. Answer: I do not know much about the physics of space, but I would say just face the earth and trust God.

Or determine the direction of Makkah at that exact moment and do your entire prayer in that direction, even if it changes as you pray. Answer: All these questions relate to the dimension of Al-Ghayb, the Unseen, of which we only know what we are told. No one can answer these questions because these things do not belong to this physical universe. Personally I believe that Jannah Paradise and Jahannam Hell exist in separate dimensions or realities from our own.

There are many indications of this in Islamic literature. They are not a part of our physical universe, and therefore our physical laws cannot describe them.

Although reasons in resorting to these deities physical or ideological may vary, mankind does have a I should say vacuum somewhere in the core of their beings. This is a fact. Secondly, the historical aspect of every established religion on the planet might not provide a perfect account of each religion and their beginnings. All that we know, are based on documented, undocumented legend and falsified statements and ideologies from people passed down to others from generation to generation.

At the moment, we all are relying on history to make our founded and unfounded discussions. Let me make some points here. There is no doubt that the City of Babylon once existed in modern day Iraq. There is no doubt that Alexander the Great lived. There are many notable people and structures they put like that, remains of which are still in existence to this day.

If I build a stature of Sir Issac Newton and pay homage and some form of adherence to it, what does it imply? Is the dead Issac Newton the same as his sculpture or is there any difference?

To be honest, Catholics pay homage and adherence to the stature of Virgin Mary who is dead and gone. They do this in the name of Christianity. Hindus have so many gods and goddesses. They have the sun god, moon god, river god, and sculpture gods attributed to various notable figures in their religion.

They pay respect and adherence to the Kaaba and forbid others from visiting it. If Allah is the One True living God and if he lives, he is definitely not the Kaaba which is nothing but a stone. If there is a real Creator and True Living God up there somewhere in Heaven or any other distant universe, it is very clear that the sun, moon, rivers, caves, golden images, idols, and Kaaba, are definitely not one of them and these do not match to that. Therefore, paying homage and adherence to these unnecessary deities is just wasting time.

Defending them and their unfounded ideologies do not account to anything at all. One of the uncontestable facts is that all mankind will surely die one day and shall remain in silence in their graves for as long as the world remains. We all were born to die and we will and must die. Some religions believe that a process of reincarnations occur when people die is not true all.

Poor people blindly believe in this. Finally, if someone out there is searching for a deity and a true meaning in life, ask yourself the following questions, analyze, research and answer them.

Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here on this planet? Where am Custom Flats Aluminum Boats 3ds I going? Is there life after death? Am I doing the right thing? Is everything ok in my religion? If there is a God, I want to search for the truth. And you are considered as a traveler, so you are not asked to fast Ramadhan! For Christians, the pope is one person but have different shapes and forms and even hearts. The distance is quite shorter my friend. It will take you a 2-digits number of our normal years before seeing it from a distance or from a near place� Who knows!

Brother my Lord and your Lord has stated in the Quran these words said by the almighty himself in surah Al Rahman meaning the most merciful the most gracious. O assembly of jinns and men!

If you have power to pass beyond the zones of the heavens and the earth, then pass them! But you will never be able to pass them, except with authority from Allah! This is basically saying if you have the power to reach the heavens then do so. Now please before you ask further questions , get an atlas and a compass, you will also need a pencil and a scale measure and draw lines, I hope you have your answer.

Secondly, Heaven as we all know is ambitious and religion is something based on faith. So even in space or moon, just get an atlas and follow the procedure I mentioned earlier.

Actually not everyone has the time to think about something like a pot head. Maybe, maybe not, but its pretty irrelevant. If you have two options, out of which one is right, and one is wrong, the chances that you will chose the right one is half, i.

A dice has got six sides. Let us discuss the probability of all the guesses being simultaneously correct. It could be triangular, it could be quadrangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal, octagonal, spherical, etc. Lets assume there are about 30 different options for the shape of the earth. The light of the moon can be its own light or a reflected light. Every living thing can be made up of either wood, stone, copper, aluminum, steel, silver, gold, oxygen, nitrogen, hydrogen, oil, water, cement, concrete, etc.

