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Casino Gambling On Line Jun 16, �� The aluminium repair system from Laser tools lets you braze all aluminium alloys and lets you repair parts quickly and myboat279 boatplans smaller, thinner mater Author: The Tool Connection Limited. Oct 11, �� Aluminum hull/keel repair. Jump to Latest Follow 1 - 12 of 12 Posts. L. lacdown � Registered. Joined Apr 25, � 1, Posts. Discussion Starter � #1 � Oct 7, I sustained some minor damage to the keel & hull area of my aluminum boat the other day.

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Put your boat in a position to face the crack or hole at an upward highest position. Ask an assistant to hold the anvil when you wield a hammer. Aluminum may suffer a collision impact to cause an inward dent in the metal. Make sure to pound this dent out from the hill using a body hammer. Your assistant should use one hand anvil to offer a backstop.

Flatten the outline of the body by straightening and tapping. You have to stretch aluminum to imitate its actual shape. Before repairing a dent, make sure to determine its size. Feel free to use aluminum scrap strips to back it.

Dab epoxy on thin strips of aluminum and glue these pieces to the base of your boat. You have to cover the crack. It will offer a manger for material like a brazen rod to settle in. With the help of a drill motor and a grinding cone, you can grind a channel V-shaped in a crack. If your boat has a puncture, bevel the inner of a hole puncture with a cone bit and grind to get more surface area for the brazen weld. Determine the size of the crack or hole and whether you need to back it with some scrap strips of aluminum.

If so, dab a small amount of epoxy on a thin strip of aluminum and glue the piece to the underside of the boat directly over the crack. This will provide a trough for the brazen rod material to settle in. Use a drill motor and a grinding cone bit to grind a V-shaped channel in the crack. In the case of a hole puncture, bevel the inside of the hole with the cone bit, grinding only enough away to provide more surface area for the brazen weld to adhere to.

Sand the surface area of the crack with grit sandpaper, overlapping the crack area on all sides. Use a propane torch to heat up the crack area thoroughly. Scrape a wire brush over the area, using crosshatch strokes to rough up the aluminum surface. Hold steady heat on the crack while you apply a tip of HTS brazen rod over the crack sides.

Let the brazen melt and flow into the crack or hole, filling it up. Melt the brazen rod onto the damaged area to cover and overlap it completely. While it cools, scrape the wire brush over it to remove small slag and residue. For application details see our link for application of a marine epoxy. Hawk Epoxy is an excellent product to repair aluminum hulls. We recommend getting one of the Hawk Epoxy Kits that will contain everything you need for filling in the aluminum.

Hawk Epoxy is a versatile product that can be used for many other application too. Everyone should own this kit! See video for mixing and selecting fillers. This liquid epoxy is more flexible and versatile than regular epoxies and will adhere to almost any surface. The bond that it creates can absorb shock, vibration, expansions and contractions. It will fully cure in 24 hours. Also, West System has created a detailed and comprehensive set of instructions for a wide variety of applications.

They can be found at this link and below:. Fix leaking seams and rivets.

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