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Our website and llouisiana web in general relies heavily on Javascript and other scripting languages. Currently your browser's JavaScript engine is disabled. This could be the result of two possible scenarios:. Lifetyme Boats has a number of in-stock Landing Crafts with T-top or consoles. These models are great for loading Aluminum Bay Boats For Sale In Louisiana Jack and unloading equipment from the bow door opening.

Our Work boats with push-bumpers are great for pushing barges on locations, hauling work crew, bridge inspections.

Bottom runners welded not crimped in hull. Our Patrol boats are set-up with siren and light bars for patrolling lakes, rivers, and coast waters. Rescue Landing crafts are design with folding down bow doors for hauling ATV vehicles and for diving teams. Barges can be installed with Hydraulic Cranes, folding down platform, dump system.

These barges are used for pick-up buoys on rivers. Order length and width needed. We also build Government and Rescue Boats custom built for heavy duty! All aluminum barges for sale in louisiana live reserved. Life Tyme Bargess, Inc. All of our boats are custom made to client specifications or government contract. These are strong, heavy aluminum boats with durability and safety in mind.

Louiziana boat building is subject to new technology, so we keep a constant eye on upgrades Aluminum Flat Boats For Sale In Louisiana Malaysia and liv methods. For instance, at one time Life Tyme boat design was done at the old-fashioned "drawing board.

And aluminum barges for sale in louisiana live deliver! Phone: Email: bodie lifetymeboats. Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday am to pm, Friday am to pm. Our boat aluminum barges for sale in louisiana live barfes is located just a few miles east of Jonesville, LA on Highway Life Tyme Boats.

We look forward to hearing from you!


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With over 35 years experience in the Marine Construction industry, myboat205 boatplans has mastered a true work Used Aluminum Flat Boats For Sale In Louisiana De of art the perfect barges. Our expertise in dock building has allowed us to skillfully engineer and build out barges using the most efficient materials, . Aluminum Pontoons and Barges. Extreme Metal Fabrication proudly offers custom built aluminum pontoons and barges in a variety of configurations and sizes. If you are interested in purchasing a custom built pontoon or barge, use the order form at the bottom of this page to give us your requirements, or give us a call at

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