The options are say about 10, Secondly, invade the Sun first which is only I am an Aerospace Engineer, and I educate myself on religion and spirituality in relation to Science.

Please take note that a Muslim does not have to pray facing the Kaaba if the Muslim is not able to, such as when travelling, or on a transport. Rather, the purpose of the Kaaba is so that Muslims will all be praying in the same direction in unity and oneness. Before the Muslims were ordered to pray facing the Kaaba, the Muslims initially prayed facing Jerusalem. When the order was given to face the Kaaba, this signified that God has chosen the new and final nation � the nation of followers of the Prophet Muhammad peace be upon him, the descendant of Prophet Ismail peace be upon him, son of Prophet Abraham peace be upon him.

For you to understand the significance of the change, you should read more on the history of Children of Israel and the reasons for why the Quran educates Muslims and uses parables from the Children of Israel, warning us to not repeat the mistakes of the Children of Israel � essentially we are the last chosen nation.

As God has revealed to us,. You will never be that lucky to witness the breath taking beauty of Kaaba Shareef. Allah hu Akbar! We Muslims could not care much for you to be Muslim , no Muslims EVER NEVER came to your step door and ask you to revert or change your religion unlike other faith because God own your heart not people and only GOD has the possibility to revert you even though your soul has met GOd before born and has declared its faith!

So we will be really arrogant and audacious to even slitly think of it. That is my awnser to those who accused always the Muslims of bugging them w our religion, I think the truth of the matter you are bugged because how much weak Muslim can be we still stand in our own feet and do not reject our faith period so I call this ENVY. As for other commentaries I have one thing to say keep on denying what could be the reality laailaaillallaah��..

And mohamed salaaalahwaalayhi wa salaam rasool Allah. We all going to die one day or another we will meet then all together those who have mocke us mocke our prophet and all prophets�.

We will have some explanation to do to HIM our creator and not to each other. Mothers fathers all siblings friends neighbors will not be able to help each other. Remember I said at your death bed. Carlos, nice name. Break the codes in the ayats of quran.

U will find ur answers their. Nothing can be craeted frm nothing. Read the quran u will definitly convert to islam whn u wil realize that Allah created you and the whole universe. La ilaha illallah muhamadur rasulullah. The heavenly Kaaba is not in this space-time. Above is not literal. Only Allah knows the position. We know that the existence of the universe itself is not well understood. Heaven existed before Adam A.

S created. And still exists to this day. You cannot use the spacecraft go to heaven. That will be a reward from Allah. Have you Heard of the Golden Ratio? Mecca is in the golden ratio of Earth. For more clear concept kindly watch videos of Dr.

Zakir Naik and other eminent scholars on topics that concerns you on youtube. Cheers Mate. Ans- In the shortest direction. Ans- In the direction of earth. Ans- The one of the earlier shapes and colors. Ans- No it does not mean. Ans- yes you are right, its only a matter of time. In the test may things are unseen to us like, angels, etc. The day you something among the unseen, its the end of the test. Im sorry brother, but some of your answers are wrong. Firstly, where do you get light years from?

Secondly, there is nothing to suggest that we will ever develop technology that will allow us to see, let alone visit anything light years away if that is where it is. I am an atheist but can answer one of your questions. I am an atheist. The other points you raised are just hypothetical and also seem somewhat sarcastic. Nine Muslims have been to space, on a series of American and Russian missions, and when a Muslim astronaut is in low Earth orbit, the position of Mecca can shift nearly degrees before he or she can finish a prayer.

First look any way since you will be looking at the Kabba no matter what. You may not understand this depending on your faith. Muhammad Saad Sami. Hopefully you will be fine. I was just surfing the net when I got here, then I read your queries in the end. I am not a religious scholar nor do I practice Islam as it is meant to be.

But I think your above questions can be answered in just two simple concepts As all of your questions revolve around two things: The Kaaba and the Prayer :. Firstly, coming to the queries regarding prayers and the directional issues. I think our Mullas have presented a very rigid diagram of Islam. Islam is very much flexible. I mean do you think God who is the creator of all of the universe and Galaxy really needs our prayers.

