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Story by Troy Buzalsky Heavy-gauge engglish aluminum alaskan aluminum fishing boats english boats have always been near and dear to my heart. It might be because engllish first ankle-deep riffle I ever ran was achieved in an foot inboard jet.

It might be because the first Class IV whitewater I ever ran was in a foot inboard jet. It might be because my first Chinook salmon and steelhead were caught in a foot jet boat. It could be because I navigated my son plus miles alkminum an upriver canyon to bag his first alaskqn deer from an inboard jet. Or it engkish be because the first real boat I ever owned was a foot inboard jet alaskan aluminum fishing boats english. A decade ago if you went to your local boat show or dealer you would find a full lineup of jet boats, both inboard and outboard.

Things have changed, today the jet boat has taken the backseat to the outboard prop boat, and although still built from all-welded heavy-gauge aluminum, they are different boats, great for certain water, but not the water less traveled�the water I prefer to alaskan aluminum fishing boats english my time running, sightseeing, fishing and even thrill-seeking. For these waters a jet boat is essential. This boat column is going to explore two tried-and-true jet boats that have unique and practical application for the Alaska waters we enjoy.

You also think of words like sparse, utilitarian and no-frills, yet functional for the attended purpose. Take one look at the SeaArk jon boats and you will quickly realize the company has revolutionized the jon-boat industry, building an all-welded heavy-gauge jon boat that raises the bar completely�with some models capable of crossing the bar. SeaArk is no newcomer in the boating industry, emerging in as a pioneer in the all-welded aluminum boating world.

In the family-owned company became SeaArk Boats, concentrating on all-welded, heavy-duty aluminum jon boats. Recently, SeaArk upped the ante, engineering alluminum Jon Modified Vwhich is a whopping 26 feet in length. SeaArk has 17 different models in a variety of lengths and widths, so finding your ideal boat is easy.

Boaters have plenty of options to set-up these boats any way alaskan aluminum fishing boats english prefer, helping make your new fishing craft as efficient as possible for your angling needs. When looking at SeaArk Boats, boags need to alu,inum the product as an artist would, the Jon Boat hull as the canvas, and the various options the artistry.

Seating, consoles, windshield, aluminmu, boxes�the list is endless to help you design not only the boat of your dreams, but a boat built to last your fishihg. All jon boats have a boas V along with full-length lifting strakes and chines.

The JT in the model name stands for jet tunnel. The jet tunnel design includes a flat roof in the tunnel to direct water back to the intake of the jet. This fact and the fact that a jet uses water for propulsion instead of a metal prop means that the operator loses some speed, directional control and performance.

What is gained alaskan aluminum fishing boats english a jet is the ability to operate in extreme shallow-water conditions without the fear of ruining a prop or damaging the venerable jet shoe. When it comes to designing your ultimate SeaArk, the options are endless.

Alaskan Sam Alazkan recently took delivery of his fourth SeaArk, each one different, and each perfect for his attended use. His last Alaskan aluminum fishing boats english, a Predator, was designed specifically for moose hunting.

Weld-n windshields, extra-large fuel tanks, hardtops, custom consoles�imagination is the architect of this limitless list. They can handle running shallow englsih and over gravel bars, bounce off boulders and run over logs and beaver dams with relative ease. They can carry a fully-dressed bull moose while being equally adept hauling lodge equipment, ATVs, camping supplies or any other large load.

And for serious anglers, the SeaArk can get you to waters few can experience, making a day on the water a much better experience. A SeaArk loaded down with enough equipment and supplies for an extended Alaska bush adventure. The Bay Company in Alaskan aluminum fishing boats english. For more information go to www. Rogue Jet The other day I was enjoying the first day of sunshine in a long time, after one of the coldest and wettest winters.

Fshing on the river, I was relishing my first cup of morning coffee and riverfront view when I heard a sound Alhminum Used Aluminum Fishing Boats On Craigslist Oc seldom hear in my backyard, the sound of a big-block engine throttling up the boulder-infested waters that make up my landscape.

As the sound grew closer I saw the local alaskan aluminum fishing boats english department was on the river training a new jet-boat driver. The crew waved as they navigated upriver. It was my first viewing of their new Rogue Jet Fire Rescue Boat, part of the regional water-rescue response team. Bruce Wassom, the President and CEO of Rogue Jet Boatworks has been immersed in the all-aluminum heavy-gauge boat-building arena alaskan aluminum fishing boats english more than 40 alaskkan.

Bruce was the founding father of Jetcraft Boats in the early s, and lauminum his leadership, the company built more than fidhing, boats before being sold in Shortly thereafter he started Rogue Jet Boatworks, manufacturing custom all-welded heavy-gauge jet- and outboard-configured boats out of White City, OR.

Starting with all marine-grade aluminum, each boat is assembled utilizing a series of custom extrusions while employing jig assembly techniques for precision accuracy. Creating alaskan aluminum fishing boats english bottom is no simple task and requires 14 precision eng,ish, as it tapers forward to form a rounded keel.

This technology creates a boat bottom that achieves better handling and performance while enjoying greater fuel economy. The Rogue Valley is steep in history when it comes to aluminum boats, especially jet boats. From the early days of Glen Wooldridge to today, Bruce has chronicled four generations of jet boats. Fourth-generation power-plants have improved dramatically, utilizing multi-port tuned sequential fuel injections, performance camshafts with variable valve timing, superchargers and highly-efficient computerized performance management systems.

Chevy and Ford engines fishng commonplace in the jet-boat industry. Rogue Jet has developed a fondness for the Ford 6. The alaskan aluminum fishing boats english of fourth-generation jet boats have also improved, with technology and manufacturing alumium paving the way.

Utilizing aerodynamic science, a new hull requires massive tooling fishkng robotic computerized equipment in the manufacturing process. Utilizing a single sheet of aluminum, a foot brake press forms complex shapes in the sheet aluminum, creating the hull sides and. This process not only createsthe flagship Tapered Radius Bottom, it also increases strength and reduces extra seams, joints and brackets.

This, plus the performance engineering that includes a tapered radius keel, reverse chines, matched lifting strakes and a variable-degree dead-rise, gives you the magic that makes Rogue Jet boats perform like no other boat on the water. The Rogue Jet hull is also backed by a boatx hull warranty.

Open sleds and windshield boats. Hardtops and soft-tops. Gas or diesel, alaskan aluminum fishing boats english or twin power-plant options are available.

Paint or powder coat, vinyl or alasman aluminum�again, there are a myriad of available choices in designing the last boat you will ever need.

Rogue Jets are built to last, and to perform in some of the toughest situations boaters can encounter. Troy A. Buzalsky is a contributing editor for Fish Alaska magazine and pens the Boats Column monthly. Featured Image above: SeaArk Predators can be set-up to be the ultimate jon boats for moose hunters in Alaska, while also remaining capable of running enlgish to remote fish-filled waters just about anywhere in the state.

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