Prayers are just a mode of mental connection with someone Allah who can look after you in the biggest of crisis. And in one of the Hadith it is stated that Allah loves man more than seventy Mothers. May be you think I am getting irrelevant but in Islam the intention of doing anything really matters.

Also we pray so as to become more beloved of Allah and more special to him. And once we are among his beloved ones nothing would bother us anymore. Secondly, your queries about the Second Kaaba, one in the heavens. Before I answer to your question, I would again prefer to clear the concept.

Well Carlos, Man is just a creation of God, just like computer is a creation of Man. Computer cannot know everything about Man like his thoughts, his emotions etc until or unless it is feed with specific knowledge.

Similarly Man cannot know everything about God and even his creations until or unless God wants him to. Man today has discovered Galaxies far far away but still cant control disasters and natural calamities. We cant even fix the feather of a fly once torn apart. And thats just a micro level. You will again be thinking me of irrelevant but believe me there are things which Man cannot intend to know.

By the way dont get disappointed. I have promised you the answer and luckily God has feed us with Answer regarding Second Kaaba. So here is your answer: In Islamic teachings, there are seven layers of heavens or sky. So, there are limits in heavens which even Angels cant cross. Now returning to my point, Second Kaaba may be somewhere in the third or above layer of Heavens and whether or not it is rotating with Earth or may be Earth Rotating around it, we simply dont know and may Aluminum Boat Dealers In Mississippi Zip be its out of our reach.

I have not studied much literature. Surely there will be more about Second Kaaba in the Islamic Literature. Best of luck for your research. If you find more please share. But please remember one thing. Man cannot learn everything, if he could, there wont be any God. This point with the ISS is legitimate. Allah swt after all has allowed space travel.

Is there one? One prays in the direction of the kaabah example if in south africa face north east! If in canada south west! Secondly nope you cannot detect heaven with technology and no belief as technology is not capable of detecting that which is devine so its a matter of belief from the heart and soul when the reality of heaven can be appreciated! As for your technicak quiestions it seems that your denial of the almighty existence still has u somewhat bothered or iritated at others which in itself prooves that you are not convinced at all as we are beyond the iritation of you not believing in Almightys existence which in turn prooves that our belief is more convincing to us as wgat yours is to you and therefore we smile and pray that someday you will realize there us bon worthy of worship besides Allah the sooner u do the faster your iritation will go!

Try it. Carol and others hello�I am a muslim indeed and you are Christian, jews, atheist etc. Does that matter most or above all we are same mankind. We all have same feeling on same issues. Think about it!!!!! Instead of finding out the common understandings and causes why we are fighting!

All of us are educated enough to study a lot and decide which is good or bad , logical or illogical. Nothing is imposed on any of us. We are free to choose not only for oneself but for the humanity. And always we can learn from each other and discuss for the cause of humanity. Just remember history and the present tells us that few ambitious men exploit the common people either to go to power or to remain in power.

They create rifts amongst us by misinterpreting what we have. So brother, let us study and understand each other and make it a better world. Inshalla, we can make it, its not late I hope. However if you know the direction towards Kaaba then you should face toward Kaaba as it is instructed by the prophet Muhammad Swallah hu alay he wasallam. Prayer are intended only the Almighty Allah. I hope I answered your question. Allah tells in Quran Allah is of the east and of the west, to him belongs dominion of heavens and the earth and all that is between them.

It is your piety and intention that reaches Allah and Kabaa is to keep all in one direction of prayers else they all would be performing prayers as they like. I would like to extract the answer from Quran -the Book from Allah. This verse was sent for people like you who wondered such things. Be steadfast in prayer, charity, fulfill your promises, be patient in pain, adversity and times of panic. Firstly, Prayer is not supposed to be a gymnastic exercise.

One is supposed to concentrate on the prayer rather the exact orientation. More specifically, you follow the linear direction to Mecca. If you are in Japan you would face west-northwest, and if in South Africa, you would face north-northeast If you are at the exact opposite end of the globe, you would conceivably have two linear directions to choose from, both are correct.

This is a problem also encountered when travelling by plane. But more specifically addressed by Sheikh Muszaphor Shukor, a Muslim crew member on the 16th mission for the international space station. To address this concern, a conference of Muslim scholars and scientists was convened prior to his mission. The overwhelming consensus was that in situations like this the qibla should be determined on what is possible.

This advice is further substantiated by Dr Kamal Abdali, a cartographer who has written extensively on determining the qibla. It is possible that the heavens exist beyond our universe with its constraints of space, time and matter. Well the answer is no, due to the size of the universe, we cannot physically detect all objects in the universe. In fact, some objects are so many light year away that we will never be able to detect them.

I hope this answers your questions. This made me laugh out loud.. The exact opposite spot from Mecca on Earth is in the middle of the pacific. Would love to see a boat filled with worshippers doing a headstand. Brownie points if you can do Yoga as a part of offering prayers. Question invalid. There is a replica in heaven. When the monument on Earth fell apart, they broke the heavenly one too and rebuilt both together so that they could match. The heavenly Kaaba is located at a distance of average , km from the earth directly above the Earth Kaaba.

But it follows an elliptical path and has an apogee of , km and a perigee of , km. When this happens twice a year, people celebrate eid. First of all Muslim do not worship kaaba, they worship the creator of all universe, the one who told this world that the earth is round like egg hundred years ago, which was strange for centuries, the one ho talk about easts and wests hundred year ago now we know that the rise of sun is different in summer and different in winter the one who tells from beginning to end, the one who regulates every thing, from the core of earth to deepest part of sea still un seen un touched, from the gasses layer to distant black holes erupting energy and absorbing energy.

Kabba is just an icon ALLAH is every where offering salah five times a day need direction towards kabba but if you want to pray your GOD, just say the name, the creator know creation better then any one else. Only GOD can regulate every thing for billion of years from gravity to magnetism, seasons to weather, earth surface to earth core sun rise to decent.

Hello Just trying to answer few of your questions. The opposite to kabba in the other side of earth is probably ocean. I have been to far west Pacifiec coast We prayed heading east.

My brother lived in Japan and he faced west praying. We do that using a compass. No rocket science really. To be more specific Muslims dont have records of the colors and dimentions. Having a faith that we believe in makes things like colors and size irrelevant. Believers in any faith will see my point for they believed in God and heavens but didnt actually see them by naked eye or have specific records that describe them.

How long it take to reach the heavenly kabba! As much as it take to go to heaven! A question which no faith Judaism, christianity or islam or science can answer. But If you believe in heavens you would not want to know how long the ride is only to visit.. You will want to stay.. If you dont believe then probably its pointless to ask. Thank you. Which direction does one pray when on the opposite side of the globe from Kaaba?

Answer:- As we all might know that the earth is a sphere like a ball hence the word globe, so where ever you stand on the globe you will always have two sides facing the Kaaba one which will directly face the Kaaba and second which will circulate the globe from that point to the Kaaba. Now the question is which side do you face? So when you are on the opposite side of the Globe face the side which is closest to the Kaaba. I will have numerous directions and the distance of all will the directions will be equal?

Alright to that first I will ask you how do you know that you are precisely on the opposite side of Kaaba? Now you have many directions going towards the Kaaba and all of them are Equal so just take one step in any direction and start praying then you would have just two direction to the Kaaba and the side you are facing would be the closest?.

Take one step towards Allah He will take ten steps towards you. You can stand right there? Also first comes intention and then direction?

If you are at a space station which is revolving earth every 92 minutes? If you have the want for knowledge and understanding you will search for your self. It takes about 5 mins to pray 2 rakats. So start your Namaz where ever the direction of Kaaba is at that moment place and time and leave the rest to Allah.

As said earlier first comes intention and then direction?. We live on earth which is in the lowest Heaven or realm as you would understand it and we only have a Glimpse of understanding which was passed down to us about the other Heavens.

In order for us to understand it more we have to work towards it more and try and gain more knowledge and eventually die to see it or know it that too if we are lucky enough to be in the Heavens or else you are smart enough to know where the other place is? Only Allah is The All Knowing. I rest my case for this question? How many light years? Will you eventually possibly visit it in this life? Do you know what Dark Matter is?

Let me give you a brief idea about Dark Matter. Google it if you want to understand more. Now this information comes from science and not Islam.

But well There are many verses in the Quran which talk about Dark Matter and the other Six heavens or realms as you understand it. And We [Allah] adorned the lowest heaven with lights, and protection. Such is the decree of the Exalted; the Knowledgeable.

Then redirect your sight again, your vision returns to you in defeat and regret. Now I hope all this information was sufficient enough for the people with understanding. Please stop trying to prove Islam wrong cause the Truth can not be proved wrong.

Our believes exist because and on the basis of The Truth. You can not take anything from Him nor can you give Him any thing. You can only and only give your self and take away from your self. So please give your self some knowledge you deserve better? Who knows the heaven where it is..

Allah alone knows.. Quran has not revealed to the world in text but only by sound and text of quran is not holy only the sound of quran and Allah saved it safely in some mode.. Hi Carlos, I know answers to some of your questions and probably can answer the others guessing a little bit in my way. Instead, I would like to give you names of some of the Muslim scholars that I know of, if you agree.

But can I request you one thing. Saif uddin. Wait until u die ull know the truth���.. And keep ur tiny brain with u. You can pray in any direction. Just like if you are traveling in train or a ship. In this article they are many things which are not certified hadiths.

Where are you? The beloved is right here, come back! Your beloved is residing next door; What are you searching, confused, in the desert? Jazakumullahu khayran � I did not know all of those. I imagine if the cloth color or design were changed anytime soon, that at least half the Muslim world would be certain that the end of the world were coming. Alhamdolillah, that Islam makes much more sense than that. Have you read anything like that? JazzakAllah for this jaw dropping post. Sorry brother Gibran � I am not sure why I missed your reply.

WAllahu Alam. JazakAllah for the interesting post. One other intriguing aspect is the hadith about how the Kabah will be destroyed by an Abysinnian man�this being one of the signs of the end of the world.

It is just a fabricated story nonetheless. When looked upon under the guise of faith, people would find it acceptable. These are nothing more than fables to keep people intact in following a cult from dark ages!

Read scriptures other than religious doctrines, for your questions will all be answered. Well what u should bear in mind is that this religious doctrine or quraan has been scientificly tested and prooven true so until it can be proven false which will never happen it is nore then enough proof to a 3rd of the worlds population and coz of its truth and rick solid consistency its the fastest selling most well read book in the world and islam is the fastest growing religion!

Is that just a coincidence to you. Thank you, Wajid, but do Muslims not have such questions? What answers do Muslims get to such questions? I have one more question. The photos show everyone pointing the tops of their heads toward the Kaaba. If you are not within a few hundred kilometers of Mecca, and you want to still point the top of your head at the Kaaba, would you not have to point the top of your head toward the ground?

People in the Western Hemisphere should be doing headstands when praying, should they not? Did the custom of praying toward Mecca arise when people assumed the Earth was flat? I am sorry if I have said anything, so far, that is offensive. If I have, forgive me. I am only trying to answer your questions while stating why I think you are not asking the right types of questions�that is, if you are sincere in knowing about Islam.

The question about the direction of prayer. If you are on the opposite side of the Earth, you would not pray standing on your head.

That is silly, but it is understood why you would tell yourself that that is what is more appropriate since Earth is oval shaped. Another question that you asked about was praying in space. Although you will most likely never go there, it is appropriate to ask since it is feasilble. Thus, praying in the correct direction is no longer an obligation.

Salaam sister excellent! Actually I did not find his questions offensive, as these are matters of fiqh. We should not shun, we should look into Islam and find out what it says in case there is a valid and practical concern. Dear Carlos Please note while we are more than happy to allow comments from you that add value to the site.

However, your recent comments are violating our comments policy and you are well aware of this. Please consider this a formal warning that your commenting privileges on this site will be revoked if you continue on this path. It has been a while since I have reviewed the MM comments policy, but I do not think I am doing anything that violates it.

Judging from my comments that MM has censored, it is my comments that challenge Islam as a doctrine that are deemed to violate the policy. I am atheist. My ideology challenges the legitimacy of Islam and all other religions. Is Islam above criticism? Is it above criticism from non-Muslims, but not from Muslims?

There have been many of your comments that have been let through and I can say this because I myself have pressed the approve button but those that we feel do not add value to the discussion or are in conflict with our policy we do censor or edit. While there have been calls for banning you I for one think a lot of your comments do add value. You are generally very polite and that has never been an issue.

It is only when you start mocking our religion that things get problematic. We look forward to positive contribution from your side and seeing your comments. However, consider yourself on warning. One point has always puzzled me. During the few months that we were using the Disqus comment system you had totally disappeared.

As soon as we got back to WP comments you came back. Is there a reason? Is Disqus atheist-phobic? The new format just did not appeal to me. Also, my wife was complaining that I was spending too much time preaching to Muslims, and I agreed with her. Also, I was getting a little tired of the sometimes arbitrary way my comments were being withheld. I like you guys. I have learned much from you. You can learn a lot about atheists and Americans from me. I am not necessarily a typical atheist or American, but I am definitely unique in my willingness to spend extraordinary amounts of time communicating with deeply faithful Muslims, people who are so different from me in their beliefs.

Dear Carlos, u can remain atheist if u choose but I feel u should read at least once an authentic translation of Holy Quran and ponder. It will answer many questions in ur mind. But u have to be respectful while studying it. His questions are highly influenced by atheistic, material thinking that can never dispose of some of its arrogance to try to discuss with spiritual beliefs. Had Muslims depended on what you are saying, they would have never practiced their religion for years and they will definitely not do so for the next millennia because science is everchanging.

There are things we do not treat with common sense in Islam. For example, if a person does ablution, wears socks, then nullifies his ablution by any means and now wants to do ablution again, he only has to move his fingers along the upper side of his socks.

But common sense tells us we should wash the bottom of our socks as it is the side exposed to dirt when walking; should we obey common sense here and disobey the direct order of our Creator? Surely no, because we have already believed in Him and known that whatever He ordains is the best for us, for He is the best to know about His creation.

The unending atheist argument is that they must see, smell, and hear God to know He exists. Fact is, even if they do so it will never suffice them; even if they see the Creator create His creation and see the creation process with all their own open eyes, they will make another excuse as to why there is no God. They will say they have been tricked or have seen magic because once they have refused logic in the first place, nothing else will suffice.

And Allah knows best. Islam itself demands submission. He can question other faiths, for it is illogical in his viewpoint. Is it not implied that they are worshipping the black stone for Islam forbids idol worship? Are there not clear dictions when it comes to fundamentals of Hajj pilgrimage? And above all, how can you trust hadiths for it was coded to after the death of the prophet? It states in the Quran that the earth is not round, but egg shaped. This fact has only been proven recently by modern science, but was revealed in a book written more than years ago.

Reversion, stupefied state of a boggled mind! Suppose, if Islam was there from the start, why are there not even a mention of Allah in other holy scriptures, such as Torah or even Injeel Bible? Why was Islam not prevalent in the poles, America, Australia or lands far from middle east? Hi Travis, sorry to burst your bubble mate, but you couldnt be more wrong about this. Did you know that the arabic language predates known history? I kid you not, google it.

Arabic and Hebrew are 2 semitic languages which go wayyy back, before known history. So this term God is very recent, but the name Allah has been used for many many many thousands of years already. Allah is basically the arabic term for God, only much more authentic, as I said, the name God is only about a thousand years old, a term coined very recently compared to the age of humanity.

So actually Allah has been mentioned in both the old testament and new testaments. Even if you watch the movie passion of christ, and listen closely to the original aramaic term the character of Jesus uses in the movie. He says Ellah� which is the aramaic term for God. Ellah in Hebrew. Allah in arabic. See the resemblance? Any bible you pic up today will have the name Allah in the beginning, as the arabic translation for the english word God.

Allah is the one true God worthy of worship. He is One, Unique, and Unequalled. Every divine religion in its pristine form was actually worship of Allah, the One and Only Being worthy of worship. Do the research yourself, you will see that the information I provided is pretty accurate. Basically, every religion from God was Islam, just by different names as they are known today. As Islam means to submit your will to God. If you could go back to the past and asked Jesus what his religion was, because he never heard this term christianity in his life, as the term was coined by the enemies of the christians much later, what do you think Jesus would say?

He would say, my religion is a religion of submission to Gods will� and one word for that is Islam. The term Judaism was never used by Moses, nor was the term christianty ever used by Jesus. But the term Muslim one who bows his will in Islam was coined by father Abraham, going back further than all the other major religions.

So basically dude, Islam is truly the oldest and the original religion intended for all humanity. Hence Islam is the culmination of all the worlds religions, destined to supercede them all, after which no other religion would ever be acceptable from Allah.

But anyways dude, to answer as briefly as possible, it is because some parts of the world more readily embraced Islam than others, for many different reasons. By the way dude, there are millions of Muslims living in America�. Same goes for Australia, seriously, research it. Islam is growing at an alarming rate in these countries. As for the poles, dude, Antartica is classified as a desert, and is pretty much uninhabitable due to its extreme conditions.

You find your odd researchers and explorers there only, but nobody really lives thee for good reason. A similar case with the Arctic for that matter, although you do get some sparce eskimo populations there, further north, again, too hostile to be habitable.

Basically, Islam has spread to all corners of the world already, that doesnt mean it has to be dominant everywhere. Although Islam is destined to dominate the entire world one day, it is inevitable. So just give it some time dude� I think we could realise this in the next years or so, give or take a few. Although lots still has to happen before this can happen. I also have a problem with the exclusivity of being able to enter the kaba.

Allah knows who has helped keep it maintained should not be enough? Allahu Alim. JazakAllahu Khair for sharing with us bro. Wa salam. Wallahu alam. Mashaallah really cool article. Didnt know alot of these facts about the Kaabah. Its really amazing how it used to be different colours, just gets you thinking that at the time of the Prophet peace be upon him the Kaaba was not the same black and gold that we see today.

Dear Wajid, Thanks for being useful. Allah bless you. Anwar Khan. The video of the inside of the Kaabah is outdated. There are no more pillars inside and theres a more recent video on youtube you can find showing that. According to those I know that have been in recently, the pillars remain as they have been for centuries.

The hadith does not specify re: the baitul mamoor being an exact replica, however this has been mentioned by commentators. Where did the commentators get that impression from?

The moment Carlos knocked you off, I realized that this was not something correct. Please quote your sources correctly and keep your opinions to yourself. It gets consumed by floods, wears out and needs reconstruction, gets broken, changes design� etc.

JazakAllah khair. I scored 3 out of 10 marks and then the brother wrote muslims are increasingly disconnected from our history. Swimming tawaf would be fun. I enjoyed your post. Jazakum Allahu khairan, thank you for sharing this information. We do have to know information like this about the house of Allah where we face towards at least five times a day.

Those are old oil lamps hanging between the pillars. I am not sure if they now contain lightbulbs or still have candles. Dawud Israel. No Dawud, that is fiction unless you can actually prove it. Excellent information! Happy to know all the facts and other information and history.

With our very best wishes and DuaiN. Mecca never existed before the 4th century,so definitely kaaba was made after that and not by Abraham like you mentioned in the post. Pagans use to house their idols over there and they had the ritual of hajj. The main reason of hajj was to make people go over there and increase their trade and muhammed copied and added it in his religion.

History knows of no other valley of Bakkah which is associated with pilgrimage other than the one in Arabia. Paran in the Bible is Mecca today. Each tribe, each family, each independent warrier, created and changed the rites and the object of this fantastic worship; but the nation, in every age, has bowed to the religion as well as to the language of Mecca.

The genuine antiquity of Caaba ascends beyond the Christian era: in describing the coast of the Red sea the Greek historian Diodorus has remarked, between the Thamudites and the Sabeans, a famous temple, whose superior sanctity was revered by all the Arabians; the linen of silken veil, which is annually renewed by the Turkish emperor, was first offered by the Homerites, who reigned seven hundred years before the time of Mohammad.

Diodorus Siculus was a Greek historian of 1st century BC who wrote Bibliotheca Historica, a book describing various parts of the discovered world. And a temple has been set-up there, which is very holy and exceedingly revered by all Arabians.

It is interesting to know that Claudius Ptolemy of Alexandria, mathematician and astronomer, flourishing about a century after Pliny, undertook to make an atlas of the habitable world. He was not a descriptive geographer, and his book was intended to be no more than a commentary on his maps.

He enumerated some hundred and fourteen cities or villages in Arabia Felix. For example, Dumaetha, placed by Ptolemy just outside the northern boundary of Arabia Felix, must be the mediaeval Arabian Daumet, which is today the chief village of the great oasis of Jauf. His Thaim is Teima, now known for its inscriptions to have had temples and some sort of civilization as far back as BC. It is the Tema of Job. Apart from this a place called Macoraba is also shown which is identified as Mecca please refer to the map facing page 17 of reference [3].

G E von Grunebaum says:. Mecca is mentioned by Ptolemy, and the name he gives it allows us to identify it as a South Arabian foundation created around a sanctuary.

Why do you want to incorporate Edward Gibbon into Islam? What if in 2 years time someone else publishes a different book with different points of view? Which one will you choose?. If I were you I will stick to the info that is promised by god to be protected Quran and Hadhees. To say that Prophet Muhammad p copied from pagans is like to say every prophet copied from the previous one. God sends prophets whenever and wherever He wants.

And similarity does NOT mean plagiarism. In fact, Islam corrected many bad habits of Hajj such as being naked and idolatry. It was more to do with someone making rhetorical points in the form of questions. You absolutely have the right to state whatever you want.

Example � you have the right to criticise a movie as much as you want but if you do it in the cinema whilst others are busy watching� not appropriate. He was not disrespectful nor was he blatantly mocking. I feel that Muslims should not get defensive when posed with questions which might not have clear cut answers.

I as a Muslim found his questions intriguing, as the ruling regarding praying on the international space station has crossed my mind as well. Guess Im just disappointed that we got all defensive and didnt even bother answering his questions. But if it is, I think depends which direction youre travelling in. If youre smack in middle, take your pick which direction you want to face, its the intention the counts anyway, Allah will surely understand.

Islam is a full and comprehensive way of life, not dogmatic as many think or would have you believe. That should be good enough. Not to say we wouldnt make it if we wanted to, but that living in space n stuff just aint our thing. In a nutshell, I think the entire observable universe in its apparent infiniteness is actually part of the first heaven.

So to start talking about distance in light years and planetary rotation makes no sense. If you ask me, the 7th heaven is a totally different dimension.

Its not a matter of physical distance� Same goes for Angels, Heaven n Hell etc� all exist in an alternate dimension, which we will only become a part of after death or maybe after resurrection. There might be different dimensions associated to both respectively.

I agree the questions should be asked. However, Carlos has a past history on this site for which he was under moderation. Based on this history, his intent with the questions was not to understand but rather ridicule. Thus, it may seem we were harsh at him. And Allah knows best what is in the hearts. May He guide Carlos to the light of Islam. Ameen, brother Aly. Curious, is Carlos still part of the site? Well, he made an offer that if anyone wanted to know the mentality of American athiests, we should ask him.

Id like to take him up on that offer. This is possibly more to do with Haram Sharif in Al Quds. Dear Wajid, One of my colleague send me this link to check, I found the article to be interesting. Though the main part was informative however the comment section was even more informative. Overall, I like the post very much and definitely increased my knowledge about Islam.

I know it is not the correct thread to ask this question, however I will be happy if someone answers, does Islam allow animal sacrifice or it is superstition which is going on. Islam does allow sacrifice of animals, however there are strict guidelines with regards to how and why. For more information, I would recommend you speak to knowledgeable Muslims in your local area who can discuss on this and other issues with you. I aks my self is there something original that the muzalmaan have, coz if you read the old testament and the quran everything is one by one, and if I not mistaken the old testament was first�� quran????

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